• A Studio Visit with Artist Kris Chau

    Artist Kris Chau walks us through her home and shows us her favorite black + white pieces from the UO Home collection. 

    How would you describe your personal aesthetic?
    Kind and real.

    What are you most drawn to when it comes to decorating?
    Plants, light, paper, wood, windows, and natural fibers.

    Above: Shaggy Yin Yang Throw Pillow

    Tell us about one of the pieces you used to decorate with.
    This Yin Yan Meditation Pillow is maybe one of my favorite current household items. It manages to both make me smile when I look at it and be a cheeky reminder about the world of impermanence. I wish I had 10 of them floating around the house but I also feel lucky just having one.

    Why is it important to you to keep a room feeling bright?
    Keeping a room feeling light and airy is imagining the outside, inside. You can’t curate nature.

    Above: WIK Studios Leaf Shaped Candle

    What makes a room feel cozy to you? What’s the ultimate comfort?
    Coziness, to me, is about feeling safe to shed the outside world. So soft places to sit, soft lights, where things all have their place but nothing is too neat. The balance of just clean and organized enough to be able to throw your shoes and bag anywhere and sigh the world off your shoulders. 

    I like to think about my new UO love seat, chaise lounge and chair, as small islands in my living room when you need a vacation from chairs.

    Above: Kris X UO Process Mug

    How do you feel like your art and decorating style complement one another?
    Well, I don’t know if I’ve ever thought about them as separate entities, but more like just another extension of my language and values. My art isn’t too neat or conceptual, it hopefully makes you feel feelings. My house isn’t too curated, or neat, and it hopefully makes you feel feelings too.

    Finally, tell us one dream décor piece you would like to own for your home.
    In my dreamiest of dreams I have an Alexander Calder Rug that he had personally given me or a piece of furniture by Giacometti.

    Above: Kris Chau Bird Sings A New Tune Print

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