• About A Girl: Brittney Panda

    The ethereal, elegantly haunting, and moody Internet presence of NY photographer Brittney Panda has long intrigued us, leaving us wondering: amid her loyal following and signature style of shooting photos, who is Brittney Panda? We were lucky enough to travel Upstate to spend a day with her at home, and discover more about the girl behind the lens.
    Lead photo by Brittney Panda; blog photos by Julia Robbs

    Who is Brittney Panda? And is this your real name or a pseudonym? 
    I'm just a girl who is completely obsessed with exploring and taking pictures. Brittney Panda isn't my real name! It's an old screen name that ended up sticking.

    We were immediately drawn in by your photography and self-portraits in particular. Can you share more about how you got started as a photographer? 
    Thank you. It was something that sort of just happened. I didn't have too many hobbies and I had no idea what to do with myself during the day when I didn't have class. Eventually my friends and I started driving around and taking pictures with our iPhones until I upgraded to a DSLR.

    When did you first start shooting self-portraits, and start developing them in the moody, ethereal style you shoot them in?
    Once I had my own camera, I started going on solo adventures into the woods and abandoned houses to take self portraits. I think the reason my style developed into what it is was mostly because of the locations I was drawn to. There's something about places that have been forgotten that always fascinated me since the first time I went inside an abandoned house when I was 10. The way I feel inside them brought out an artistic side of myself I never knew I had.

    How do you describe your work?
    Personal. My pictures are the best way to describe me.

    Do you do anything outside of photography or is this what you do full-time?
    Mostly photography! It's what I do as a career, but it's also what I do with my free time. 

    Can you share a little more about your background?
    I grew up with my dad, who always lived in different states, so it was fun being able to travel when I was young. It was always an adventure visiting him. My mom, who also takes pictures, loves to garden and go on little picture taking excursions like me, and my two sisters who are artists too. I guess it makes sense why I turned out the way I did.

    What artists or other photographers have been most influential to you? 
    Francesca Woodman and Sally Mann.

    What’s a typical day in the life?
    I generally go to bed early and wake up around 6. First thing I do I drink tea. On those rare days that I don't have 50 million things to do, I want to spend pretty much every second that I have with my fiancé or breaking into abandoned houses. Perfect scenario is when I can convince him to come with me. 

    Quick fire:
    The best thing I recently…watched
    Wayward Pines

    …listened to

    I am always interested in…
    Netflix and chill

    My fall uniform is….
    black tights, giant sweater, tall ankle boots

    A daily ritual is…
    to try to relax

    My mantra….
    be young, be dope, be proud (also Lana del Rey's, but whatever)

    I am passionate about…
    photography, adventures, and the one I love

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