• About a Face: Katra Awad

    Step inside the beauty routine of bi-coastal young designer Katra Awad to see how she chooses products to match her on-the-go lifestyle — in particular, our new multi-functional Renaissance palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. 
    Photos by Angi Welsch

    Can you share a bit more about yourself: who you are, where you're from, what you do?
    I was born in California and I am a daughter to Egyptian and Mexican parents. I design jewelry, curate images, and also work as a freelance casting assistant in production via New York City.  
    Tell us more about your general outlook on + approach to beauty and self-care. What's your philosophy?
    I believe self-care is extremely important, in all aspects of your health starting from the inside out. Beauty starts with how you feel from within and it resembles in our outer glow. Our daily beauty routines are a great addition to it all and a fun way to experiment with new products + tonics. I say do whatever makes you feel good and drink plenty of water! Growing up my mom worked for Estee Lauder for quite some time and she taught me the importance of moisturizing and taking care of my skin.

    Living between LA and NYC, we're curious about how this influences your routine and the items you purchase...do you edit down to the essentials? Or do you have different routines in different places? 
    Honestly, because of my lifestyle I’ve learned to edit down to only my basic essentials while traveling and I like to travel light. I leave a bit more room on occasion in my makeup bag for new products while in California.

    With the Anastassia palette in mind, can you tell us a bit more about how you use it or any ways you've been liking mixing or combining the different colors? 
    First I apply my eye primer and then I start from the inner corner of my eyelid, applying the lighter shadow tones ("Primavera" and "Vermeer”). Lighter tones work well with my complexion and create a bright, natural look. I like to also apply the shade “Antique Bronze,” which adds a really nice touch at the end of the lid for a bit of a more dramatic look in the evening. I love how crease resistant and long-lasting these shadows, plus they're the perfect set of tones for summer and fall.

    You have really really great hair...! Any techniques, products, or styling routines that you swear by?
    Thank you! My parents get all the credit for my curls. I try to keep the process as simple as possible. I wash it about three times a week while gently detangling my hair in the shower using my fingertips and allowing it to air dry. I also moisturize with Argan oil and a extra hint of coconut oil during the summer. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to have healthy hair. Most everything you need can be found in nature and even in your kitchen.

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