• Field Notes Colors

    Your favorite notebook just went seasonal. 
  • In God We Trust Flask

    Now that Thanksgiving's out of the way, we move on to a few brutal weeks of non-stop holiday parties. This lil flask should help you get through them, and also convey your sentiments to anyone standing nearby. 
  • Meredith Dittmar

    Meredith Dittmar's polymer sculptures are especially impressive when you remember Play-Doh and how hard it was to make anything more intricate than a snake. (Via TWBE.)
  • Popshot Magazine

    Popshot Magazine is a new journal that aims to help ease poetry's cringe-factor.
  • Music Mondays

    Back to work, but all is not lost. 

    The Yokoo Soopa Pompom Wreath

    Yokoo, the talented fingers behind Yokoo Cold Weather Knits, created this holiday DIY project exclusively for Urban Outfitters.

    On December 2, join CONFETTISYSTEM to celebrate the launch of PARTYPARTY, their new collection of party supplies for Urban Outfitters. 526 Avenue of the Americas at 14th St.; 7-9 pm. RSVP for 20 percent off all purchases that night! RSVP@urbanoutfitters.com
  • Space 15 Twenty Gift Shop

    This Friday, the pop-up shop at Space 15 Twenty gets taken over by gifts. Which is awesome, because that's what you're shopping for this time of year, right? Gifts, as in things-for-other-people. Not for you (but if you want to sneak a couple of things in there for you, we'll pretend not to notice). 
  • The Documentary and A Dream

    The Documentary and A Dream is J.Lindberg's biannual style and inspiration compendium. 
  • Partners & Spade Retail Triage

    In light of last year's Black Friday tragedy, Partners & Spade will have a registered nurse on duty from 12-6 on November 27th. Shop safely.
  • Hansel From Basel FW09

    New things to keep your legs warm at Hansel from Basel.
  • Anna Verlet

    Anna Verlet's beautiful shots of nature and every day life are imbued with a surreal quality that leaves you wondering if you might be dreaming. (Via How We Develop.)
  • Maria Cristina Bellucci

    Rome-based jewelry designer Maria Cristina Bellucci crafts baubles out of the worn down nubs of colored pencils. (Via DesignBoom.)
  • Surface to Air x Kings of Leon

    We kind of don't know what to say about the fact that Kings of Leon have teamed up with Surface 2 Air to create a collection, other than that it will let you dress exactly like Kings of Leon. Whether or not that is a good thing remains to be seen.
  • Muji & Lego

    Two of our favorite brands, together at last. (Via Today and Tomorrow.)
  • The 5 Year Plan

    The 5 Year Plan is a limited-edition, handmade art book printed inspired by Indian practices of khadi and jholas. It's silkscreened onto hand-loomed khadi cotton cloth and hand-bound and includes art from the likes of Francisco Clemente and Yoko Ono. All proceeds benefit Doctors Without Borders, and it's also just plain pretty to look at.
  • Music Mondays

    Something to be thankful for.
  • Save Fashion Final Weekend

    Only two days left to Save Fashion. So hurry up and take advantage all the great clothes—like Urban Outfitters designer collaborations—at prices up to 90 percent off retail.
  • Sign Up for the Blog Newsletter

    Not only is today Friday, but you can now sign up to receive our monthly blog newsletter! Just look to the right, directly under those big green numbers...there you go... now CLICK!
  • R.I.P. Daul Kim

    Twenty-year-old model Daul Kim was found dead yesterday in her apartment, of apparent suicide. This is truly, truly sad.