• Comedy Central's 'Stars Under the Stars' Recap & Interview with Adam DeVine

    This past Wednesday, Comedy Central was back at the Summer Stage in Central Park, with their 'Stars Under the Stars' show hosted by Gabriel Iglesias. The night included live stand-up acts by comedians Dan Soder, Adam DeVine, John Mulaney, Jeff Ross and Amy Schumer, as well as my personal favorite part of the night: a surprise five minute long torrential downpour right before the gates opened.

    Aside from a bunch of wet butts—including my own—the show went amazing. The crowd was treated to jokes about tight buttholes, got a glimpse of Amy's perfect poses, and a few lucky (actually... pretty unlucky) attendees got raunchily roasted by The Roastmaster himself. Note to anyone who meets Jeff in the future: do NOT shake his hand, as it was probably just down his pants.

    To top it all off, the lovely crew at Comedy Central hooked us up with an interview with the hilarious Adam DeVine. So now, without further ado, hear what the Workaholics star told me about how he prepares for his stand-up, his hatred of fedoras, love of jet skis, and what his top three words to describe himself are. —Ally

    Hey Adam! Introduce yourself to our readers! 
    My name is Adam DeVine, I am a comedian. I am on the show Workaholics that I co-created and star in with my buddies. I'm actually doing this other show called House Party that comes out in the fall on Comedy Central that is like a stand-up hybrid show... it sounds so stupid when you explain it that way. You're like, "UGH! I hate that show!" But it's really fun and cool.

    So how do you prepare for your stand-up shows? Is it a lot of improv or do you write most of the jokes out in advance?
    Ecstasy. I do a ton of ecstasy right before.

    See now, I believe that.
    Mmhm. You saw me up there, I'm oozing sex appeal, sweating a little too much.

    I just saw you talking to your beer and it not answering you back. So how would you compare stand-up to working on your shows? Which is harder?
    Stand-up is really fun because it's instant gratification. You tell a joke, and people laugh, and you're like, "OOH! I'M GOOD!" But then, on the show a lot of time it's like, "Is this stupid? Like, are we blowing it right now?" So I would say that shooting the show is a little bit harder in that respect. And it takes forever to write. For stand-up, jokes are just easy.

    So who are a few of your favorite stand-up comedians? You can't say anyone performing tonight, to be fair.
    I like, I feel like in my soul I'm a black comedian, so i like black comics. I like Jamie Foxx, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart is super funny.

    Growing up did you watch a lot of stand-up?
    Yeah, my dad was a huge Evening At The Improv fan so I watched stand-up all of the time with him. And I actually got a job working at the Hollywood Improv when I moved out to California when I was 18.

    So onto fashion... where are some of your favorite places to shop?
    URBAN OUTFITTERS! The Buckle sucks! Urban rules, fuck The Buckle. PacSun: suck my balls!

    Hell yeah! So what do you think is the best accessory for summer?
    Scarves. Wool scarves.

    Yeah. Nothing underneath, let's keep it casual, titties out... titties OUT!

    Wait, what? No, I mean for guys!
    Oh, for guys. I don't know! I'm not an accessory guy. Just no fedoras.

    Why not?
    They're just bad looking. Especially when a few dudes roll out with a fedora, you just gotta make sure two guys put it away and one guy wears the fedora. He can be the fedora guy. There shouldn't be three dudes in your clique rocking fedoras like it's 1962 and you're part of the Rat Pack.

    Be honest. Have you ever worn a fedora?
    I've never in real life worn a fedora. I've worn it as a bit—comedy hat.

    Now that I DON'T believe!
    [Laughs] I've worn some other... Pooka shell necklaces I rocked for way too long. People were like, "No, that's a bad look" And I was like, "Psssh, yeah right." And a shark tooth. I wore a shark tooth necklace.

    So what are your plans for the summer? Any traveling?
    Yeah! For Fourth of July I'm renting a house in Big Bear, which is mountain-like, in California. I'm going to rent jet skis. That's all I'm really excited about is riding jet skis. I have a weird love for them. They're so much fun.

    How fast do you go?
    You can get them up to like, 45 miles per hour! That's fast! Then you jump off and really hurt yourself. I couldn't move my head for two weeks.

    You did that?!
    Yeah, I was riding on the back of one going 45 miles per hour and I was like, "I'M GONNA JUMP!" He's like, "Alright, you fucking maniac..." And then instead of jumping off the back and covering and landing, I decided to dive in, like this maneuver [makes diving maneuver] headfirst and he said he saw me like, cartwheel in the water like ten times. Jet skis. It's a jet ski summer, baby.

    Okay it's time to go, but before we do... on a scale of one to ten, ten being the tightest, how tight is your butthole tonight?
    I've only had a few drinks so I would say about an eight.

    Shop Workaholics
  • Exclusive Playlist: The Bling Ring

    Guys...we made a playlist inspired by The Bling Ring 'cause we love The Bling Ring and also 'cause we got caught listening to the Paris Hilton record (again!) and needed a way to make it look like it was for work. Dave
  • FILTER Friday: Getting To Know Peace

    On Fridays we'll be teaming up with our friends over at FILTER Magazine to share stories they have coming up that we think are totally awesome. This week we're sharing their article on the band Peace.


    By Zachary Sniderman

    “Music to fuck you in the heart.” That’s the first thing you might see if you visit Peace on Facebook. “Yeah, that was the first thing we ever wrote on our Facebook page,” says lead singer and guitarist Harry Koisser. “That’s the level we operate on, I guess.”

    The second thing you’ll see there, though, is a picture of the band cuddled up on the cover of their debut album, In Love. Peace, made up of brothers Harry and Sam Koisser, Douglas Castle and Dominic Boyce, have been on a bit of a tear as the brightest, shiniest thing to happen to Brit-rock in a long while. Peace have been favorably compared to The Strokes and Foals, and In Love was named debut of the year by NME before the damn thing even hit shelves. And all this from a quartet of kids raised in the musical dead-end that is Worcester, England.

    “It was all kind of a surprise,” says Harry on the phone from Paris, where the band have stopped on their 50-date world tour supporting In Love. It’s his birthday today, and he has tonsillitis, which he’s been battling since day two of the tour. “We’re kids of the Midlands and there’s no music industry surrounding us. We had no plans; we didn’t know what you did to be a real band. It feels like luck was involved, or fate.”

    Peace are very much a real band, with a real record, and real songs that are earning them real fans. They channeled that rural spirit when recording In Love, driving out to a middle-of-nowhere studio that used to be a chapel. “There were no shops or anything,” says Harry. “There’s no phone signal there; you can’t call anyone. I think for your first record where you want to experiment and be neurotic about it, you need to be completely locked away and go insane for five weeks, and that’s exactly what we did.”

    The album itself is a grimy romp of guitar rock. There are elements of punk, math rock and a little bit of psychedelia. Harry sings with a snarl and a yelp, but the real heart of Peace is their ability to flip a song from something sharp into something sweet. Songs like “Follow Baby” and “Toxic” belong in a dive bar but open up to a kind of romanticism more associated with modern indie. Anyone looking for a synth-line, however, need not apply.

    Even though the band—and Harry himself—sound like hard-charging animals, they’re curious and eager to keep things moving, even if it’s just to avoid getting bored. “The thing to do is to keep spending all your money on new toys—new guitars and new pedals and new amps—so that you never get bored,” says Harry. “I bought a very expensive Hofner from 1961 as a warm-up guitar. I used to have a £30 acoustic back in the day.”
    Back in that day, he worked holding promotional signs for a club called The Rainbow in Birmingham. Now, Peace is selling out The Rainbow and playing big-time festivals like Glastonbury, Leeds and North by Northeast.

    For all of Peace’s devil-may-care image, Harry and company have come this far by caring very much about their music. “Dom, our drummer, did grades on drums, but me and Sam and Doug are completely self-taught, we just started when we were really young. I mean, I have a lot of trouble with music theory, but I don’t think that’s cool. I’d really rather have a clue about what I’m doing.” This is Harry, of course, underselling himself. “When it comes to recording and writing, we [take] as much time as we can. That’s the other purpose of the Hofner, I can write on it every night.”

    Peace are dedicated to the study of music, even if their focus is just on some cheesy pop song. As part of a series with BBC’s Radio 1, the band decided to tackle a cover of Justin Bieber’s “Beauty and a Beat,” which, they discovered, isn’t a half-bad tune. “Yeah, the bass line’s amazing,” says Harry. “When I was listening to it, I was like, ‘Shit, we should do a cover of it.’” He admits that at least a part of their intention was to undo the harm that pop songs have inflicted on music. “They’re really well-written songs and they do have something in there, but the production on them is fucking awful, so I guess we’re doing it in our own way to try and polish it…to fix something.”

    Peace are a band to watch because their war against boredom has continually produced unexpected gifts. Take In Love; take the NSFW music video for their song “Wraith”; take their desire to get out and just play, doctors be damned. “I’ll play the show and probably have a few drinks,” says Harry of his gig in Paris, “but I’ve got tonsillitis so I might be a bit…I don’t know, fuck it. Somebody sent me a bottle of rum, so we’ll see.”

    3 albums that inspired Peace’s Harry Koisser to make music:

    The Who Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy
    It was a collection of singles that my dad had and it was the first record that I could remember that I loved. All the songs are really teenage on it. It got me really into music.

    Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy
    It’s not just straightforward rock, there are a lot of weird sounds that are really inspiring. At the beginning of “No Quarter” it’s got the Wurlitzer sound with a phase on really fast… I get a strong reaction every time I listen to it.

    James Brown Sex Machine
    I got this one when I was really young and it was the music that I liked to dance to.
  • Directed and Edited by Lina Plioplyte; Styled by Doria Santlofer; Produced by Annie Powers and Doria Santlofer

    Wanderlust: Our Southern Road Trip

    With an itch to see America and visit friends down south, three girlsa photographer, a filmmaker and a stylistset out on the road.


    Doria Santlofer is a stylist for magazines including Seventeen, Nylon, Foam and Dossier Journal. To prep for the trip, she packed her favorite summery dresses, colorful crop tops and cool sunglasses from Urban's spring/summer collection.


    Annie Powers is a photographer living in Brooklyn and always has a camera around her arm. Annie takes documentary and fashion photos in NYC, and after a long winter it was time to get out of the city!


    The two set out for the South in their VW Beetle aiming to shoot cute new UO looks on people they met along the way. They linked up with friend and filmmaker, Lina Plioplyte, who has shot and edited videos for Calvin Klein, Coach, Nylon and Nowness.

    After days of BBQ, country music, skinny dipping and of course, countless impromptu photoshoots, the road trip was complete. See the photos and read about their new friends in the week to come!

    For more on the team:
    See Doria's styling here & here
    Check out Annie's photos here & here
    Watch Lina's videos here
    Follow all of their future adventures and see outtakes from the road trip on Instagram! @doriasantlofer @lina_land
  • Look Of The Week: Francisca Magis

    Introduce yourself! Tell us what you do at UO.
    Hey! I’m Francisca Magis and I’m the Social Media Intern here at UO.

    What are you wearing today?
    I call this outfit "pajamas for the real world." Just kidding (kind of). The tank top is from Aritzia, the shorts are from UO, and the bag is Alexander Wang.

    It's been soooooo humid this week. Have any tips for not looking like a swamp monster in this mess? You always look so cute around the office!
    It’s been gross! For me, having a bunch of staple tank tops and a pair of sunglasses that I know work with everything is essential for the summer. Also, Biosilk and Make Up Forever HD powder save my life on the daily. OH, and WATER!! That one is important.

    If you had to dress like one of the characters from Wet Hot American Summer, who would you pick and why?
    Hmmm. Can I choose Andy? I’m kind of into his T-shirts and denim. But Katie also has those clogs… I don’t know, if I really had to dress like any movie character it would probably be Cher Horowitz or Chloe Sevigny in Party Monster.

    We saw you wearing a Pixies shirt earlier this week. What's your favorite Pixies song?
    I think I would have to go with "Debaser" or "La La Love You". I need to listen to that new song when I get back to my desk.

    Where can we find you online?
    My Instagram and Twitter are both @franciscamagis! Also, if you’re into internet humor, pugs, and black & white clothing you might like my Tumblr.
  • Bling Ring SMS

    The Bling Ring kids were probably texting just like everybody else, right? Alex Kazemi wrote up a Bling Ring SMS post that shows what the "Balenciaga burglars" might have been talking about. And he probably isn't very far off, TBH. —Katie

  • Pixies "Bagboy"

    WHOA. The Pixies released a brand new song for the first time in 9 years, as well as a video for it. Who woulda thunk? Watch the Fruit Loops filled video above. —Katie
  • Interior Style Icon: The Great Motherf***ing Outdoors

    Are you some city person who can't make it out to the wilderness? Sucks for you. We have a pretty rad solution, though! Bring some outdoor vibes to your home with some nature-inspired goodies. Who says trees, leaves, and all sorts of greens are for exterior settings only! Bubbling brook and bird calls not included. Hazel

    Little Birch Jewelry Stand
    Don't we all wish to have little trees we can hang our necklaces on? Just me? This one's perfect.

    Midnight Forest Pillowcase
    Can't catch the moon reflected over the lake? We feel you. Cry yourself to sleep in these pillows.

    Birch Tree Tapestry
    White walls? Ew. Trees, trees, trees! I can almost hear the birds. Just almost, though.

    Oasis Shag Rug
    No grass? No problem! Fake it 'til you make it with the perfect summer green shag rug

    Teeny Tiny Gardening by Emma Hardy
    Bring the great outdoors inside with miniature bits of DIY nature.
  • Trend: Retro Electronics

    People have been doing stuff with cassettes again! (I know, right?!) It makes sense, though. Cassettes are totally cuter than CDs, so it's sort of not surprising that people would start pining away for them at some point. Just like vinyl is cuter than the both of them combined. (Also, scoff at the ridiculousness of that sentence all you want, but you know it's true.) As Liz Lemon's boyfriend Dennis once said on 30 Rock, "Technology is cyclical." Too true, my friend. Here are some items that'll keep you groovin' like it's 1989. —Katie

    Get the goods:

    Cassette Recorder & Player
    Did you save your Spice Girls cassettes? DID YOU?

    Cassette Tape Pack Of 7
    Always gotta have a back-up stash of blank cassettes so you can record your favorite Hanson songs from the radio. (Or whatever the 2013 equivalent of Hanson is. One Direction?)

    Polaroid 600 Close-Up Hello Kitty Camera By Impossible Project
    This is a super rare Hello Kitty Polaroid camera from Japan that was refurbished by The Impossible Project. The Impossible Project is not fucking around with their Polaroids.

    Retro LCD Alarm Clock
    What witchcraft is this? A clock that is not on your cell phone? Whaaa-?

    AV Room Portable USB Turntable By Crosley
    The cutest little turntable to ever exist.

    Rolling Stones Hot Rocks 1964-1971
    Mick Jagger would probably be honored to have his vinyl played on a floral turntable in 2013. (Like, for real. He seems awesome.)

    Vintage Polaroid Land Instant Film Camera
    Pictures just like dad's.
  • Sky Ferreira for InStyle

    Sky Ferreira did a cute photoshoot for the July 2013 InStyle and she's lookin' like an extra on the set of Mad Men which is a fun change from her usual "girly-grunge" look. But also I forever love Sky so she can really do no wrong in my book. Apparently her album I Will is going to be dropping in September, so let's hope that's for real since this album is like, perpetually getting pushed back. Whatever, I'll keep patiently waiting because TRUE LOVE WAITS. —Katie

  • Sophie "Bipp"

    My latest musical obsession is this song "Bipp," a sugary electro-pop song that I hereby deem "bubblegum house," a new music genre I just made up because why not? The song, released on Soundcloud, is the work of mysterious English music producer Sophie, who I'm dying to know more about. Sophie, if you're reading this, let me know what else you're putting out and gimme the backstory on that neon bacon album art. Hazel

  • Camp Style: Heavyweights

    Heavyweights is a seminal coming of age story about a group of husky bros who just want to ride go-karts and enjoy some candy but can't because the new asshole camp director is trying to make them lose weight for his infomercial. It's also one of only three good Ben Stiller movies. And whoa, Heavyweights was co-written by Judd Apatow? No wonder I remember it fondly (and actually, re-watching it as an "adult," I caught way more of the dark humor that went way over my boyish head.) 

    More importantly, Heavyweights was made smack dab in the middle of the '90s. It has Kenan! And Goldberg from Mighty Ducks! The 1995 film serves as a perfect time capsule of that glorious decade's best summer trends, many of which have probably reappeared in recent years among members of your hip young peer group. Angelo

    The hot new nurse in denim mom shorts and the short striped tee. Takes me back. 

    Lifestyles of the cozy, Goldberg's iconic Adidas sweatsuit. 

    Again, bucket hats are camping, but I'm more interested in Jerry Stiller's next-level short-sleeved popover with the anorak pocket. 


    The only thing more awkward than a middle school dance: a fat camp dance. 

    This girl is listed as "Angelic Girl," which is a pretty bad ass credit to have. 

    And how do you land an angelic girl? With a Les Mis shirt!

    Blossom hat! Nothing is more '90s than a Blossom hat. Nothing. 

    Ben looking like Jerry Seinfeld on steroids and generally not someone I would let watch my kids. 

    Kenan in Stussy and a Marley tee, very real. 

    Ben actually looking like dudes I see in Portland, running tights and Nikes. 

    Very camp, very rugged. 


    Stacey Battat

    Learn how The Bling Ring's costume wardrobe designer got to pick the perfect pieces for the not-so-perfect crime.


    Luke Harwood

    Stolen Girlfriends Club co-founder Luke Harwood gives us a brief history of the brand and shares the inspiration behind their newest collection, The Fates.
  • M.I.A. "Bring The Noize" Video

    The chorus for this song is so catchy, and it's made even better when watching M.I.A. bounce around and dance while she sings it. This song promises that her upcoming album Matangi, due out this Fall, will be filled with super danceable and catchy M.I.A. tunes. But we wouldn't expect anything less from M.I.A. —Katie
  • Trend: Tie-Front Tops

    Tie-front tops are perfect for summer, especially with some high-waisted shorts. Just look at how much fun T. Swifty is having up there in hers! Sometimes tying up an actual button-down leaves the fabric bunchy and annoying, so luckily pre-tied, tie-front tops exist. (TRY SAYING THAT THREE TIMES FAST.) Here are some faves. —Katie

    Kimchi Blue Printed Tie-Front Blouse
    Getting the cutest Little House On The Prairie vibes from this little number.

    Kimchi Blue Tie-Front Blouse
    No one can ever go wrong with a simple white blouse. Can be worn with literally anything!

    Pins And Needles Tie-Front Bed Jacket Blouse
    This is so easy breezy and perfect, especially when it's 98 degrees out in July and you can't be bothered to do much except sit 3 inches from your weakass window AC unit.

    Kimchi Blue Tie-Front Tropical Print Shirt
    Like what your grandpa wears to vacation in Miami but awesome.

    Ecote Jayna Tie-Front Tee
    Totally tie-dye tie-front.

    Glamorous Leopard Collar Tie-Front Shirt
    Glamorous, indeed.

    Kimchi Blue Tie-Front Sleeveless Denim Shirt
    Very similar to T. Swifty's. YOU COULD LOOK LIKE T. SWIFTY!
  • Get Lucky Remix

    Here's a 10 minute remix of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky." Your summer parties will thank you. —Katie
    (via Pitchfork)

  • Bleached: "Dead In Your Head"

    Bleached released a video for "Dead In Your Head," a track from their debut album released in April. The song is my favorite off the album, giving me some serious '80s Blondie vibes. Also, how rad is this video? I can't even begin to comprehend how awesome the rainbow visuals are. Maddie
  • Trend: Travel Bags

    Travel bags are obviously a necessity for every trip, and maybe it's time for a new one! Like me, you probably have a boring, black rolling suitcase or duffle bag that you've had in your family for far too long! This is a sign that you are on the hunt for a brand new fancy travel bag to pack your things in when you go on adventures this summer. UO has duffles, backpacks, and tote bags galore. Maddie

    Deena & Ozzy Medium Army Duffle Bag
    This bag is perfect because it looks like it'll fit just about everything. Also, you can clearly carry it easily.

    Herschel Supply Co. Novel Weekender Bag
    Digging this classy leather trimmed take on the duffle.

    Carrot Map Backpack
    If you're not in the market for a duffle or tote, go for this world traveling inclined backpack. That map print is too cute.

    All-Son Canvas Rucksack
    So many compartments for all of the things. ALL of them!

    LIEBESKIND Berlin Stella Tote Bag
    This tote will be prime for airplane travel; slide all of your things right in and under your seat.

    Filson Red Label Tote Bag
    Tote bags aren't just for the ladies, guys. You can throw everything you couldn't fit in your duffle bag into this sleek and minimal black tote.

    Shop Bags for Men and Women.
  • Beyonce Fall Tour

    If you missed Beyonce on her first go around, then you'll be able to catch her this fall as she hits some more North American and Latin American cities for the "Mrs. Carter Show World Tour." Score! Now you just have to worry about getting your hands on tickets. —Katie
    (via Pitchfork)