• About A Face: Trice Christiansen of Raaw In A Jar

    We’re always curious about the daily beauty, hair, and skincare routines of the effortlessly made-up women we know. From concealer to coconut oil, "About A Face" is our insider glimpse into the makeup bags and medicine cabinets of our everyday muses. 

    You think about what goes into the ingredients you eat, so why consider the ingredients you put on your skin any differently? That's the philosophy of new-to-use brand Raaw in a Jar, a chemical-free line that's made from 100 percent certified organic ingredients. Wanting to know more about the beauty secrets of the line's founder, Trice Christiansen, we visited her at home in New York and talked about the magic of avocado oil, starting your own business, and making beauty products from what's in your pantry. 
    Photos by Bridget Collins

    How did Raaw in a Jar start?
    Well… it all started about three years ago when I had an allergic reaction from another brand. I woke up one morning with kind of elephant purple looking skin around my eyes and my face looked like an 80-year-old elbow… I freaked out. Just a little bit. It didn't feel right to use any products after that episode, so I bought some organic avocado oil and it healed immediately. It was so interesting how it worked, and it made me start studying herbs and plants and how to combine them. I became obsessed with combining oils to see what effects it would have. 

    How did that evolve into making actual 'products'?
    The first thing I made was a lip balm and then I just created more and more products for myself, family, and friends, until I was introduced to a talented graphic designer who loved the concept and wanted to help me with the labels. Together with Julie Panton, who lives in Denmark, we created the look of “Raaw in a Jar.” Everything was done on Skype video calls, which was pretty amazing! 

    What's your beauty philosophy?
    I wouldn’t say that I’m fanatic, but I try as hard as I can to use only organic and non-toxic products! Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies and works like "a big mouth." What we put on it, is absorbed into our skin, then into our bloodstream and carried throughout the body. Most people are concerned with what we put into our bodies, but what about what we put ON our bodies? Consider the fact that when you shower, the warm water opens the pores in your skin, then becomes a pathway for the absorption of toxins. All the chemicals from your soap and lotion, goes straight into your body.

    Walk us through your daily skincare routine, please. How do you start your day?
    The first thing I do in the morning is misting my face with the Minted Rose Mist — it’s the perfect way to wake up! I keep it by the bed, since it’s the first and the last thing I do every day, to get the clean scent and feeling of it. Brush my teeth of course, shower, I don’t wash my hair every day, but when I do, I use a shampoo from Phyto that is paraben and silicone-free and made from botanical extracts. After washing my hair, I use an all-in-one leave-in treatment from Revlon and let it air dry. Then I use the Natural Hair Powder to get the benefits from the horsetail powder and silica and to add volume as well. I found it so much easier to style and shape my hair however I want after using the hair powder. I use the Miracle Face & Body Oil every day on my face and body after showering. It absorbs into the skin really fast, and gives the skin that perfect glow! 

    What's your makeup regimen? 
    I’ve been using MAC for a long time, I love their mascara and eyeliners, I also use one of their concealers, but mainly as a highlighter under the eyes. I’m not too crazy about the idea of adding a thick layer of foundation and clogging up the pores, so I have made my own face powder made from arrow root and rice flour and then I adjust the color to match my skin tone with cacao, nutmeg, and cinnamon. It works perfect if you want a matte effect. In the summer I only use a natural SPF from Decléor with a light tint instead of concealer or foundation. 

    Do you have any before-bed rituals?
    I always wash my face before I go to bed: it’s important to let your skin breathe. I use oil as a makeup remover, wash my face with water, and then I use the Royal Jelly Face Scrub + Mask and leave it on, while I’m brushing my teeth. Then I rinse of with lukewarm water. That's it!

    How does health play into this? Is there anything you are religious about consuming (or avoiding)?
    I eat a lot of avocados, nuts, chia seeds, goji berries, and raw cacao beans. Whenever I can, I start my day with Kimberly Snyder’s “Glowing Green Smoothie” to get my greens and vitamins. I avoid sugar and gluten as much as possible — I feel so much better without it and have a lot more energy.

    What about scent? What's your signature, if you have one?
    Victor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb Extreme has been my signature scent for years. I recently started mixing it with a bit of La Prairie Midnight Rain, which makes a little masculine and mysterious.

    Can you share some embarrassing beauty phases from your past?
    I did have kind of a horrible phase in the '90s. I was using a white eyeliner and a really pale lipstick and my hair was very…'90s. I would show you a picture, but somehow they “magically” disappeared.

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