• About A Girl: Anzie Dasabe

    “Model, writer, part-time Diana Ross impersonator…” Spend the afternoon with New York girl Anzie Dasabe (@egyptique) for a conversation on what it means to wear different hats, to live passionately and set serious goals.
    Photos by Myles Loftin

    Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do: who are you, where are you from?
    I am a Cameroonian-American model, a storyteller, and full-time student. I was born and raised in Texas, specifically the DFW area.

    What are you working on right now: what projects are holding the most focus? 
    Right now I'm trying to mentally and physically prepare myself for my very first fashion week! I recently left my last agency so I've been agency shopping. All that aside NYFW is my main focus right now. 

    Tell us more about your modeling and how you got started doing that.
    I've been modeling professionally since I was 11 years old. I got started by going to a modeling school in Texas (which turned out to be a scam). I was distraught and self-conscious after being taken advantage of as well as being surrounded by beautiful older girls as an adolescent. After a couple year of reflection and training I took to Instagram to find local photographers to bring my pages and pages of moodboards to life. Eventually my following began to grow and people contacted me to travel and work in bigger cities. I decided that this was the time for me to live out my childhood dream of living in New York! 

    Tell us more about your writing — what themes or topics have been recently present in your work? 
    I am very shy about my personal writing... I mostly write when I'm feeling extreme emotions about my future, being in love, feeling down, or revelations I have while the train is delayed. 

    Describe more about your personal style — what colors, silhouettes, styles, fabrics do you love?
    I love love love bright colors as well as neutrals. Lately I've been really into all white or all black with a pop of color. Shapeless silhouettes, bell sleeves, as well as flared trousers are also a must have for me. During the summer my favorite fabric was satin/silk, but now that it's winter I'm really really feeling classic cotton. 

    Who/what/where/when do you look to for fashion inspiration?
    Solange Knowles, Julia, Sarr Jamois, Oroma Elewa, and my best friend/part-time stylist Brandon Thompson are my fashion inspiration. They provide me with an example as to how to carry myself in everything that I wear like it's couture.

    At what moments in your life do you feel most like yourself?
    I feel the most myself when I'm singing my heart out in the shower. I get to wash away all the fakeness and stress of the day and truly enjoy my favorite songs as well as my own company.

    What are some of your favorite spots in NYC?
    I like to hang out around the base of Central Park and write about the people I see. I spend a lot of time at the Barnes and Nobel in union square (if you see me say hi!) and my favorite cafe off of the Crown Heights Utica Ave. train stop.

    What are you most passionate about?
    I'm most passionate about inspiring other people to follow their dreams. If I didn't have someone to inspire and push me I wouldn't be half the young woman I am today.

    What's a personal mantra or favorite quotation? 
    My personal mantra is to always make my younger self proud. At 10 I was imagining all the things I'm doing now, I just want to make sure I live up to her expectations.

    Tell us three things you've been interested in lately?
    I've been really interested in recording music, hand written poetry, and the many ways I can cook baby spinach.

    What’s next for you? What are you looking forward to this year?
    My next move is to keep doing what I've been doing. Working hard, being as genuine as possible, and waiting for my inventively fabulous future. I'm really looking forward to possibly traveling out of the country for work as well as possibly signing to an agency over seas. I'm going to speak it into existence!

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