• Shaun Gladwell: Stereo Sequences

    In 2000 a video of Shaun Gladwell skating against a Bondi Beach storm received massive recognition in both the Australian and international art worlds. The artwork's slow mo, fluid composition was vastly different to the choppy, fast paced direction generally associated with skate videos and it subsequently made Gladwell into a bit of an art star. His latest show, Shaun Gladwell: Stereo Sequences, which was commissioned directly by the Australia Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), includes a range of 'open experiments' from recurring themes in Gladwell's work, including breakdancing, skating and painting. - Nadia
  • Levi's Bike Shop Tour: Get in the Saddle

    To celebrate the release of the 511 Commuter, Urban Outfitters is partnering with Levi's to bring a mobile Bike Shop to your town!  

    At each stop, an expert mechanic will be doing bike tunings while an tailor customizes your Levi's Commuters. We will be hosting a special DIY Bike Bag Workshop as well as giving away some one-of-a-kind swag from artists all over the country.  The best part: each stop is free and open to the public!

    For the next two months, we will be updating you with tour dates, interviews and stories from the road.  The tour kicks off in New York City next week, so get in the saddle and be ready to ride!

  • Artist Series: Rasmus Svensson

    Our Art Department asked some of their favorite designers to show us their take on Urban Outfitters by creating a limited edition shirt for us.  Meet the men and women behind the collaboration!

    Tell us a little bit about yourself.
    I'm Rasmus Svensson from southern Sweden. Living in Berlin. Mid-twenties. 

    Describe to us the inspiration behind the design you used for your shirt.
    “Photoshopping in Dubai.” 

    Are you working on anything else at the moment? 
    Yes! I am involved in a number of publication projects with artist friends: Administrating the data-haven PWRSHARE.INFO, working on the next issue of the phuturist zeitung PWR PAPER, working on a project involving stone-carving, working on a romantic multimedia-collection called DEEPSTREAM, etc… 

    What do you find most challenging about the work you do?
    Getting people to give you money to do it. And in general, finding a position in the merciless stream of global post-millennial post-internet culture. 

    How did you get started in design?
    I got into design through music—making record covers, show posters, stuff like that. 

    What was the first thing you created?
    Skipping over my pre-pubescent years I'd say it was the cover for a band I had when I was 15 called Chaos Through Programming. It was a printout of the code of a simple program generating random results. 

    Where did you go to school? 
    I went to school in Sweden and Denmark.

    What is a typical weekend like for you? 
    As I do not really have a job every day is more or less the same. Work/life balance. Yin/yang. 

    Describe your style for us in five words. 
    Cutting-edge, serious, team-player, reliable, on-time. 

    Who are your five favorite artists
    Caspar David Friedrich, John Bauer, April Greimann, Andy Kaufman, and Hakim Bey.

    Shop Rasmus' shirt.
  • Richard Perkins

    Based out of, Virginia, of which he says, "Virginia is mad sleazy. I love it," Richard Perkins' work will remind you why you dig the dirty side of life! -Aren

  • Flickr Favorites: July 29

    "Tonight... I'll spend my bread, tonight... I'll lose my head, tonight... I got to get tonight. Monday I'll have Friday on my mind." -The Easybeats

    UO Flickr pool
  • Style Icon: The Picnic at Hanging Rock Girls

    Have you ever been an early 19th century schoolgirl who suddenly disappears after venturing into a mysterious rock formation? Wait, you haven't? That's okay because you can still dress like one! Channel the girls in the 1975 film Picnic at Hanging Rock by wearing white lace, high necklines, and long dresses. Possess a mysterious, distant expression and intense curiosity. But just please don't disappear at Hanging Rock because that would be really spooky!

    A long flowy dress to get dirty in the forest.

    This blouse is sheer enough to cool you down when you're hiking up rocks on a sunny day.

    Long white skirts are necessary for a PAHR girl!

    The sun at Hanging Rock is blinding! Get prepared with this cute hat.

    Did I mention you're, uh, climbing a huge rock? Keep with the fashions of 1900 with these stylish boots!—Hazel
  • Repetto Croc Zizi

    I have never been as jealous of a kids shoe as I am right now with these Repetto crocodile zizi's!!! Like a child, I will be stomping around until these are (hand) made available in my size. X - Jen
  • Iesha

    If you were not already convinced that your wardrobe needed to include a pair of airbrushed overalls, please allow this video to change your mind. 
  • Eefje De Coninck X The Vamoose

    Belgium based photographer Eefje De Coninck has recently collaborated with the jewelry line The Vamoose to create a stunning set of photographs featuring their latest pieces. Pretty gem stone jewelry on a pretty girl who hangs out in pretty places. That is possibly my dream life! - Hazel
  • House Wear

    Don't go confusing House Wear with homeware. Homeware is stuff for your home. House Wear is the mentality and meaning behind the homes that you create. Part of Melbourne's State of Design program, the multidisciplinary exhibition and publication hones in on individuals (aka: most of us) who are adopting and adapting to more impermanent or nomadic lifestyles - and how these lifestyles affect contemporary design. Talent involved includes Dylan Martorell, ffiXXed, tin&ed and WORTHIS. Come to the opening at Goodtime Studios on July 28 from 6pm and then come back to see the show again, it runs until July 31. - Nadia
  • Aberrant Necropolis

    Ellen Rogers' all-analog photography is dark, dreamy and hauntingly beautiful.  In her new book Aberrant Necropolis, Rogers shares her work from 2008 to 2010, and makes us never want to use a digital camera again. (Via DazedDigital.)
  • Maison Michel for Opening Ceremony

    Currently wildly obsessed with this chainmail headpiece from Maison Michel for Opening Ceremony. The details are exquisite and I am convinced this would look beautiful while we're riding around on the motorcycle. Too incredible. X - Jen
  • QooQooFashion

    We don't know what QooQoo means, but it could very well be the exclamatory sound you make when you suddenly stumble on a really amazing line, like Latvian-designer Alyona Bauska's QooQooFashion
  • Big Things Bandanas

    These colorful and informative bandanas from Big Things mean you can tie your hair back, and learn something while you're at it. 
  • Shelter Canvas Bags

    Shelter is an Ashville, North Carolina based collective that creates functional and pretty canvas bags by hand. Not only do they make beautiful backpacks and purses, but they also enjoy building cabins, crafts, alchemy, and the great outdoors. - Hazel
  • Mulberry Fall 11 Film

    If there's any possibility that wearing Mulberry means I can live in this fantastic world of giant owls and foxes sweet enough to pick up and play with, well, Mulberry here I come at full speed. X - Jen
  • Micro Kitchen!

    This isn't a regular soup kitchen. As part of Melbourne's State of Design Festival some of the city's top restaurants (like Cumulus Inc) are collaborating with top artists (like Perks and Mini) to create a Micro Kitchen! Presented by Broadsheet, the pop up kitchen on the top of Melbourne's GPO will entertain a different 'soup' collaboration each day from Monday July 25 until Friday July 29. Come along for Cumulus Inc and P.A.M.'s restorative Borsch broth next Tuesday. - Nadia
  • Christopher Kane Resort 2012

    Christopher Kane's Resort 2012 collection is unreal!  There is no way you could be sad wearing any of these pieces.  We'll take one in every color, please.
  • Tumblr Tuesdays: July 26

    Je suis perdu


    Gypsy Dreamer

    Ox Blood

    Peachy Pondering

    There Goes Gravity

    Tweenage Boiz

  • Lucky Peach

    Publishers of The Believer, Wholpin and their namesake quarterly, McSweeney's, recently released Lucky Peach! It's a journal of food writing, photography, art and more dedicated to a single culinary topic. Created by Momofuku's David Chang, issue one includes articles by Anthony Bourdain, Ruth Reichl and Todd Kliman on the polarising subject of ramen. Yum! - Nadia