• About A Face: Amanda and Emilia Musacchia

    Emilia and Amanda Musacchia are talented and enigmatic models (and twins!) who always seem to be popping up on our Instagram feeds. Between the girls' busy modeling schedules and trips back and forth between NYC and Miami, their home bases, we were able to grab a quick minute with the girls in their NYC apartment to catch up with them about their daily beauty routines, their holy grail products, and what they can't live without.
    Photos by Anna Ottum

    What's your beauty philosophy?
    Emilia: They don't make products to make you beautiful on the inside; that can only come from kindness.
    Amanda: If you want to stand out just be happy in your own skin.

    Tell us more about your personal style.
    E: Our mother collects vintage so a lot of the pieces I have in my closet are from her collection. A lot of the outfits I wear consist of at least one, or all, vintage pieces.
    A: Mine is definitely always evolving and I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied. I would say right now it’s a modern day “classic” look. I’ve been on a Marilyn Monroe binge recently so a lot of my recent style has been a spin off of her mixed with a '70s feel. My mom’s a vintage dealer so a lot of her clothing comes into play each time my personal style turns into something else.

    Do you guys tend to share clothing? Makeup?
    E: Yes! I don't usually wear makeup, so I just go into Amanda's room and take it when I need it! And our closets are always open to each other!
    A: We share both. I’m a lot more into makeup and beauty products than Emilia is so whenever she’s looking for anything of that sort she usually comes to me rather than vice versa. Clothing-wise we basically share everything since we’re the same size.

    Are there any products you're both obsessed with, or do you tend to buy wildly different things?
    E: We both love the Yves Saint Laurent mascara, and I love my Le Labo perfume, and geranium body scrub from Aesop. (Perfect for the winter.)
    A: There are a few actually. I started using the Yves Saint Laurent mascara, and Emilia would always come into my room to use it, so for our last birthday I gave Emilia her own! We also started to become obsessed with Frank coffee scrub, MAC multi-use glitter, and St. Tropez self-tanning mousse.

    Can you walk us through your morning routine? What do you do first thing when you get up?
    E: I usually shower in the morning. After that I blow dry my hair, put either thick cream or oil on my legs arms and face, pick my outfit, and then put on some mascara and lipstick!
    A: I love showering in the morning; it’s like the perfect way to wake up. After showering, my ultimate guilty pleasure is to be able to sit around in a towel for about an hour and completely moisturize with Weleda’s skin food and L’Occitane’s AMANDE almond oil for my body, and Santa Maria Novella face cream. After that, I usually just wait for it to dry before I start putting on clothes and makeup.

    What's your daily makeup routine like?
    E: I don't wear much makeup because it makes my skin break out but also because I don't feel it's necessary! I love this Clio eyebrow darekner. And I usually wear mascara and a light-toned lipstick. Faux lipstick from MAC cosmetics is one of my favorites.
    A: I know we live in an era of the “au natural” look but I love makeup. I usually start with Vitalumière Aqua Chanel liquid foundation. I really like this one specifically because it has a broad spectrum SPF included into it. After I’ll use a Chanel compact powder foundation, just a really light coat of it. Then I’ll just quickly dab Chanel pink powder blush. Sometimes I’ll add eyeliner, but if I’m in a hurry I’ll just put on mascara and head out. So overall it is a natural makeup look.

    What about at night?
    E: At night I just take my lipstick and mascara off. No black pillows for me!
    A: It’s such a bad habit but I'll usually fall asleep with make up on! I hate all makeup removers because of how oily they leave your skin. But when I do take off my makeup I’ll just use lotion and Q-tips.

    Do you have any special things you like to do to treat yourself on a day off?
    E: A nice long bath along with Frank's coffee body scrub
    A: A bath! It’s so girly and cheesy but baths are like the ultimate treat for me.

    What are your beauty splurges?
    E: Lipsticks! I love new lip colors. And I love clean scents, so finding new ones is always a treat.
    A: I have too many! My number one would have to be a shellac manicure. My second one is Chanel no. 5 perfume, and my third is L’Occtaine products! There are so many more but those are definitely my top three.

    How is your routine different in the winter?
    E: Lots and lots of creams and oils!
    A: A lot more lotion and oil is involved. I have really sensitive skin so I tend to stick with all natural oils. Also so much lip balm! I never buy mainstream balms because I completely believe in the conspiracy that they make chapped lips worse. My main two are Weleda Lip balm and Clarins Lip balm.

    And you guys go between NYC and Miami, right? What about some warm-weather beauty tips?
    E: Always hydrate your skin on both hot and cold weather conditions. Nothing is less attractive than cracked dry skin.
    A: Well the thing about Miami is that it’s not only warm it’s also very humid. So you don’t really need much maintenance when it comes to dry skin but on the rare occasion it does happen my favorite thing to do is go to the beach with a natural oil or lotion and mix it with sand and softly scrub. In the summer time when the sun is really strong I would recommend a foundation with an SPF included in it or just a light touch of sunscreen on your face.

    Do you have any secret-weapon products or tricks you've picked up on?
    E: Franks body balm is sort of a secret weapon of mine. It's perfect for the morning because of its coffee scent, and it's a nice all natural oil.
    A: Natural products… Also products that don’t have a lot fragrance because those really irritate the skin.

    Can you share any embarrassing beauty phases from your past?
    E: I used to match my earrings to my outfits.... I also had braces... 
    A: My mom never really wore makeup so that was never really something I learned from her. I remember when I started to use make up I was so horrible at it and just put way too much on. I also remember thinking how “good” I was at doing a smokey eye but now I just cringe at all the terrible pictures.

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