• Male Odor Monsters

    Male Odor Monsters

    Get a whiff of the group show at Hope Gallery entitled Male Odor Monsters, a collection of experimental comics, distorted illustrations, and psychedelic crayon drawings. Curated by L.A.-based bookstore, Family, and record label, Teenage Teardrops, the show features work from Brian Chippendale, Matthew Thurber (above), C.F., and Carlos Gonzales. (Photo via: Future Shipwreck).
  • Newly Minted

    Newly Minted

    A little birdie told us: check out Portland transplants The Mint Chicks, playing at a venue near you.

    Charlotte Ronson of Play by C.Ronson

    Charlotte Ronson created her Play by C.Ronson line especiallly for us, and here she holds court on the joy of driving, her muses (her sisters, natch) and sticking with your passions, whatever they may be.
  • The Selby

    The Selby

    Photographer Todd Selby’s new web-based project, The Selby, showcases photos of people - whom you may or may not recognize - in their homes with their stuff. Scrolling through the site is voyeuristic, compelling, and a refreshing departure from the perfect interiors perpetuated by home magazines.
  • Tom Binns

    Tom Binns

    Bringing back that punk spirit of my younger days, I have to say that Tom Binns take on the Cartier love bracelet had me laughing at first and then completely loving it.
  • Yeasayer In-Store Performance

    Yeasayer In-Store Performance

    We thought Yeasayer's All Hour Cymbals CD was the true sleeper of 2007. It's really magnificent. So we were totally in awe of them when they dropped their sonic goodness on us at their FreeYrRadio gig at our Minneapolis store. (More pix here. Donate to The Current.)
  • Dawn of the Knitted Dead

    Dawn of the Knitted Dead

    Obsessed with every aspect of the 1978 classic Dawn of the Dead, Hannah J. Simpson created a series of mini handknit zombies, a unique homage to the gore-filled, over-the-top film. They're so good it makes you wonder why there aren’t more knitted interpretations of creepy B-movies.
  • The Wackness

    The Wackness

    By now, you’ve surely heard how Sir Ben Kingsley makes out with Mary Kate Olsen in The Wackness. Whatever. It’s really the introspective dialogue, mid-90s fashion, and damn good soundtrack that make The Wackness, which follows a just-graduated, college-bound, drug-dealing, hip-hop-loving white boy around summertime 1994 NYC, an obligatory summertime flick.
  • Capitol Hill Block Party

    Capitol Hill Block Party

    This Friday and Saturday we're sponsoring Seattle's 2-day music megablast known as the Capitol Hill Block Party. Umpteen bands are playing with big boys like Vampire Weekend (above), Les Savy Fav, Hold Steady, and Chromeo sharing four stages with local acts like U.S.E., Fleet Foxes, Throw Me the Statue, and tons more. It all kicks off at 4 pm today and tickets (sans service charge!) are on sale for $18/per day at each of our 4 Seattle stores. Art lovers bonus: From 2-7pm on Saturday, Greg "Pnut" Galinsky will be at our 4518 University Way NE location painting custom Vans slip-ons. It's first come, first served with a minimum $10 donation that'll be split between the two charities the Block Party is supporting: VERA Seattle and Home Alive.
  • Listopad Summer Sidewalk Party

    Listopad Summer Sidewalk Party

    Listopad is DC's only roving vintage shop/cocktail extravaganza, and this Saturday, July 26, they're taking over Red Onion Records and Books (1901 18th St. NW) for their Summer Sidewalk Party from 12-4pm. Expect carefully edited vintage from the ladies behind the Listopad shop, 10% off all Red Onion's offerings, and music by DJ Baby Donut. Check out Listopad's blog for previews of the goods, and get there early - you wouldn't want to miss the refreshments, now would you?
  • Annabelle Jouot

    Annabelle Jouot

    Kind of obsessed with all the editorials stylist Annabelle Jouot has been part of. Couple the styling with some amazing photographs and you have all kinds of fashion inspiration.
  • Marcelo Gomes - New Book

    Marcelo Gomes - New Book

    In our humble opinion, the ability to capture images that look like our dreams makes you talented. Marcelo Gomes has the skills. His new book, Love and Before, Green and After, is out now on Hassla.
  • Philips USB Drive x Swarovski

    Philips USB Drive x Swarovski

    We don't know about you, but any time we see Swarovski encrusted anything, we want to get with it. (Via Journal-Inc.)
  • Doug Fir

    Pick & Choose

    A tip from from our Portland bureau: the Doug Fir's Pickin' On Sunday event, complete with area musicians, impromptu sets and plenty of frosty mugs.
  • LSTN #1

    LSTN #1

    The first installment of our LSTN series of downloadable mixes is, for lack of a better word, a banger. These 21 songs, sequenced with love by our resident mixmaster, will keep you chilling by the pool and/or dancing til dawn at your friend’s shore house through the end of the Summer. Download it now.
  • image

    Mudhoney In-Store Performance

    Mudhoney came just as strong as they did in their 1990 heyday and when they played their FreeYrRadio show at KEXP on July 23. (More pix here. Donate to KEXP.)
  • little boots READY FOR THE FUN!!! hot chip tenorion cover

    My Lite Bright makes sounds. Can Yamaha Please send one of these to the UO headquarters in Philadelphia.
  • LSTN #1


    Lately there have been a handful of books and films looking at the roots of skateboarding. SK8FACE is a documentary that looks at one of the more niche elements of skateboarding culture - the progression of the deck graphics, especially between the 70s and today. Many kids aligned themselves with a particular skater simply because his skating was sick and his board graphics were equally as sick. Considering that the first Tony Hawk pro model (in mint condition) fetches upward of $3000 these days it's a niche to take note of.

    Pamela Love

    Pamela Love is an artist and jewelry designer living and working in New York. She began making jewelry for herself, and becuase she could never find what she wanted to use for shoots. She also likes to play drums, ride her bike and travel wherever she can in search of great weird junk, antiques and vintage clothing.