• 3D Printed Pizza

    Yo, NASA has been killin' it lately! First they're like, "Don't worry, Earth! We're making it possible for you to send all those idiots you hate into outer space! Forever!" Now they're like, "You know what? We have some extra money lying around. How about we figure out how to create pizza from nothing?" Like... are you kidding me?! You dudes are putting all your genius-ness to good use. I really like that someone made one 3D printer and then everyone else was like, "YES, LET'S RUN WITH THIS!" and now we've got everything from dresses to iPhone cases. In honor of that, here are some other things we should make. —Katie

    Pretty sure if they can make pizza from dust, then they could make a clone for everyone. I mean, you could definitely make me by throwing in some like, Backstreet Boys CDs, 4 blueberry Red Bulls, a tub of Sour Patch Kids and a cat sweater. How happy would everyone be if some beautiful plastic counterparts could take over their day jobs? Score.

    The best pet
    You could make the best pet because 1) it would be anything you can dream up (a unicorn badger! Gorgeous and terrifying!) and 2) it would never poop anywhere because it would have no insides. And also you wouldn't have to feed it. Wow!

    A fucking rad car
    So, they can make 3D-printed guns, but those aren't fun at all, and are also sort of nightmarish. Let's instead put all that awesome technology towards making everyone their very own flying Falcor machines.

    We'd all be so fucking happy.

    The hippest furniture
    First of all, 3D printed furniture would probably be surprisingly comfy, and second of all, think about how many swaggy chaise lounges you could make. A TON!

    A DVD that explains what 3D printing is
    Because like, does anyone even understand how this works?