• About a Face: Madelynn Furlong

    We’re always curious about the daily beauty, hair, and skincare routines of the effortlessly made-up women we know. From concealer to coconut oil, "About A Face" is our insider glimpse into the makeup bags and medicine cabinets of our everyday muses.

    Introducing Madelynn Furlong, a Minneapolis, MN-based blogger, designer, and stylist. We love Madelynn's blog Wide Eyed Legless, where she shares her pared-down approach to design and style. Think simple statements, fresh takes on classic pieces, and lots of white. Inspired by her minimalist approach, we asked Madelynn to share her equally austere beauty routine. Photographs by Caylon Hackwith.

    Can you walk us through your morning routine? 
    The first thing I do every morning is my oil pulling which is a relatively new habit for me, but I have started seeing the benefits from it! After that and brushing my teeth, I wash and moisturize my face. lately I have been loving the cream cleanser and anti-oxident serum from Grown Alchemist. My skin is very sensitive so I like to use as many natural products as possible. 

    I'm pretty low maintenance when it comes to my hair; I typically shower at night and only wash it every so often. If I don't leave it down, I will style it in some sort of top knot or half bun and call it good. I have super thick and textured hair—a good cut and dirty hair are my two secret weapons to conquer my mane. 

    For makeup, I have been loving the RMS Uncoverup. It's the perfect summer foundation. It's made from a base of coconut oil so it leaves your skin looking flawless and dewy. Then I add a little NARS matte multiple to my cheeks and lips, possibly some Eyeko eyeliner (if Im in the mood), and mascara. I always try to use cream-based products; I'm a big believer in only putting moisturizing and nourishing products on my face.

    What about at night? 
    At night I wash my face again and use a heavier night cream, depending on if I feel like my skin needs it. Lately its been alternating between Aesop's Primrose Facial cream and organic coconut oil. 

    Above: images from Madelynn's Instagram from a lookbook shoot for Nanin

    Do you have any secret products you swear by? 
    Vitamin E oil. My mother used to use it on our skin as kids and to this day nothing will leave my skin and face softer and as refreshed! I also have been loving the skin stick by Earth Tu Face that I picked up a little bit ago. I'm constantly on the go, so its the perfect thing to always have handy in my purse (it also smells absolutely amazing!). 

    How does health play into this? Are there any foods, ingredients, or other natural remedies you are religious about consuming (or avoiding)? 
    Like I mentioned before I do an oil pull every morning with coconut oil. I also love detox baths with epson salts and sometimes a little fresh ginger as well. They work wonders on refreshing your mind, body and skin. In general I try to eat fairly healthy and drink as much water, green tea, and green juice as I can! 

    Above: A low-fuss take on going out, via Furlong's Instagram

    What about fragrance? What's your signature? 
    I can't say that I have just one signature scent—I feel like I always smell like some sort of concoction of essentials oils. But I have been really loving the scents by OLO Fragrance- especially the Lightning Paw and Toji scents. 

    Who are your beauty icons? 
    I think I have too many! I find that I admire other women that have strong signature looks, and an ease to the way that they carry themselves, like Anna Karina, Jane Birkin, Leslie Feist, and Arizona Muse... the list goes on and on!

    Can you share an embarrassing beauty phase from your past? 
    I love having a bob haircut, but let's just say that before I found my current stylist, there had been many phases of awful layered cuts. Which for me usually resulted in poofy soccer mom hair.

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    1. Smith's Rosebud Salve

    2. Eddie Funkhouser Ultra Definition Eyeliner

    3. Tattly Temporary Tattoos 

    4. Anastasia Brow Fix

    5. Anastasia Brow Wiz

    6. Herbivore Botanicals Sea Mist Hair & Body Spritzer

    7. Izola Brass Comb

    8. Sisters of the Black Moon Ether Hair Powder

    9. Fig + Yarrow Cleansing Water

    10. Herbivore Botanicals Clay Facial Mask

    11. Fig + Yarrow Facial Serum 

    12. Fat & the Moon Sage and Rose Facial Mist

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