Yael Aflalo of Reformed and Nom De Plume Yaya

    We caught up with Yael Aflalo, one of the lovely ladies behind our exclusive collaborations Reformed and Nom De Plume by Yaya, while she was catching waves and rays in Montauk.
  • Asli Filinta

    Asli Filinta is a designer inspired by music, but don't roll your eyes just yet. Her SS10 collection is was also inspired by gumballs. It also must be said that her website has an awesome playlist. (Via TheCoveted).
  • Gurkees Rope Sandals

    Okay, so maybe I like these these sandals just because they're purple which is my weakness. All I can picture is wearing them with jeans on the beach with some friends and a bonfire. The rope just looks so pretty all tied up like that.  X - Jen
  • Demelza Hill

    There's still a month left of summer! Time to pack in as much pool and beach time as you possibly can. But what to pack it in? These reversible, happy-as-hell totes from designer Demelza Hill and It's Nice That.
  • I Can Has Cheezburger: The MusicLOL

    If you ever start to despair and think that modern-day life is a cultural dearth of reality TV and celebrity gossip, you need only think of one thing to remind yourself that all is not lost: I Can Has Cheezburger: The MusicLOL. Yes, that's right: A musical inspired by I Can Has Cheezburger and LOLcats. Catch it at this year's Fringe Festival. Tickets will go faster than a cheeseburger in a room full of noming cats. Or something like that.
  • One Post Wonder

    I Hate Mike. I Love Tom. About Me. I Love Robert. Tell It Like It Is. Mosaic of Subcultures. What do all of these have in common, you ask? They're all blogs that, despite the best intentions and grandest of dreams, only have one post. And they're all collected at One Post Wonder: Amazing Blogs That Have One Post. You'll probably laugh your ass off, then hurry to update/delete your own blog, lest it ever end up here.
  • Cardigan

    Cardigan is artist and yarnsmith extraordinaire Kate Jenkins, who can whip up a mean sweater, but also bottles of champagne, fish and chips, and tableaus for the amateur entomologist.
  • Denise Kupferschmidt

    Denise Kupferschmidt's cut-paper constructions are simple yet surprisingly arresting, and offer a good solution of what to do with all those old National Geographics.
  • Ratna Ho

    Hailing from the Netherlands, Ratno Ho recently graduated college and is quickly making a name for herself. She also knows how to design a mean pair of tights.  
  • Berkley Illustrations

    Sometimes you decorate your walls with pictures of people you love, but Berkley Illustrations wants you to decorate your walls with pictures of animals dressed as people. You can choose from birds dressed as businessmen, T-rex dressed as a cowboy or settle for some magnets or buttons. 
  • Pete Oyler

    Pete Oyler's stretch shelves can be just about any shape you want them to be and make great little nooks for any wall.
  • Oscar Diaz

    Oscar Diaz's ink calendar uses the action of ink spreading across a page to display the date. As each day goes by the numbers are filled in by the ink. We have no idea how it works, and aren't even sure if it does, but it sure is cool. (Via Dezeen).

  • Studio Raar

    Amsterdam's Studio Raar makes some blinged out bikes. You'll have to have a real serious lock to keep this one around for long.
  • When I Want You in the Night

    Husband and wife Jason Grisell and Christian Joy team up for a joint art show at boutique TG-170. Opening this Thursday from 7-9 pm, the show will have artwork, dresses, T-shirts and scarves for sale. If you're a Karen O stalker, this event would definitely be worth staking out.
  • Dominic Jones

    Dominic Jones' first collection of jewelry can be summed up in one word: phenomenal. The rose thorns and fangs pieces will surely turn heads but I think everyone will be falling all over themselves for the leather driving gloves with white gold nails. X - Jen
  • Man Skates Rollercoaster

    File under: No thanks, not for us. (Via DesignBoom.)
  • Manu

    Jewelry designer Lauren Manoogian uses tape and paper clips to construct her accessories, taking office-boredom crafting to new highs.
  • Dude Craft

    Dude Craft is an online collection of craft projects, from around the interweb, that dudes would appreciate. Like Bill Cosby made from Jello shots. Oh what a trail Rosey Grier has blazed.
  • Nina Chakrabarti

    Nina Chakrabarti created this series of illustrations exclusively for I Want You Magazine. Good thing she didn't draw on the models' actual faces. That would have taken forever to wash off.
  • Diem Chau

    Diem Chau's work makes us happy that someone is recognizing crayons for all the artistic potential that they hold.