• Candy Cones

    Happy Halloween! Have a great weekend! (Via Wooster Collective.)
  • Adieu 09/10

    The seriously cool and kindy spooky 09/10 T-shirt collection from Adieu. Boo.
  • Westwood x Melissa Bow Bootie

    I'm still deciding if this Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Bow Bootie looks straight out of a cartoon and would it also be OK for a 27-year-old to wear it? What do you wear with lilac pvc boots?! -Jen

  • Who Shot Rock & Roll: A Photographic History

    Who Shot Rock & Roll: A Photographic History, 1955 to the Present opens today at the Brooklyn Museum. One of the first major museum shows to give rock 'n' roll photogs their due, this is something we can't wait to check out.
  • You Weren't There

    This week, Factory 25 releases You Weren't There: A History of Chicago Punk 1977-1984, a documentary which features unseen footage from Articles of Faith, Mentally Ill, Negative Element, Tutu and the Pirates, Jeff Pezzati, Rights of the Accused and Steve Bjorklund. Catch the limited-edition, and it includes a screen-printed posters and a 20-track vinyl EP.
  • Grease Not Gas

    Grease Not Gas helps people convert their vehicles to run on vegetable oil, and also powers the Grease Bus, which shuttles skiers and snowboarders to Mt. Hood Meadows for just $10. Check out a cool interview with GNG founder Mike Parziale here.
  • Nina Ricci "heels" on Daphne Guinness

    Can't believe we're really seeing these Nina Ricci shoes on the street but who better to be wearing them than the ultra fancy and luxurious Daphne Guinness? I await the day I see these in person. -Jen
  • Papabubble

    Glucose magic! Papabubble makes fizzy grapefruit, mango chili and caramel-filled apple candies...as well as edible lizard thingies.

  • Groovy Yurts

    Just figured out what we want for Christmas.
  • Eleanor Seabird

    She's cute, has a great name, and is just getting started. Meet Eleanor Seabird. You're gonna like her.
  • Eddie Borgo Pumpkin DIY

    Style.com gives you a DIY-tutorial on how to make jeweler Eddie Borgo's bad-ass studded pumpkin. This is way to cool to set out on the porch.
  • Eyola

    Not Just A Label continues to blow our mind and introduce us to new out-of-this-world labels. For example: Eyola, a Victorian-inspired collection from fashion designer Ayole, who once worked for Alexander McQueen. This Anima Octave jacket would make a stunning Halloween outfit all on it's own. Haute stuff, for sure.
  • Bless

    Every single thing that design duo Bless offers up is amazing madness. These lake bedsheets turn your bedroom into summer camp, and the video for their N 39 Heart Ringers is more modern dance/performance art than fashion presentation.
  • William Boone's New Zine

    You have to be insane not to strike quick and grab yourself a copy of William Boone's new zine. He is one of my complete and total favorite artists around and you need to go spend an hour sorting through all of his posted work ASAP. Then try to get one of the limited zines. -Jen
  • Day-Ruining-Invoice

    Designer Jessica Hische's Day-Ruining-Invoice can simply be filled out and sent to any clients you'd be happy—nee ecstatic—to never work with again.
  • Woolly Pockets

    Woolly Pockets are breathable garden containers that make it easy to build vertical gardens and landscape walls, ceilings, furniture, and rooms full of naked people.
  • My Parents Were Awesome

    So, once you stop hating your parents and think they're ruining your life, you start to realize 'Hey, my parents are actually kinda cool.' Then, later, it hits: That inevitable moment when it suddenly dawns on you that your parents were not only awesome, but probably cooler than you.
  • Box and Flea

    A small collaborative line started by two architects from Virginia, Box and Flea's beautiful bandanas and totes are handprinted at the Pencil Factory in Greenpoint.
  • Shinichi Maruyama

    Shinichi Maruyama's precise photographs of water and ink-droplets are stunning in both their beauty and technical dexterity. How does he do that? (Via How We Develop.)
  • Max Schaaf on Epicly Later'd

    The second season of the Epicly Later'd show has hit and opens with a five part interview with skater and bike builder extraordinaire, Max Schaaf. It has to be the best episode I've seen yet, not just because I call Max a friend but because you want to hang out with him on a daily basis after spending just 10 minutes riding along in his truck being fully entertained by every story he tells. Check out episodes one and two now and the next few will air in upcoming weeks. -Jen