• About a Band: Tinashe

    We get deep with the singer, songwriter, producer and face of our new collaboration with Juicy Couture. Find out what drives Tinashe musically and what she wants fans to take away from her music — and don’t forget to catch her UO Live performance on February 11th in Los Angeles.

    Hi, Tinashe! What are you up to today?
    I’m just working on music. It’s one of my “off” days. When I have an off day I find myself writing and working on music. I have my home studio in my room. I’ve been working on music all day in my home.

    How long have you had your own studio?
    I built my home studio about five, six years ago when I was 18. I took it upon myself to start creating my own material. I really wanted to bot be able to have to rely on someone else or other engineers. I taught myself how to use ProTools and how to edit and engineer music. I did some research and went to Guitar Center and got all my studio equipment and set it up in my room. Ever since then, I’ve always loved rocking in my room on my own.

    It’s so great that technology allows people with creative passions to do things independently.
    Absolutely! There are so many outlets for learning new skills and getting information with the internet. I was self-taught, I learned a lot of stuff through watching YouTube tutorials. It’s an amazing part of being a part of this generation.

    If this is what you do on your off days, what about your “on” days?
    It’s crazy because I don’t ever have a set schedule, so nothing is ever the same day-to-day. It’s always changing, it’s always an adventure, I’m always on my toes. That’s what keeps it exciting and fun. Some days I’ll be doing a photo shoot, sometimes I’ll be playing a show, sometimes I’ll be traveling, sometimes I’ll be in the studio again. It’s so much fun all the different levels of entertaining I can express. I really enjoy all of the aspects of entertainment and expression. 

    What does it mean for you to lead a new generation of Juicy Couture?
    It’s so fun to bring it back. I remember the whole era. It’s so cool to reintroduce something as new and fresh and exciting. It’s fun to collaborating.

    Do you remember Paris Hilton and Britney Spears and J.Lo wearing Juicy?
    That was such an iconic era! [laughs] My best friend had the Juicy tracksuits in six different colors—she went all out.

    The throwback thing is happening in music, too.
    That’s just life in general: everything that’s old is new. Life is all about reinvention. There’s definitely some nostalgia in wanting to get back to the things that we love with the ‘90s and other eras. It’s cool that we’re able to call upon those things and reinvent them.

    How does that relate to the music you create?
    I’m always in a constant state of evolution. I’m always working on trying to grow and change. That’s just a part of being young and being a part of this era and embracing all of the access to technology and being able to communicate with one another. It always leads you to be inspired and that inspiration always lends to evolution.

    You’ve worked with a bunch of different producers and collaborators. How do their styles impact you?
    I don’t like to fit into one particular box or zone or genre. That’s to be said for my look, my personality, my music, how I go about living my life day-to-day. I always want to try new things and being able to collaborate with people is a great way to be able to experiment and get outside of your comfort zone and try new things. That’s always really fun for me.

    Has there been a specific song or person you’ve really experimented with?
    Every collaboration is an experiment — it’s an experience as well. It’s a piece of the growing and evolving puzzle that is who I am as an artist.

    Does your songwriting process differ whether you’re in your home or at the studio?
    Yeah! The creative process is different all the time. That’s the crazy thing about it. There’s no rigid formula for how to create something. It depends on where I’m at, it depends on who I’m working with, it depends on the day of the week, how I’m feeling. There’s a lot of factors that play into how a song or anything is created.

    Don't miss Tinashe's performance at Space 15 Twenty (1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.) February 11 at 8pm sharp! Make sure to get there early if you'd like to be guaranteed a spot. Shop the Juicy Collection early from 6pm-8pm. See you there!

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