• David Sykes

    Feeling a little unprepared for swimsuit season? Take a cue from David Sykes and go for a light breakfast.
  • Alexis Anne Mackenzie

    Alexis Anne Mackenzie

    Been pretty stoked on Alexis Anne Mackenzie for a while now and am very excited to see what she's got up her sleeve next. Her latest work above is the first taste of what's coming and you know it's all uphill from here. X - Jen
  • Yoko Devereaux Liquidation Celebration

    Yoko Devereaux's Liquidation Celebration starts today online and continues until July 2nd. With tees and tanks marked as low as $5 it might be enough to help you forget that they're closing their doors. Sniffle, sniffle.
  • Ben Toms

    Ben Toms

    Ben Toms has photographed some of my favorite editorials for Dazed & Confused. I always hope with each month to see a new set of his incredible photos and July does not disappoint, on the right. X - Jen
  • Fiber and Fellow

    Fiber and Fellow

    The creators of Fiber and Fellow want you to wear their story. This fall, that story resembles the life of a timid, hirsute outdoorsman.
  • UO Profiles: Crocodiles

    The fuzzy, lo-fi songs of San Diego duo Crocodiles are pure, catchy pop with surprising not-so-sunny side. Fortunately, they’re not nearly as angry as they (try to) look.
  • Pamela Love A/W 09

    Pamela Love A/W 09

    For Pamela Love's latest A/W 09 collection she has cast tons of new pieces, brought back some favorites and is really giving you an easy out when it comes to finding the most perfect jewelry for yourself. I can't say enough good things. X - Jen
  • Michael Jackson R.I.P.

    Michael Jackson R.I.P.

    Um, OMFG. For many of us reared in the '80s, Michael Jackson's passing isn't just the death of a celebrity, but the death of the first pop culture icon we really, truly loved. Thriller was the first album we owned, the first music video we watched, that leather jacket was the first item of fashion that we coveted, and secretly, deep down, a lot of us still think that being able to moonwalk is the secret to getting girls. So R.I.P. MJ, and please forgive us for choosing to remember you as you were ("I said you wanna be startin' something/Got to be startin' something...") and know that "Beat It" is going to get a lot of dancefloor play this weekend.
  • COMING UP - Tonite!

    COMING UP - Tonite!

    A few of our very own UO peeps and a couple of their brethren spent some time dipping into their memory banks to create COMING UP, an exhibit curated by Mason Warner which showcases the cultural influences that form the core of those making art in the "oughts". The show kicks off at Jinxed (620 S. 4th St.) tonite at 6pm. Fix up, look sharp and for those of you on a fixed income...we heard there might even be a hoagie tray.
  • Free Energy at Mercury Lounge

    Free Energy at Mercury Lounge

    You know how sometimes you really like a band, but they only have two songs on their MySpace and they don't have an album yet but you don't care and listen to those two songs over and over? We've been doing that with Philly upstarts Free Energy, who's first track, "Dream City" is a bonafide, feelgood beach jam. Catch them in NYC tonight at Mercury Lounge—the perfect way to celebrate the fact that it almost, kind of, actually feels like summer.
  • Freedom of Expression

    Freedom of Expression

    On Friday, July 3 from 6-9pm at Urban Outfitters South Miami store in The Shops at Sunset Place, Freedom of Expression brings together local artists and craftarians to help raise money for the Del Portillo Family, a local Miami family battling lung cancer. Also catch The Killer Moon (7pm) and Spinlight City (above, 8pm) as part of the good-hearted festivities.
  • Bookworms Never Go to Bed Alone

    Bookworms Never Go to Bed Alone

    In Bookworms Never Go to Bed Alone at Gorker Gallery, artist and photographer Kelly Thompson presents mixed-media works that illustrate the kind of geeky girls every guy—even the quarterback—dreams of. Boys do make passes at girls who wear glasses.
  • Safety Pins by BLESS

    Safety Pins by BLESS

    This 100% steel safety pin from BLESS manages to be both entirely necessary and entirely unnecessary at the same time.
  • Win Tickets to See Sonic Youth

    Win Tickets to See Sonic Youth

    Sonic Youth roll through town on July 2nd for a show at the Electric Factory in support of their new album The Eternal, and we're giving you a chance to see them. For free! Enter to win tickets to the show at UO's two Philadelphia locations (110 South 36th St and 1627 Walnut St.). And don't say we never gave ya nuthin'.
  • Farrah Fawcett Dies

    Farrah Fawcett Dies

    Farrah Fawcett died of cancer earlier this morning. We spent many summers in the '80s watching Charlie's Angels reruns, so we'll always remember her in those bombshell days, and for bringing pop-culture one of the most famous posters of all time.
  • Sara Singh

    Sara Singh

    I don't think I've ever seen watercolors look as beautiful as they do in Sara Singh's fashionable paintings. X - Jen
  • Papergirl

    Papergirl starts by hosting an exhibition of submitted works of art, then rolls them up and distributes them for free via bicycle. Recently, she's brought her paperroute stateside in Salinas, California.
  • Junghwan Chei

    Junghwan Chei

    The School of the Art Institute of Chicago student Junghwan Chei designed a pillow made explicitly for napping while working at your desk, so you no longer need to rest your head on a stack of papers.


    The fuzzy, lo-fi songs of San Diego duo Crocodiles are pure, catchy pop with surprising not-so-sunny side. Fortunately, they're not nearly as angry as they look.
  • Ed McMahon Dies

    Ed McMahon Dies

    Ed McMahon died yesterday at age 86. He was long known as Johnny Carson's sidekick, the host of Star Search and as the spokesperson for Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes. And as evidenced by the pink shirt in this photo, he was a natty dresser till the end.