• Limedrop SS 11

    Limedrop's Spring/Summer 2011 collection is titled "Far From Home," and with suitcase-ready silk crop tops and volcano-print blazers, it's probably more prepared for vacation than you are.
  • Marc Hundley

    Marc Hundley's work is laced with nostalgia and optimism. The former informs his creative process, which often involves incorporating text, books, music and found objects to realize a work. The latter radiates through his paintings, posters and t-shirts. On Thursday March 3 the New York-based artist opens his first Australian show at Darren Knight Gallery, featuring over 10 years of work and the launch of his first book, Weaverbird & Other Words, in partnership with Rainoff. - Nadia


    Designed By:

    Created exclusively for Urban Outfitters, the Designed By: collection is an ongoing series of collaborations with our favorite talent in the fields of fashion and design. Watch exclusive video and learn more. 
  • Music Mondays

    "If you want to be entertained, go and see Hanson."– Thom Yorke, Radiohead
  • Flickr Favorites: February 25

    "Nothing in the world is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Leave the house before you find something worth staying in for. "-Banksy

    UO Flickr Pool
  • UO Music on Twitter

    Curious about LSTN and Music Mondays?  Wondering how we choose the songs we play in our stores?  The man behind our music will be on Twitter today, February 25, from 3 to 4pm EST to answer all your UO Music questions.

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  • NewVillager "LightHouse"

    NewVillager proves they know how to work a shoe string budget in the new video for "LightHouse."
  • Spring Catalog

    Here are some of our favorite shots that didn't make it into the Spring Catalog, shot by Tim Barber in California.  See more photos on our Facebook page and watch out for the catalog in mailboxes next week.

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  • Bjorg

    Bjorg's 2011 look book is more National Geographic than fashion catalog, but we mean that in best way possible– it's only too appropriate considering their jewelry encases horse hair, beetles and butterfly wings.  
  • Me and Arrow

    We distinctly remember getting a clue saying that Carmen Sandiego's thieves were hanging out in Hawaii– probably trying to find her one of these dead-stock vintage tropical print totes from Me and Arrow.
  • Kat Von D's First RTW Collection

    Kat Von D can now add fashion designer to her long list of accomplishments with her very first RTW collection. I don't think I've seen anyone make a two piece suit look hotter! X - Jen
  • UNIF

    As much as we love the clothes in UNIF's latest lookbook, what we really want to know is, um, can we ride around in that van?
  • Joey Grana of Scout L.A. Vintage

    This Sunday's Space 15 Twenty weekly courtyard flea market is hosted by Joey Grana, owner of L.A. boutique Scout.  Joey stocks big name designers alongside a treasure trove of vintage finds and his own eponymous collection of paper-thin t-shirts and washed silk jackets, garnering a following that includes everyone from Erin Wasson to a guy called Pink Fluffy.

    At what point do you consider yourself successful?
    Maybe when I grow up.

    Who is your most memorable customer?
    We had this customer we called Pink Fluffy.  He was just this regular-looking dude, except he would buy (and wear) girls' ruffled butt panties– sometimes with pink crystal clip-on earrings.

    How has your store evolved since its inception?
    Lots of things have changed, but people always like my vintage selection so I keep doing that.

    If you could go shopping anytime in history, what would you stock up on?
    I. Magnin in the '80s.

    What kind of person wears your in-house brand?
    Cassie and Harley.

    What's your most in-demand vintage era?
    I'm going for early 2000 these days.

    How does one build personal style?
    By avoiding fashion magazines.

    If you had a yacht, what would you name it?
    The S.S. Beans, after my cat.

    What's your favorite saying?
    If I ever bore you, it will be with a knife.

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    Space 15 Twenty
  • Modern Love Contest: The Winners

    Who Do You Love? #uolove
    Winner: aarondeyoe 

    Love Note! #UOLoveNote
    Winner: ABoutdeSouffle6

    Anti-Valentine's #UOLoveSucks
    "My grandmother sent me this sweater for V-Day. It is the anti-Valentine." 
    Winner: mbekelja

    Thanks for entering our Modern Love Contest!
  • Cheap Monday "Customized by Nature"

    Last June, Cheap Monday put 30 pairs of jeans in three different outside locations—the beach, the woods, and the roof of their office—and they've been 'worn by the weather' ever since. 
  • BlackMarketBaby

    This blue velvet turban from BlackMarketBaby makes us want to shout "Turban, we love you!" Or something like that...
  • World's Smallest Aquarium

    From Russia with love: Omg, it's the world's smallest aquarium! (Via The Hairpin.)
  • Hixsept

    Hixsept is the clothing line of French graffiti writers Hëx and Hept, and it's easy to see the tagging influence in their latest collection, Problème et Crépuscule. We especially like the dusty color palette. 
  • Pale Blue Eyes creative conference

    This year's Melbourne Fashion Festival is starting to look good both on and off the runway. On Tuesday March 15 at The Toff, Melbourne boutique FAT present a creative conference that examines the business and creative sides of various, increasingly merging design industries. Sharp speakers on the panel include frankie magazine Editor Jo Walker, fashion designer Carly Hunter, creative directors Tin & Ed and ThreeThousand city guide Editor Penny Modra. Tickets are free, all you need to do is register. - Nadia
  • Python Repetto Ballerines

    Could you get any more hyper-chic than by wearing a pair of blue python ballerines from Repetto?! Each season they come out with the most covetable styles. Knowing this, you may as well start saving up for what's going to come next. That is, after you pick these up! X - Jen