• Levi's Bike Shop Tour: Dominic's Update September 30

    After a few days of downtime in LA, the Levi’s Bike Shop Tour was feeling refreshed as we headed up the Gold Coast to San Francisco for a hometown party in Levi's Plaza. Capricia's SoCal nostalgia had been satisfied and Errol and Dustyn's beards had been tuned-up.

    Up in the Bay Area, a circus awaited, except it was one filled with fun and sexy people and not clowns. For the hometown celebration, the Levi's extravaganza pulled out all the stops. Many of Levi's own employee commuters got in on the action and the Bike Shop was welcomed by a bunch of new friends with some tricks up their sleeves. 

    For starters, the SF Bicycle Coalition greeted anyone who rolled up to the party by bike with free bike valet and a bike wash. Everyone left the party cleaner and shinier. 

    Spinning like mad in the center of it all was Cyclecide's "Cycle Powered Rodeo." Stationary bike peddlers made those brave enough fly around in the air and giggle like they were kids again. 

    Meanwhile, the wheeled Magic Curry Kart dished out magic Bánh mì sandwiches. 

    On the tailoring front, Capricia had the support of some extra nimble fingers, and the trailer was bustling with sew happy madness. 

    Errol and Dustyn also worked it hard all day, and were relieved to have some extra mechanics from Pedal Revolution on hand to help tackle the tune-up hungry crowd.

    Next to the shop, the Goldsprint races commanded an audience. A series of competing riders faced off on stationary track bikes, and the top 10 times made it to the finals for a showdown, with a $500 cash prize on the line for the fastest legs in the Bay. The DJ laid down a fresh soundtrack for each race and kept the party rolling. 

    Dustyn challenged Errol to a race. 

    The ground rules were simple. No weapons. Our mechanics set their hex wrenches down and prepared for battle. 

    MC extraordinaire Billy "Souphorse" Sinkford also competed, and pedaled hard to several victories. 

    But this guy scorched everyone else. $500 well deserved. His legs were whipping so fast I thought he was going to break the bicycle.

    No bikes were broken and no one threw up at this Goldsprint. Rejoice! 

    At the end of the day, it was time to pack up, with one last flag to plant in Portland for the Oregon Manifest. We were in for quite a ride up there, as the Shop set sail for its tour finale.

    Follow us on Twitter for the rest of the tour @GetInTheSaddle—Dominic
  • Flickr Favorites: September 30

    "Party hard (party hard, party hard, party hard, party hard, party hard, party hard, party hard, party hard, party hard...)"—Andrew W.K.

    Submit your photos to the UO Flickr pool!
  • At My Funeral

    At My Funeral—are you sure those are your final wishes?
  • R by 45rpm

    I really love the lookbooks that Japanese brand R by 45rpm does every season, the photography is always very simple and the models are normal people which is something I don't see quite enough of. See the rest of the lookbook here. -Bob
  • Jess Wright's Melbourne Home

    Currently suffering from some serious house envy after looking at these pictures of graphic designer Jess Wright's house. It's filled with colorful clutter, quirky knick knacks, and artwork created by Emily Green and Beci Orpin. It's the perfect house! - Hazel
  • Matthew Cusick

    Matthew Cusick's map collages are insane.  Go to his website to see even more of his works and get ready to be blown away.
  • The Hot Knives Vegetarian Cookbook: Salad Daze

    Alex Brown and Evan George, the bloggers behind Hot Knives, have put out a killer vegetarian cookbook called Salad Daze.  If you follow the blog, you'll know that this book will be both entertaining and full of good recipes.  Not to mention we really want to try their Banana Beer Bread.

    Buy The Hot Knives Vegetarian Cookbook: Salad Daze
  • Plane Grater

    This stainless steel Plane Grater by designer Liviana Osti was made to let your imagination fly while slicing Parmesan cheese.  We can't help but wonder if she's ever flown it out a window as a test run?
  • Judith Scarf

    We love the way that the oversized Judith Scarf by Henrik Vibskov looks like a sweater when it's all bundled it.  We really want to just wrap ourselves up in one and lay in the park.
  • Limelight

    Limelight, a documentary detailing the rise and fall of notorious club king Peter Gatien, opens this weekend. Expect a large dose of early '90s club kid fashion inspiration. 
  • Retro Packs

    There's a good deal of companies both new and old are offering backpacks with serious retro trail style right now. Older companies like Jansport and Kelty are going into their archives from the 60's and 70's and revisiting their old designs. Meanwhile smaller names like Epperson Mountaineering and Topo Designs are offering new American made designs with older features like leather lash patches for attaching gear that just won't quite fit inside. -Bob
  • Around The World: Rodebjer's Carin Rodebjer

    We caught back up with Carin Rodebjer, the founder and creative director of Rodebjer, at Capsule and talked to her about her latest collection.

    Where are you from and where are you living now?
    I grew up an island in the Baltic Sea, a tiny island that’s the same size as Manhattan. I lived in Stockholm, Sweden for a long time and now I live in New York.

    What is your favorite thing about living in New York?
    Oh, it’s the people and the energy.

    Least favorite?
    The stress and the struggle.

    Which place has influenced you more, Stockholm or New York?
    I think my designs are influenced by both. I take the best pieces of both cities, I think. I like being in different cities because you learn so many different things and you see so many different things.

    How did you get started in design?
    It actually almost happened by accident! I was sewing my own clothing and I got stopped in the street by a design store’s owners who wanted to sell what I was wearing. So, that’s how I started. Rodebjer began in New York by those wonderful people who wanted to buy my clothes. So, I didn’t know what I was going to do in the beginning. It grew step by step.

    Tell us about sewing your own clothes.
    I went to FIT at that time so I was sewing for two years. With the first pieces, I did the sewing, design, and pattern making by myself. Quite sweet. It was a long time ago!

    How big is your team?
    I’m so fortunate now a days. With my label back in Sweden we have eight. Here in New York we have two, and two sales people.

    Tell us about your latest collection for Spring 2012.
    This collection is set under the blazing sun on the Mediterranean coast. I pictured this woman who was living a very intense life, emotionally and artistically, under that really blazing sun. So it’s a lot of energy, colors, and a lot of artistic ambitions.

    What would the career be of the girl you design for?
    The type of girl is quite artistic, she works in main fashion, or she’s an actress, or a musician.

    Tell us about your most embarrassing fashion moment.
    I had a New Years Eve where I was wearing some kind of spandex tube-top cat suit that was falling down all the time. I was drinking so that was embarrassing. I looked good when I was home sober but then drunk it didn’t work out that well.

    What would you be doing if you weren’t in design?
    I’m really interested in the human brain. I would love to be a brain researcher.

    Shop Rodebjer
  • Poehler Polaroids

    NY Mag has a slideshow of Amy Poehler's characters from her days in Upright CitizenBrigade. These three are just the beginning...
  • Wooden Shjips "Lazy Bones"

    First you heard Wooden Shjips's "Lazy Bones" on our LSTN #15 and now you can watch the video too.
  • Printed Wool Log Pillows

    Myimaginaryboyfriend's Printed Wool Log Pillows will bring the feel of cabin life to any apartment.  We don't recommend using them to start any fires, of course, unless it's in the bedroom.
  • Chill Pill Soap

    Oh you had better believe I want these giant chill pill soaps for my bathroom. Who wouldn't, right? They even smell like blueberry. What more could you ask for? X - Jen
  • Making Time with Factory Floor, Anika and Dirty Beaches

    This Friday's Making Time with Factory Floor, Anika and Dirty Beaches represents a year of Dave P. putting in work. Don't. Miss. Out. 
  • Razou

    Curated by Sydney-based editor and stylist Britt McCamey, Razou is an online publication of new photography, art and hawt fashions. - Nadia 

  • Cat Scratch

    Add this Cat Scratch to the long list of things we want to buy for our cats.
  • Pancake Floor Pillows

    The Pancake Floor Pillows by Todd Von Bastiaans look so realistic that they are making us drool.  If only all pancakes came that big!