• About A Face: Sunny Shokrae

    Sunny Shokrae’s got it all: a killer photography career, adoring social media followers, and a refreshingly simple take on beauty. We speak with her about her routine, must-have beauty buys, and what keeps her feeling her best when cold weather comes to call.
    Photos by Anna Ottum

    Hi Sunny! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?
    I’m a photographer based in NYC. It’s nice to be part of a moving thing - it’s always changing and every day of work is different. I'm meeting new people along the way, fine tuning what I'm trying to say with it all, and finding balance between commercial and personal work. Aside from that, I believe in good manners, punctuality, and that hospitality is no small thing.

    What’s your beauty philosophy?
    I try to be low maintenance, making sure to give my skin the most attention and care so it can glow until I’m in the coffin. I try to drink tons of water and wash my face nightly, as well as moisturize twice a day.

    Tell us more about your personal style.
    Well, I’m in a male dominated industry, like most industries, so I tend to dress a little more masculine or tomboyish to be taken seriously when I’m working or doing work related things. It sounds silly but it’s reality - I’ve walked onto a set a number of times to someone asking me if I’m the stylist or telling me they’re waiting for the photographer without even thinking about the implications of what they are saying. It’s interesting being in such an open-minded creative field but still feeling like we have a ways to go with sex discrimination. When I’m not working, I like to wear whatever I want, no rules, as long as it’s tasteful.

    Do you think your job as a photographer influences your style at all?
    Refer to the above and add in the fact that I’m in the presence of great stylists and clothes all the time, so I’m definitely influenced by the access to both of those things.

    What is your morning beauty/skincare routine like?
    Eye cream, face cream, light under eye and t-zone coverage, a little eyeliner and lip moisturizer.

    What about at night?
    Thorough face washing and applying eye and face cream.

    As someone who lives in New York and is probably on the go a lot, what are your tips and tricks for keeping skin/makeup feeling fresh throughout the day?
    Don’t pack too much makeup to begin with, and always carry around a little eyeliner and lip moisturizer, maybe some lipstick if your day takes you into night.

    We love your hair! Do you have a specific routine for it or any tips for keeping hair shiny and healthy?
    I always wash it when I have time to let it air dry, then I put Argan oil or coconut oil on the ends after I’ve towel dried, and once it’s dry I straighten it with a ceramic straightener. I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week, so after the first day it gets its natural wave back and I don’t really have to do much but brush it until I wash it again.

    We also love your eyebrows – are you just blessed with great brows or are there any products you love?
    I had a hard time with my brows growing up. I had a full on unibrow that ruined my life until I went behind my parents back and plucked it in the 8th grade. I over-plucked them until my mid twenties (overcompensating for all the time I had no control over them), until I realized I should grow them back out because bigger is better and chicer. Plus, I was aging myself by plucking them so thin, and they made no sense on my face anyway. Nowadays I just use a little Anastasia brow gel to brush them upwards and set them brushed.

    What do you always make sure to bring out with you when it comes to products?
    Drug store eyeliner and whatever lip moisturizer I have at the time.

    Do you have any holy grail products or secret beauty tips you swear by?
    My only tip is to keep your skin moisturized and clean with whatever works for you, and to drink lots of water. The rest is all improvising and having fun.

    Any beauty product you like to use when you’re treating yourself?
    I would love to exclusively use La Mer products... one day.

    Can you share any embarrassing beauty phases from your past?
    I'd have to say refer to the eyebrow question!

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