• Graceland: The Grand Canyon

    Welcome to the Grand Canyon! We learned a few things on our 10 hour drive from L.A. to Arizona. Firstly, one can and will get sunburned through the windshield. Also, an American roadtrip = American snacks: Cool Ranch Doritos, Gatorade and Sour Patch Kids were our only sustenance for a pretty long stretch. Most importantly though, the view of the Grand Canyon will definitely cure any road trip delirium. The landscape is breathtakingly beautiful. It's also windy; Clara lost her sunglasses within the first two minutes. We're off to New Mexico next. Here's a song that'll keep us going through the desert roads. 
    xo Cassie and Clara
  • Jennifer Herrema x Volcom

    If it was possible for me to like jeans any more than I do already, take one of my favorite women on earth, Ms Jennifer Herrema of RTX and give her a collab with Volcom. What you get is a collection of fucked up and rad JJ style denim that screams Jen's signature style. There is truly nothing cooler than this. X - Jen
  • Flickr Favorites: May 28

    Here, a few of our favorite photos that have been uploaded to our Flickr pool this month. Thanks for all the wonderful submissions! It's so inspiring to see all your work, and keep it coming!

  • Music Mondays

    Music Tuesdays.
  • Performing/Guzzling

    Performing/Guzzling is Kim Gordon's newest book, a gorgeous hardcover volume binding together her audience-inspired watercolors. Absolutely lovely.

  • Alana Zimmer in Flare

    Really digging this combo of streaky hair and bright makeup on Alana Zimmer in the latest issue of Flare. Perfect for summer nights! 
  • Graceland: Are You Ready for the Country?

    We're gearing up for our road trip from Los Angeles to New York via the Great American South. Follow us for the next three weeks as we go through the Grand Canyon, a WigWam village in Kentucky, the Bonnarroo music festival in Tennessee, and the ultimate destination: Graceland. We'll be thrifting, sight-seeing, sippin' mint juleps on wrap-around porches, but—most importantly—photographing every spot along the way. Before we finished packing, we stopped in an Urban Outfitters today to pick up a couple road trip essentials. We're hitting the road today, so stay tuned!—xo Cassie and Clara
  • Martin Cartagena DJ Set

    This Saturday, May 29th from 2-7pm, catch a DJ set from the Wild Yaks' Martin Cartagena at our store at 526 Avenue of the Americas, 14th St and 6th Ave. 
  • David Pu'u

    Nothing screams summer the way I like it (shredding waves) better than David Pu'u's photos. Fun in the sun hasn't had more meaning than it does in all his shots. These are the kind of things I see that really make me want to bleach my hair again. Either way, be sure to spend your summer on the beach, just go early and beat the crowds. X - Jen
  • Graceland: Meet Cassie and Clara

    Cassie Coane (left) and Clara Balzary (one of our former About a Girls) are lifelong friends, and that friendship's about to be tested! This Thursday, they're setting out to drive Cassie's—admittedly junky—car from Los Angeles to New York, making plenty of stops along the way. Since we're insanely jealous of their adventure, we're going to live vicariously as they live-blog their trip from all the destinations, big and small, they hit as they make their way across the country. Stay tuned—it's bound to be good times for all. 
  • The 100% Foolproof Guide To Picking Up Cute Geeky Guys On Public Transport

    This zine is only $1. Will someone please order it and tell us if it works?
  • Russh June/July 2010

    As always with my favorite mags, I'm stoked to see a new issue of Russh is out!!! This magazine is non-stop killing it and every page is more exciting than the next. Pick up your copy on Wednesday and don't forget to check out their rad new blog. X - Jen
  • Zinka

    When we were little, we totally bitched and moaned about wearing sunscreen and colored zinc oxide was the only kind we liked. And yeah, we still feel pretty much the same, even though now we know we have to wear it. Zinka's rad because it's just like SPF facepaint, and what's not to like about that? 
  • Carin Wester "Beeping Sleauty"

    Carin Wester's new short film for her AW2010 collection, starring blogging model Ania Chorabik. We love the smoke, the sexiness, and, of course, the clothes. 
  • Adding To The Internet

    Justin Kemp is doing his part to keep the internet fresh by adding to it. It's pretty genius, as are many of Kemp's other projects, such as "Extinguishing a Scented Candle with Febreze" and "Anticipating Toast Pop Up." Seriously, how bad do you want that toast to pop the fuck up already? (Via Rhizome.)
  • Veda

    Veda designer Lindsay Butler grew up in Texas and Argentina, then went to school in New York. She now lives in LA, and her collection is about one universal fashion staple: leather. And lots of it. 
  • Multi-Finger Rings

    We're loving these double- and triple-finger rings for summer. They're simply and feminine, but still hint that you're just a lil bit bad-ass. 
  • Manglaze

    With names like Hot Mess, Matte Is Murder, and Fuggen Ugly, Manglaze really is the shit. And the girls are loving it. 
  • Teamo Morrissey Shirt

    YES! This Teamo Morrissey shirt made exclusively for Bona Drag made me smile so big. What could be better than this? Stop trying to track down those old Smiths and Moz tee's and just buy yourself this one. It'll look even better all dirty when you haven't taken it off for two weeks straight. X - Jen
  • Music Mondays

    Better late than never.