• About A Face: SOSUPERSAM

    Samantha Duenas, aka SOSUPERSAM, is a talented (and highly sought-after!) DJ who, between being a Vanity Fair party DJ, throwing her own LA shows with lines down the block, and traveling around the world...the girl is busy. In honor of Samantha DJ-ing a set at the opening of our new Hawaii store, we called on her to learn more about how she juggles her work schedule while still making time to take care of herself. From hair to skincare, chapstick to Argan oil, here's a look at her daily beauty routine.
    Photos by Chantal Anderson

    What's your beauty philosophy, and how does it change for day and night?
    I have a "less is more" (aka lazy) approach to beauty. Good lashes, good brows, and clean skin are my focus. I'm on the road a lot, so my philosophy is to keep my products and routine as simple and streamlined as possible. When I'm going out at night, I wear eyeliner, add more contour to my cheeks, and sometimes a bit more coverage on my skin. 

    Tell us about your morning routine
    I get up around 8am and lay around for awhile poking around Instagram and Twitter. From there my morning ritual begins by making my morning cup of coffee, putting on a playlist of sorts, all while shuffling around the house casually blotting things on my face. I seem to get everything done by doing everything in bits simultaneously. So by the end of this process, I am pouring a cup of coffee and have also applied my daily dose of SPF moisturizer, chapstick, and have filled in my brows. I will stop there if I'm heading to the gym. But if I'm meeting someone for brunch or running errands, I'll wear concealer (NARS "Mustard") and powder, mascara (Dior Show), a little eyeliner (Clinique "Chocolate Lustre"), and some color on my cheeks (right now is Benefit "Coralista"). As for lips, I go for nude tones if anything, NARS "Cruising," "Anna," and "Honolulu Honey" are my daily shades.  

    What about at night?
    I wash my hair every couple of days and it usually happens at night. I use Unite shampoo and conditioner, followed by Margaret Josefin leave-in hair treatment. Once a week, I do an Inphenom treatment. Then I let my hair air dry into the pile of messy waves that it is. I wash my face with a pump of Tsururi cleansing oil. It's great because it thoroughly removes my makeup, even the clingiest of mascara, and also leaves my skin feeling baby soft. The important thing here is to remove your makeup every night. Then maybe twice a week, I will do a clay mask.  I love how Kiehl's Rare Earth feels so cool and heavy on my skin. Then I dab a little bit of Josie Maran Argan oil on any dry spots.

    Can you divulge any secret-weapon products or beauty tricks?
    To me, a good secret weapon product is usually a drugstore product, one that's amazing and also a good steal. Not too long ago I spent the night at my parents' house and in a fluster to get ready the next morning, I grabbed the first SPF anything I could find in their medicine cabinet and smeared it onto my face. It was Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer sunscreen with a dry-touch finish, and now I'm addicted. It's unscented, not greasy, and leaves a matte finish. It's also pretty inexpensive compared to fancy moisturizers. My other secret weapons are dry shampoo, and brow gel, they are easy ways to refresh throughout the day and stay looking polished. Another trick is that I learned how to thread my upper lip by watching a tutorial on YouTube, which is one less beauty appointment to make every month!

    DJ-ing requires a lot of late nights — what are your tips for staying healthy and alert while you're up late? 
    My not-so-big secret is that I don't drink much. Frequent travel, and spending four or five nights a week up late in a club is already a lot of wear and tear on the body and skin. Drinking does not help that, so I am usually drinking Pellegrino or a glass of wine while I'm working. Or I do a one for one, alternating between gin and tonics and bottles of water throughout the night. Stay hydrated, sleep as much as possible, and take your vitamins.

    Who are your beauty/style icons?
    My friend, the very talented makeup artist Jadene Munson, is definitely a beauty inspiration, and such a beauty herself! She has the most inspired eyebrows I've ever seen. Style-wise, Ashley Olsen, Christine Centenera, and Melanie Huynh are my longtime favorites. And the French Vogue team of Carine Roitfeld, Melanie Huynh, Emannuelle Alt, and Geraldine Saglio...those were my all-stars. They all dress so classic and effortless and looked awesome walking together during fashion week. 

    Can you share any embarrassing beauty phases from your past?
    My barely-there misshaped eyebrows in high school make me cringe. They went very well with the thin gelled strands of hair that framed my face. Ughhhh! 

    What songs are at the top of your DJ playlist right now? 
    The new Les Sins album,  Sir "Cannabis and Karaoke," Jhene Aiko "The Pressure," Kaytranada "Leave Me Alone" 

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