• Forestbound Greylock Collection

    Designer Alice Saunders really made a name for herself by using vintage fabrics in her one of a kind bags under the name Forestbound. With The Greylock Collection she's trying something a little different by using new but perfectly durable materials as well as branding the bags with a handsome new logo. Read more about the collection here as well as get a closer look at all five bags. -Bob


    The Tourist

    Jamie-James Medina is the photographer behind The Tourist, an exclusive zine from UO and The xx.
  • UO Interviews: The xx

    For the release of their new album, Coexist, we interviewed The xx to talk about The Tourist zine, what it's like to constantly be in front of a camera and if they've ever been tempted to slap something with a  bumper sticker.
    Interview by Ally Mullen and Kate Williams

    How long did it take for you guys to become comfortable having a photographer around all the time for The Tourist zine?
    Oliver: It was never going to be easy trying to not take note of another person in the room, especially for us. He could never be invisible but over time it became a lot more comfortable and a comforting presence at times.

    What do you like about Jamie-James Medina's work?
    Oliver: I'm a big fan of his portraits—posed and unposed. He also has an ability to capture split second moments

    Who is the best at taking pictures? Who is the worst?
    Oliver: Romy has a disciplined passion for documenting our travels. I think we'll all appreciate it so much in years to come. I'm always frustrated at my own lack of taking pictures.  We're traveling to such beautiful and interesting places, I wish I'd take more from my phone.

    What is something that you have lost that you really wish you could have back?
    Oliver: My early, early memories. I wish I remembered meeting Romy when we were 3-years-old.

    Have you ever been mistaken for another band?
    Jamie: Yes, people mistake us for Iron Maiden all the time.

    What is your favorite venue to play on tour?
    Jamie: Shepherds Bush Empire in London. It's our old local.

    Which band member is the best at being photographed? The worst?
    Romy: I personally feel quite shy in front of the camera, I prefer to be the one taking the pictures. Oliver always looks great and definitely seems the most comfortable in front of the camera.

    What records do you listen to the most on the road?
    Romy: This summer we've all been listening too Kill For Love by Chromatics, Put Your Back N 2 It by Perfume Genius and our friends from London's self titled album, 2:54 by 2:54.

    Have you ever been tempted to slap this bumper sticker on something for this tour?

    Haha, we weren't actually aware of this when naming the album, but now we know, it's cool. A positive message, I guess!

    Do you have any pre-show rituals you do to bring you good luck or to calm your nerves? Any good-luck charms?
    Romy:We always get nervous before shows. I know it's because we care so much. It's pretty relaxed in our backstage. We don't have any rituals but sometimes give each other a reassuring hug.

    Shop the Album
    Get The xx's The Tourist zine in stores on October 6!
  • A Day In The Life: Cainnon

    Meet Cainnon, one of our Atlanta store Display Artists, who over the next two weeks will be giving us an inside look into the daily life of being a display artist at a store opening. Get ready Fort Worth, we're coming for you!

    Hey, y'all! My name is Cainnon and I live in Atlanta, GA with my wife Kiki, our four cats (Ghost, #2, Harry D, & Twiggy) and our two chickens (Purdy & #3).  I have been with Urban since 2007 and I am currently a Display Artist at their Atlanta store.

    My background is in photography, faux painting, and sculpture. I always wanted a job that would allow me to design freely and construct my ideas with my own hands.  Plus, I get to listen to slow jamz like Lenny Williams, Al Green and the Isley Brothers in my workshop.

    The best thing about my job is traveling to new places and seeing old faces. I’ve met some of my best friends through the company. I love the culture of Urban and the DIY attitude that we get to approach our day to day projects with. I especially like when things don’t go as planned and shit gets weird.

    Outside of work, I love to be outdoors. Rock climbing, hiking, camping, waterfall jumping, tree chopping, woodworking, knife sharpening, gun shooting, grilling, gardening, antiquing, fire pitting, tiki bar lounging and some occasional dancing are what my weekends are like. 

    I look forward to sharing my adventures of the Fort Worth store opening with y'all! Follow me on Instagram for more updates @Cainnon.
  • (Artwork by UO Display Artist Casey Kunder)

    Mohican at The Fire

    My good friends of the band Mohican are playing a sick show this Sunday, September 30 at The Fire (412 West Girard Ave) with bands Air is Human, King Orchid and Bengali Cockfight. The show starts at 8:30 but get there early—the room will be packed!  Time to have some good ol' sweaty fun, my 21+ friends. -Ally
  • Ryan McGlinley in Tokyo

    Photographer Chad Moore put together this fun video for Opening Ceremony of Ryan McGinley hanging out in and around Tokyo for his exhibition Reach Out, I'm Right Here which is on display at Tomio Koyama Gallery(1-3-2-7F Kiyosumi, Koto-ku). The exhibition is up until the 29 so if you can somehow get over there in time be sure to go see it. -Bob
  • UO + The xx Ticket Giveaway

    Listen up! To celebrate their new album, Coexist, we’re giving away tickets to see The xx in six awesome cities. Follow us and these local UO accounts on Twitter below to find out how to win—and may the odds be ever in your favor.


  • Light

    Light is a collaborative project between Miniature Garden (Denise Schatz) and NSEW (Jessica Williams). Light consists of six A3 posters folded down into an A5 booklet, printed both in Oslo and NYC, and includes beautiful photos capturing light by artists like Paul Paper, Maryanne Casasanta, Brian Ferry, and Nicholas Gottlund. The edition of 80 launches at the New York Art Book Fair this weekend and is available here. - Jennilee

  • Skellaton

    I can't sign on to Tumblr these days without seeing more and more adorable drawings by teen girls on the web, and Ella of Skellaton is one of those rad girls. Her pastel colored Kawaii aesthetic would make even Sailor Moon jealous. - Hazel

  • Girls on Film Zine

    One of my favorite zines published out of Europe currently is Girls on Film, and its counterpart, Boys on Film, both curated by Spanish photographer Igor Termenon. Igor is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and began the project in March 2011, and since then has featured over 300 photographers who focus on film photography. The zine is available in print as well as online. Have a look at the new issue below, along with its newly revamped look, which makes me think of the Duran Duran song it is named after. - Maddie

  • The Hill-Side AW12 Lookbook

    For this seasons' lookbook, Brooklyn-based accessory company The Hill-Side tried something a little different. Instead of having a photographer shoot their friends wearing their scarves and neckties, they handed off disposable cameras to their stockists and let them do what they pleased. The experiment resulted in a really unique lookbook that's unlike anything I've ever come across. See for yourself! -Bob

  • Drop It Like It's Fall Sale

    Get your spirit fingers ready for our huge fall sale!
  • Lomography LA Sample Sale

    This weekend is the chance to get all of the Lomography gear you've ever wanted! The Lomography Gallery Store (7998 Santa Monica Blvd) in Los Angeles is hosting a sample sale on from September 28 to 29 from 11am -7pm each day. The sale will also be happening at the Santa Monica location (314 Santa Monica Blvd) from the 28th to the 30th. Select Lomo merchandise (including cameras, lenses, clothing and accessories) will be on sale for 15-70% off. Sweet deal! -Maddie
  • Nails Nail Art

    It's nails...on nails. Coming soon: nails on nails on NAILS art. - Hazel
  • A.P.C. x Nike

    A.P.C. and Nike team up for their third collaboration on some clean re-workings of classic sneakers. This time around they went for the Dunk and Air Max 1 styles. The Air Max 1 (pictured above, an all-time favorite) is done up in a navy canvas with a classic gum sole while the Dunk below received the monotone treatment in three colorways. Check out the whole line here. -Bob
  • Art School: Amanda Goss

    Meet Amanda Goss, a former RISD student who made us three Designed By: creations.  Here she talks about her designs, her inspirations behind them and her dream clients to work for.

    Introduce yourself!

    Hello! My name is Amanda Goss. I'm a recent graduate from the Apparel Design program at RISD, which is located in Rhode Island about 30 minutes north from where I grew up. 

    Amanda Goss for RISD + UO Herringbone Jacket

    Can you talk about the designs you made for us?
    I created three pieces for my collaboration with Urban Outfitters; a jacket, a top and a skirt. For the jacket, I wanted something cropped and a bit loose. It's meant to be slouchy and left open. I love mixing patterns and textures, so it was designed with a large herringbone weave. The top is a sheer button up styled with a contrasting collar and again, a combination of patterns. Both pair nicely with the high waisted skirt I designed with an inset suede panel and small welt pockets. 

    Amanda Goss for RISD + UO Conversational Blouse

    What were you most inspired by?
    Oddly enough, this collection was mainly inspired by my grandfather's style and the style of old men in general. I love their casual confidence. I'm also wildly inspired by tailoring and my grandfather is always perfectly tailored and pressed. The colors were derived from the cover of an old copy of the book Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

    What's your least favorite thing about going to art school?
    My least favorite thing about art school is paying for it. 

    Amanda Goss for RISD + UO Wool Paneled Skirt

    What's the first thing you ever designed and made?
    The first garment I ever designed and made was a dress created entirely of bronze aluminum grate covers—the pretty kind with geometric shapes cut into them. I was actually looking at it the other day when I was moving out wondering how the heck my model wore it without bleeding. 

    Who is your dream client to design for?
    My dream company to design for would have to be Proenza Schouler. They were the first brand that I ever felt an actual passion towards and after interning for Fashion Week and over the winter, I feel even more invested in that sentiment. I would absolutely love to work for them. Other dream clients include: Parker Posey, Amy Sedaris and Anna Wintour, haha. She kills it.

    Shop Designed By:
  • Good Luck Troll Figure

    Now you can have your very own troll doll.  It's just like having you're own little James St. James in your pocket! Lucky us. -Ally
  • Brooke Candy

    It's time for you to get to know Brooke Candy, the 'rapper, stripper, warrior' from Los Angeles.  You may recognize her from some of her appearances alongside Grimes, but she definitely has enough vitality to stand out on her own.  Check out her Tumblr, BLOODY GUTS (NSFW!), then head over to her LA Weekly profile to learn more.

  • David Gonzalez: Possessed to Skate

    I don't know if it's my inner need to rebel against my Catholic upbringing, or the fact that this dude can just shred like a motherfucker, but I have a major crush on Flip skater David Gonzalez.  That long hair, sneaky smirk and badass attitude? Sounds like a recipe for a guy you can never bring home to your parents (but that you'd totally sneak out of your bedroom window in the middle of the night to go see).  Watch his Possessed to Skate video on Thrasher to see what I'm talking about.  Swoon. -Ally
  • Vamps

    Finally, a vampire movie worth seeing! With a screenplay by Amy Heckerling—yes, the writer of Clueless—how could it possibly be bad? It looks like she nailed it with this one.  I haven't been this excited about vampires since finding out all of the seasons of Buffy are on Netflix. Vamps, I'm coming for you! -Ally