• Rookie Road Trip: Chicago (Part 2)

    For our second little Rookie event in the Windy City we went to Girls Rock! Chicago to listen to girls rock their heart out! All the girls there were so cute. They sang songs about being yourself and breaking gender norms (so punk!) and were the coolest and most confident group of young ladies I've ever met.

    It's so easy to get to the stage at a show when the audience is filled with young children. I wished for a mosh pit but, sadly, didn't get one.

    This girl in the middle was from a band called The Sharks, which was probably my favorite band in the showcase. They sang a song about a girl shark that nobody likes because she's a shark, of course. There was this one break in the song where every band member shouted in unison, "HOW COULD ANYONE NOT LOVE SHARKS?!" Then they threw Swedish Fish and beach balls into the crowd! Give her a few years, she's going to be so famous. (Photo via Anaheed)

    Kid DJs!

    Strummin'! (Photo via Anaheed)

    Kid guitarists!

    (Photo via Anaheed)

    Tomorrow we will be off to Iowa City! Meet up with us at the White Rabbit at 2:00 pm and then we'll head over to The Record Collector around 3:00! See you there! - Hazel
  • Music Mondays: July 2nd, 2012

    (Music: "Good As New" by Vacationer)

    Urban Outfitters x NXNE: Live @ UO Part II

    We know you didn't get enough of NXNE Live @ UO, so here's a little more to fill your belly. Video by HERATICS and Josh Lee Creative.
  • Jessica Stam goes Instagram

    Welcome Jessica Stam to Instagram. The much loved model, who inspired the It bag that once gave the Birkin a run for its money (the Marc Jacobs Stam Bag), hangs out with all kinds of fabulous people and attends all the sickest events you only dream were keeping you up all night. It's no surprise that Jessica leads a glamorous life so you know her Instagram will be nothing short of amazing. X -  Jen

  • SSION "Earthquake"

    Ohhhhhhh, sigh. I want so badly to have my heart broken so I can cry to SSION's "Earthquake" over and over again. Everything about this video is perfect. Suburban desire at it's finest. I like the witchy poo, ooOoOo, ooo, oOoOo, ooo, oOoOo, ooo, cute! -Maggie Lee
  • Rookie Road Trip: Chicago (Part 1)

    On Friday we drove to Chicago in a crazy thunderstorm. Tavi had Fruit-Rollups (so typical) that we ate in the car like little children. 

    "Food Blogging"

    Last night, Petra dislocated her knee while chasing Tavi down a hotel hallway. She's fine, but now uses crutches as her main accessory. Here she is in a 7-Eleven looking sassy. 

    Our meet-up was at Saki, a record, book, and art store in Chicago. There we had a little zine-making party using the awesome Rookie zine-making tutorial! Readers brought magazines, stickers, old photos, gems, and more to make their collaged zines.

    Petra posing with readers in a wheelchair that Saki just randomly had in the store

    So many girls had cute candy-colored hair and flower crowns!

    The Chicago-based duo Tiny Fireflies played while we made zines. Their shoegazy music was perfect for zine-making and collaging.

    We picked out a few records to make a "Rookie Magazine's Picks" display. We grabbed Grimes, First Aid Kit, Fleetwood Mac, The Breeders, Azealia Banks, Lana del Rey, and more. 

    We also got more gifts! Letters, journals, mix CDs, and candy. My favorite is a book of witchcraft a girl got us. Can't wait to perform some spells at future meet-ups!

    Check back tomorrow for my coverage of our second Chicago meet-up, a Girls Rock! Chicago show at Bottom Lounge at 2:00 pm. -Hazel

  • Rookie Road Trip: Ann Arbor

    We woke up early to get on the road for Ann Arbor. On our way, we saw a sign for the "National Shrine of Our Lady" on the side of the road and since we're obsessed with shrines, we HAD to pull over! 

    We didn't find a shrine, really, but we did find a pretty white church that served as a back drop for a mini photo-shoot Petra did. We were all wearing red and white so the photos will probably have some seriously eerie "twin sister" vibes. Tavi even pulled out her portable record player and played the Carrie soundtrack on vinyl. So creepy...

    We also fell in love with the church's gift shop which was filled with beautiful jewelry, artwork, and sculptures of Christian iconography. We spent so much time in there. I think we might have bought everything in the store.

    In Ann Arbor we met up with readers at the arcade Pinball Pete's for games! Readers kicked each other's asses at Tetris and air hockey in the hot hot hot heat. 

    These readers had some pretty advanced facial hair.

    After fun and games, the Rookie readers walked in the sweltering heat (seriously, it was pretty bad) to grab burgers with us at Blimpy Burger

    After burgers we headed to a nearby swimming hole to cool off.

    Me laughing maniacally at the lilypads.

    Tavi lookin' cute in the water.

    Later we drove around, desperately looking for frozen yogurt (a sudden craving). We tracked one down in a mall, but it was closed. Luckily, we spotted some kiddie rides for us to play on...alone...in the empty mall...

    We totally almost got locked into the mall too. That would have made for an interesting blog post, right?

    So tomorrow we will be in Chicago at 3:00 for zine-making, dancing, and hanging out at Saki. We'll have some stuff for you, but bring magazines and supplies to help make the zines! Check back for more on the Rookie crew's adventures! - Hazel

    (In this post: some photos by me, some by Petra's boyfriend Avery Hunsberger)
  • Gather Journal

    A new food publication from Nylon alumni Fiorella Valdesolo and Michele Outland, Gather Journal is bi-annual and filled with drool-worthy and envy-inducing photos and writing, plus lots of recipes so you can attempt to recreate the magic yourself. 
  • Whole Larder Love

    Beautiful photos of Rohan Anderson, author of Whole Larder Love, shot by Cory White and featured on his blog Mr. Blanc. Read about what drives Rohan and his thoughts on food as well as the rest of the photos at the feature here. -Bob

  • Rookie Road Trip: Columbus

    When we arrived in Columbus, Ohio, we headed straight on over to Jeni's ice cream parlor, where our Rookie meet-up was happening. The homemade ice cream was completely amazing and came in flavors like spicy "Bangkok Peanut" and "Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk." 

    We all hung out in the store eating ice cream and talking about babysitting horror stories, school pranks, and the love that Justin Bieber brings to young girls. Readers came from Columbus, Cleveland, and some were even from Kentucky! 

    They also brought tons of gifts. Seriously, tons! We got so many beautiful mix CDs with detailed descriptions of why and how the songs were selected as well as other things like letters, dream catchers, thrifted picture-books, and handmade zines. We also saved every single piece of wrapping paper that these gifts came in because A) all of it was pretty and B) we're all hoarders.

    Lil' cherub decorations = A+ wrapping job.

    These will definitely be going up in the van to bring us good dreams! 

    Petra took a polaroid of all the girls who came to the meet up. Doesn't it look like some ghostly vintage class photo? 

    Later, Petra shot a few pictures of Tavi looking moody in Columbus. Someone yelled at us because Tavi was leaning on their car but who cares because she looks awesome. She's wearing Moxi Lolly roller skates!

    For dinner we went to Harvest Pizzeria for Shirley Temples and really good food. Fun fact: Rookie writers ONLY eat pizza. Ask anyone on the staff, it's true.

    Across the street from the pizzeria was this triangular shaped church and when the sun went down, a giant shadow of Jesus was projected on the wall! The shadow was pretty terrifying especially since it just APPEARED OUT OF NOWHERE. We had a good freak-out over it.

    Tomorrow we are headed to Ann Arbor, Michigan! We'll be meeting at Pinball Pete's at 4:00 pm and then we'll head on over to Blimpy Burger afterwards. See you there! - Hazel
  • Helmet Hair

    Being a guy with short hair, I've never given much thought to the challenges of wearing a helmet with long hair that a female (or male) might face. Refinery 29 did a rundown on five helmet-friendly ways to wear long hair as well as spotlight some cool helmets. You heard me right: helmets are cool. Check out the whole feature here. -Bob

    (Photos by Anna-Alexia Basile)
  • Lana Del Rey "National Anthem"

    Oh Lana, why can't I help but love you so?  Her video for "National Anthem" is beyond ridiculous, but also beautiful, dreamy, and for a few minutes it makes you forget what year you're living in.  Plus, A$AP Rocky is in it, acting as JFK, so I think that automatically makes the video a winner.

    P.S. Can I borrow all of the incredible outfits and accessories in this video (including the fake nails)? Thanks girl. -Ally
  • Big A$$ Summer Sale

    It's our Big A$$ Summer Sale!  Go shop your big a$$ hearts out and watch this killer cannonball video to get you psyched for all the fun you'll be having this summer. Oh and psst... I was one of the two lucky floaters who got the pleasure to be splashed and yes, it totally ruled! -Ally
  • Rookie Road Trip: Philadelphia

    The morning after the New York event, Tavi, Petra, and I piled into our huge magical van with the rest of the Rookie crew to head off to Philadelphia! 

    First, Tavi decorated the inside of the van with some artwork, including this great "Wild Heart" banner. 

    When we finally got to the City of Brotherly Love (ha, more like SISTERLY Love, since Rookie was there), we walked on over to the record shop Long In The Tooth to meet up with readers and shop for music! 

    Philly band Slutever, who wrote our November theme song, stopped by!

    I loved this girl's really cute bike decorated with fake flowers. How "Rookie" is that?!

    After shopping, we headed over to Rittenhouse Square Park to listen to the records we bought (Violent Femmes was on at full blast) and make pennant banners out of fabric. We had an interesting group chat about feminism and its place in fashion and we also tackled tricky questions such as "Clueless vs. Heathers vs. Mean Girls: which is the best?" It was a fun day of crafting in the park and listening to vinyl!

    After the Philly event, Tavi, Petra, the Rookie crew, and myself piled back into the van (which we named Grease Lightin', obviously) to get back on the road! 

    Here is Petra and Tavi dancing to Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten" outside of a PA gas station. It was really inspiring and beautiful. I cried a bit. JK, I cried a lot.

    So, tomorrow we'll be off to Columbus, Ohio, so come meet us there at Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream at 2:00 pm for sweet treats! - Hazel

    Shop Road Trip Essentials.
  • The Exquisite Corpse Project

    The videos by the sketch comedy troupe Olde English (and the many members who've weaved in and out over the years) got me through many a rough day in my college years, so when their videos stopped being posted on the reg, it left a little hole in my heart. The laughs, the memories, and my major internet-crush on member Dave Segal faded away like a warm distant memory. Little did I know, they've been working this whole time on one last big project together, one last send off to all of the fans: The Exquisite Corpse Project. Watch the trailer above for this "comedy/drama/documentary/thriller/action movie/buddy picture/heist flick" and get excited—this will be the ultimate OE video of all time. Oh yeah and as for Dave?  I'm totally crushing again. -Ally
  • Saturdays Color Letters T-Shirts

    Whether you love Saturdays Surf NYC or just Saturdays in general, it doesn't matter—this top is for you.  These color letters T-shirts are what weekends are made of. -Ally

  • Rookie Road Trip Meet-Ups

    The Rookie Road Trip is officially underway! Here's where the catch the trippers as they roll through a town near you...

    JUNE 27, 2 PM - COLUMBUS, OH

    Because WHO, except for Adam from Girls, doesn’t like ice cream?

    Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, in the Short North / 714 North High Street / Columbus, OH 43215 

    JUNE 28, 4 PM - ANN ARBOR, MI

    At 4 PM we’ll meet at Pinball Pete’s Arcade for some fun and games, then walk to Blimpy Burger around 5:30 PM for more fun and food.

    Pinball Pete’s Arcade / 1214 South University Avenue / Ann Arbor, MI 48104

    Blimpy Burger / 551 South Division Street / Ann Arbor, MI 48104

    JUNE 29, 3 PM - CHICAGO, IL

    Meet at Saki for zine-making (we’ll provide the materials but bring your hearts and souls), dancing, and all around goodtimes.

    Saki / 3716 West Fullerton Avenue / Chicago, IL 6064

    JUNE 30, 2 PM - CHICAGO, IL

    The campers at Girls Rock! Chicago are performing! The camp generously gave us 10 comps for Rookie readers, and we’re buying 10 more comps for readers, so the first 20 people to show up will get in for free. Otherwise, attendance is $10.

    Girls Rock! Chicago Session 1 End-of-Camp Extravaganza at the Bottom Lounge / 1375 West Lake Street / Chicago, IL 60607

    JULY 1, 2 PM - IOWA CITY, IA

    Meet at White Rabbit at 2, then around 3 we’ll head over to the Record Collector.

    White Rabbit / 112 S Linn Street / Iowa City, IA 52240

    The Record Collector / 116 South Linn Street / Iowa City, IA 52240

    JULY 2, 3 PM - OMAHA, NE

    In case you haven’t seen Moonrise Kingdom yet, or in case you haven’t seen it more than once as everyone should, we’re going to a screening at 3 PM! Show up 30 minutes-1 hour early because there will be a lot of other people wanting to fill the theater. Also, first Mondays of the month are free for students, so bring your school ID! After the movie, we’ll walk to Lisa’s Radial Cafe at around 5 PM.

    Moonrise Kingdom screening at Film Streams / 1340 Mike Fahey Street / Omaha, NE 68102

    Lisa’s Radial Cafe / 817 North 40th Street / Omaha, NE 68131

    JULY 3, 3 PM - OMAHA, NE

    Crafting! We’re DIY’ing banners and will provide ribbon, scissors, and paint, but bring your own fabric (and artistic souls).

    Urban Outfitters / 745 North 14th Street / Omaha, NE 68102

    JULY 4, 7 PM - BOULDER, CO

    We’ll be getting in just in time for fireworks at Chatauqua Park. Come celebrate AMURICUH with us.

    Chatauqua Park / Baseline Road & 9th Street / Boulder, CO 80302


    Banner DIYs in the garden! Bring your own fabric.

    Gilgal Sculpture Garden / 749 East 500 South / Salt Lake City, UT 84102

    JULY 7, 3 PM - BOISE, ID

    We’re meeting at Urban Outfitters at 3 PM to make zines. We’ll provide paper and glue and scissors and writing utensils, but bring your own magazines and things to cut up, or other supplies you wanna use for your own zine. At around 5 PM, we’ll walk to Flying M Coffee House for foods.

    Urban Outfitters / 328 South 8th Street / Boise, ID 83702

    Flying M Coffee House / 500 West Idaho Street / Boise, ID 83702

    JULY 9, 3 PM - SEATTLE, WA

    We’re decorating crowns and sunglasses at the Vera Project! Bring your own headband or sunglasses and we’ll provide glue and bejewels and crap (though you might wanna bring your own crap, too, if you already have a stash of fake flowers and trinkets that you wanna use).

    The Vera Project at Seattle Center / The Corner of Warren Ave N. & Republican at Seattle Center / Seattle, WA 98109

    JULY 10, 3 PM - PORTLAND, OR

    Meet at 3 PM for donuts at Voodoo Doughnut! Then around 4 we’ll head to the Church of Elvis.

    Voodoo Doughnut / 22 Southwest 3rd Avenue / Portland, OR 97205

    24 Hour Church of Elvis / 408 N.W. Couch Street / Portland, OR 97209

    JULY 12, 4 PM - EUREKA, CA

    Meet at Bon Boniere at 4 for ice cream, then around 5 we’ll head to Shipwreck for vintage shopping.

    Bon Boniere / 215 F Street / Eureka, CA 95501

    Shipwreck / 430 3rd Street / Eureka, CA 95501


    We’ll meet at 12 at the Bi-Rite Creamery for stomach-filling treats, then we’ll take our treats to Dolores Park and hang there.

    Bi-Rite Creamery / 3692 18th Street / San Francisco, CA 94117

    Dolores Park / 566 Dolores Street / San Francisco, CA 94110

    JULY 15, 1 PM - BIG SUR, CA

    We’re gonna be cultured and stuff and probably get food nearby.

    Henry Miller Memorial Library / 48603 California 1 / Big Sur, CA 93920


    Daily events begin at Space 15 Twenty on July 21st. Our final hurrah is on the 28th. Details coming next week!

    Space 15 Twenty / 1520 N. Cahuenga Boulevard / Los Angeles, CA 90028

    Rookie & The Ardorous

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  • Pebble Art by Sharon Nowlan

    Nova Scotia based Sharon Nowlan makes these beautifully simple pebble arrangements, from rocks collected along the beaches of Pictou, Nova Scotia. - Jennilee
  • Hoyasnap

    Hoyasnap is a Seoul based street style blog shot by Sunho In featuring both ladies and gentlemen, but seems to have a strong emphasis on the fellas, which is really refreshing to me. Check it out and see what's being worn in the coolest city in South Korea. -Bob

  • Rookie Road Trip: New York

    For the NYC Rookie Road Trip meet-up, readers joined together for a moment of complete awesomeness at Littlefield in Brooklyn for Babycakes cupcakes, dancing, and general Rookie-related cuteness. Readers came from everywhere from Texas to New Hampshire to a few blocks down! They came bearing wax kitten candle gifts and collaged journals for a Rookie shrine we'll be building in the future and were pumped for, really, everything and anything. It was so fun meeting our loyal internet followers IRL!

    Indie-pop trio Supercute! worked their super cute (hehe) magic over the Rookie crowd with their awesome music. They played a set which featured some adorable songs off their upcoming album and their theme song for the Rookie website, "Superrookie". It's probably the best anthem any magazine could dream to have. I think we all had crazy girl crushes on them by the end of the night! 

    Writers Emma Straub and Jenny Zhang read answers from the Rookie advice column "Just Wondering?" which included advice on freaking out about growing up and comparing yourself to your friends. I read my piece on the fallacy of "staying true to yourself" and Tavi read her hilarious piece "How to Bitchface," which was complete with live demonstrations on how to physically perfect the art of reacting to really fucking stupid people. Surprisingly, nobody in the crowd threw tomatoes at us. Maybe they like us a lot? Hmm...

    Tomorrow we'll be off to Philadelphia for record shopping and picnicking in Rittenhouse Square Park. Come catch Tavi, Petra, Anaheed and I tomorrow in Philly at Long In The Tooth at 1:00 pm. Bring your friends, your flower crowns, and super good vibes! See you then! - Hazel