• 4 Luxe Tapestries You Need

    This is not a drill! These four tapestries need to be in your apartment - ASAP! 

    Photo by @uonewyork

    Make your holiday dreams come true with this major Gold Reversible Sequin Tapestry. Whether you need a hint of gold or silver sparkle, this tapestry will turn any boring room into a space to talk about. You can even make it an interactive art piece by leaving secret messages, or “drawing” with friends! Caution: touching this tapestry can be deeply soothing and may cause guests to fall asleep.

    For spaces that need a velvet touch (pretend you're an old, elegant woman who wants her entire life draped in rich velvet), we’ve got the perfect tapestry for you: the Velvet Gradient Tapestry. This one complements any neutral room, provides a picture-perfect background, and gives you that luxe Miss Havisham bedroom vibe you’ve always wanted.

    Photo by @uonewyork

    If the Sequin and Gradient tapestries had a baby, it would be the Ombre Reversible Sequin Tapestry. It’s the best of both worlds! This tapestry is the perfect party trick: nonstop doodling entertainment and an always-changing party pic backdrop!

    For a more bohemian vibe, The Sia Burnout Velvet Tapestry is the answer to your wild, wild heart's prayers. With blue tassels, floral print and a velvet texture, this tapestry will liven up an otherwise dull space. Throw it over your bed, hang it on a wall, or lay it over a chair to brighten up your room.

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