• About a Girl: Alyssa Lau

    Hailing from Edmonton, Alyssa Lau doesn't let the cold weather keep her down. Her fresh, fun looks are just what we need to keep us from falling into a January rut.
    Photos by Eric Yun

    Hi Alyssa! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your upbringing?
    I was born and raised in a relatively small city in western Canada called Edmonton which most people have never heard of, but I can promise you exists. I’ve lived here essentially for my entire life and spent most of my childhood either playing soccer, watching Naruto, photographing my dog, gaming Halo with my brother, and coding blogs that I would never actually write in. I learned how to speak French in Junior High while struggling with the meaning of my existence (as was everyone else in Junior High), and eventually entered into an IB program for high school, where I forgot all the French I had learned and established a really great group of friends who I still see almost every week to play ridiculously heated games of mafia. After High School, I went straight into University and started a fashion blog called Ordinary People. Four years later, I graduated with my Bachelor of Science, which I never actually used, and instead decided to open my own online store that focuses exclusively on sustainable and ethical fashion. At the end of the day, I’m just a 23-year-old photographer, content-creator (aka blogger), and owner/buyer for New Classics Studios. But apart from that, I’m really just a dorky tomboy who likes to make cool stuff.

    What’s a typical day-in-the-life like for you lately?
    No day is really the same for me, but as of late it’s looked something like this: wake up at around 8:30 AM (either because my dog, Navi, has walked on my face or is threatening to pee on my floor), hastily take the dog outside and brew myself a cup of green tea, throw together some granola, strawberries and yogurt for breakfast, get ready for the day, leave my house by 10:30 AM, head over to the New Classics Studios office/studio and meet with my boyfriend/partner, Eric, and cousin, Kurtis, and spend the day there answering e-mails, brainstorming ideas and collaborations, etc., spend an hour or so creating content for either my blog or Youtube channel, wind down and watch some Netflix (show of choice: Making a Murderer), head home and eat dinner with my family, and if I’m lucky, go to the gym or rock climbing wall and spend a couple hours there, and finally head back home for some much needed R&R (read: Netflix in bed).

    Above: Project Social T Molly Ringer and Ecote Molly Suede Mini Skirt

    What's it like living in Edmonton? We saw you hate snow, so how do you cope?
    Edmonton is what you might call a low-key city. It's fairly small and quiet, but it’s a place where the sun is always shining and people are obnoxiously nice to each other (unless you’re on the road or talking about hockey). I mean, Edmonton is home. I’ve never really known what it feels like to live elsewhere, but once you kind of look past the whole West Edmonton Mall facade, it becomes more and more clear that Edmonton is home to a plethora of truly inspiring people, one-of-a-kind cafés and boutiques, and some pretty darn awesome festivals. Plus, Edmonton’s food scene is phenomenal. So although our winters last for three quarters of the year, I can generally take comfort in the fact that there will always be good food to turn to when I feel like crying about the -30º C weather.

    Do you find that you like putting together winter outfits more than summer outfits, or are you happier fashion-wise in the summer?
    Despite how much I dislike being a human popsicle, I do find dressing for winter much more enjoyable than summer outfits! I mean, you do get to wear more clothing, after all. And jackets and scarves never get boring to wear. Never. We love all of the outfits you put together regardless of the season, but especially your cold-weather ones.

    Above: Sherpa Reversible Bucket Hat and Camp Collection French Terry Cropped Tank

    Any tips for putting together something that looks sleek and not frumpy?
    When I dress for the cold, wearing lots is great. But trying to wear lots without getting my arm stuck in my jacket can be somewhat challenging at times. This is where paying attention to the different fabrics you are wearing becomes important. In other words, layer strategically.

    You also have a knack for blending sportier accessories and fashion-forward outfits. Any tips on making that look good?
    Unless I'm going for the whole Sporty Spice look (which is never a bad choice, mind you), I tend to wear sporty accessories in small doses. So if I’m wearing a cropped sports top, then the rest of my outfit might be more casual, for instance. Or if I’m wearing a baseball cap and sneakers, I might be wearing a blazer, t-shirt and matching trousers. I mean, at the end of the day, I truly believe that you look best when you feel the most comfortable. So if what I’m saying doesn’t work for you, then you just do you.

    Do you have a current favorite clothing item in your closet? If so what is it?
    I’ve been saying this forever, but my Acne Jensen boots! I had always been on the hunt for the perfect black ankle boot, and I guess since I haven’t had to buy a single pair of boots thereafter, I’ve finally found them.

    Above: Silence + Noise Knot Front Ribbed Mini Dress

    Who/what are your current fashion muses?
    I always look up to women who are comfortable and confident in their own skin and don’t abide by your typical “fashion rules” (you decide what looks best for you, not Cosmo)—women like Kiko Mizuhara, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Jayne Min, and YoYo Cao come to mind.

    Is there anything you’re looking forward to wearing come spring?
    Everything that isn’t a stiff pair of jeans and a prickly sweater. Jokes aside, it’s always nice to be able to wear shorts come spring after a long winter season. After gazing at Instagram photos of sun kissed girls wearing dresses and flip flops on beaches year round (I’m looking at you and your palm trees, L.A.!), it’s nice to finally be able to join them in the spring. But at the end of the day, what I always look forward to wearing most come spring is generally a pair of slip-on sandals (because I’m lazy and can’t be bothered with shoe laces).

    Above: Silence + Noise Harness Strap Open Back Dress

    What do you like to do when you have some downtime?
    Read books, watch anime, or play video games!

    Finally, what’s your ultimate goal for 2016?
    This is a tough one, considering I haven’t even started my annual ritual of writing down my New Year's resolutions and completely forgetting them, but I would have to say it's to keep pushing myself creatively. I know this isn’t much of a goal right now, but I think that by staying creatively inspired and motivated, this will be able to lead me to more opportunities in 2016 (hopefully more travelling too, because I could never get sick of that). So yeah, I guess that.

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