• Memoryhouse "The Kids Were Wight"

    If only our memories of young love were as sweet as the ones in Memoryhouse's "The Kids Were Wrong."  All we can remember is hair pulling and getting dumped at the school dance.
  • Brucennial

    The Bruce High Quality Foundation's Brucennial 2012: Harderer. Betterer. Strongerer. Fasterer. opens tonight at 6pm at 159 Bleecker. It includes works by Joseph Beuys, Dan Colen, Keith Haring, Damien Hirst, Terence Koh, Blinky Palermo, Aurel Schmidt, and many, many more
  • Optical Fiber

    Optical Fiber—a group show featuring textile work from New Friends, Erin M. Riley, Takashi Iswashi and more—opens this Friday at Space 1026 in conjunction with Fiber Philadelphia. It's seriously some of the coolest textile work we've seen. Like, you guys, seriously.  
  • Charlotte Taylor A/W 2012 Lookbook

    I am super into this lookbook for Charlotte Taylor's Autumn/Winter 2012 collection. The clothes are funky and bright (printed with colorful parrots and banjos) but the backdrop and the model look so witchy. She's even holding an owl! All of the fabrics look like silk handkerchiefs and the interesting prints demand some special attention. - Hazel
  • MoMA Millenium Magazines

    MoMa has a new survey exhibit of contemporary experimental art and design magazines drawn from the museum's library. You can browse some of publications (like my personal favorites Apartmento and Bad Day) on the website for the exhibit here. - Hazel
  • Wanderlust: Cambodia

    "Eddie and I stopped at a roadside food stall on our way from Sihanoukville. There were a line of covered metal pots on the table. We took a look under each one, pointed to the one we liked best, and then signaled "2" using our fingers.

    When we sat down the man who ran the place rushed over with two glasses of ice and then followed it up with a pot of tea. I’ve enjoyed this in Vietnam and Cambodia–every food stall provides free tea. The shopkeeper pulled up a chair and sat with us, smiling. He asked us some town names and we were able to let him know we were going to Phnom Penh, but the conversation stopped there. He enjoyed sitting with us, but I wish we could have said more.

    There was a young guy sitting next to us, keeping quiet. He soon revealed that he spoke some English. Once we found out, we asked everyone their name, and introduced ourselves to them. I’ve been going by “John” (it's easier). The older shopkeeper man’s name was Mr. Heng.

    After Eddie and I polished off another meal of bones, Mr. Heng cleared our plates promptly. He was a great host. I asked him if I could sit with him for a photo. I sat next to him and Mr. Heng took my hand.

    As we got ready to leave, the young, quiet guy said he would pay for us. We thanked him but refused saying that he’s 26 so we’re older than him–we will pay for him. He waved us away and smiled generously saying it would be his pleasure. At a certain point it’s rude not to accept a gift. Welcome to Cambodia!"-Eoin

    See more of Eoin's trip here.
  • Banter Banners

    Say something a little more poetic and mysterious with these adorable banners from Banter Banners. It will make your party infinitely more interesting. - Hazel
  • Nick Campbell eyewear

    The eyewear game is crazy competitive, but newcomer Nick Campbell has cut through with his bold frames and a smoking campaign. The Sydney fella is a long time collector, first time designer, and his current collection is a massive start. - Nadia


    This teaser for the latest collection from EACH x OTHER couldn't be better. Anything androgynous is up my alley and we all know how many models would say the same. Watch out for them everywhere. X - Jen
  • Pakayla Rae Biehn

    Pakayla Rae Biehn's Double Exposure Series is a beautiful take on the much loved photo technique.  Using oils and acrylics on canvas, Pakayla paints life-like floral designs over some of her favorite images, creating a realistic double exposed look which at first glance, you would assume were actual photographs.
  • Juice Bar Body Sprays

    Although I haven't smelled them, I'm kind of in love with these cute and retro-looking body sprays from Juice Bar. You can get them in Cotton Candy and Gummy Bears. Who doesn't want to smell like candy? - Hazel
  • Black Marble "Backwards"

    "Backwards" is the latest single from Black Marble, off their debut EP Weight Against the Door.  Directed by Timothy Fiore, the black and white video is dark, creepy and totally NSFW.
  • Tumblr Tuesdays: February 28

    The Composites

    The Lively Morgue

    Angelina Jolie'ing

    Hipster Game of Thrones


    Video Killed The Radio Stars

    Babies With iPads

    Don't Call Me Oscar
  • Engineered Garments SS 2012

    This video for Engineered Garments SS 2012 Collection reminds us of all of the times we tried to ride the Macbook Photo Booth roller coaster, but couldn't figure it out. (via The Harrys)
  • TMOD masks

    TMOD, makers of dreamy stationery, clever jewellery and crafty totes, are soon to extend their range to awesome greeting-cards-turn-animal-masks. Can't wait! - Nadia
  • Magnetic Nail Polish by Urban Outfitters

    Our new Magnetic Nail Polish contains reactive particles which move when they come in contact with magnetic forces, causing a 3D-like effect on your nails.  Watch us try it out above!

    Shop Magnetic Nail Polish
  • Rachel Zoe FW12 Faux Fur Coats

    These fur coats from Rachel Zoe's first runway show for the FW12 collection are some of the best pieces I saw throughout all of NYFW. They're faux fur and, surprisingly, really affordable which just proves Rachel wants every girl to be supremely chic and sexy. X - Jen
  • Datter Industries

    Sometimes you just need a hug.  When there's no one around to give it,  Datter IndustriesGolden Protective Hand Bangle can be there for you.  Just looking at it makes us feel a little warmer inside.  (via Miss Moss)
  • Jenny Morgan

    Jenny Morgan's hyper-realist paintings, which are vibrantly colored and creepily blurred, are so ghostly! - Hazel
  • Phil Cuttance

    Watch the video above to find out how Phil Cuttance creates his FACETURE vases.  Each one is created from taking a hand-cut and manipulated plastic mold, and filling it with two layers of water-based resin in pastel shades.  If those weren't cool enough, he also makes light shades and side tables in the same style.