• Sophie Hulme

    Sophie Hulme

    I've seriously never seen sequins look as good as they do on Sophie Hulme's elaborate designs. I'd be completely content with wearing this full getup all the time like it was no big deal.
  • 3D Holographic Tie Fighter

    3-D Holographic Tie Fighter

    It's not Princess Leia projected via R2D2, but it's close. The ICT Graphics Lab at USC has created a 3-D display that brings every kid's hologram dreams closer to reality. (Via TWBE.)
  • Sonja Ahlers

    Sonja Ahlers

    We often find stuff online that is "cute enough to eat". These peanut bunnies by Sonja Ahlers are the physical manifestation of that phrase. (Via Please Be Still.)
  • BK Crown Card

    BK Crown Card

    Take that Amex Black!
  • Florence and the Machine - Kiss with a Fist

    Something about this video just screams Beetle Juice.
  • Chronicles Of Never

    Chronicles Of Never

    Gareth Moody, who helped to found Ksubi, has gone out on his own with Chronicles Of Never. He started out making some of the most amazing jewelry and has recently begun creating some wonderful clothing as well. Chronicles Of Never is sure to be nestled up to your Ksubi jeans in no time.
  • Paine's Park Benefit - This Sat!

    Paine's Park Benefit - This Sat!

    This Saturday nite our humble cafeteria, Building 543 in the Navy Yard, will be transformed to host Paine's World, a benefit party we're hosting to help support the Franklin's Paine Skatepark Fund in its mission to build Paine's Park, a 2.5 acre skatepark in Center City Philadelphia. There will be artwork from some of the Space 1026 crew, a ramp, demo action from the Nocturnal heads, food, drinks and performances by The Yah Mos Def, Broadzilla, Brendan Bring 'Em and Rock Tits! You can get tix at the door or at one of our Philly locations. Tix are $22 online, $20 in the stores and you gotta be 21 (with ID) to get in. For more details and info on how to get here on the yellow bus, click here.
  • Cire Trudon

    Cire Trudon

    Cire Trudon are the oldest candle maker in France. They've made candles for the court of Versailles and they've stayed true to their original vegetal wax formula since 1643. This makes them way more O.G. than Ice-T.
  • "Reversible Destiny" Lofts

    Built by a pair of artist/architects who believe that “It’s immoral that people have to die", these reversible destiny lofts are intended to outlaw aging and it's consequences. It wasn't our intention to get super deep here...we like 'em for their whimsy quotient and their colorful exterior. (Via treehugger.)
  • Tooth Artist

    Tooth Artist

    Creepy...yet somehow amazing at the same time. Sayeth the Tooth Artist: "These tattoos are maybe considered a white collar tattoo. They are seen only when the person that has one wants to share what they have, by pulling their cheek out so it could be seen." Nicely done. We want to know who commissioned the Amy Winehouse tooth.
  • Solange Azagury-Partridge

    Solange Azagury-Partridge

    Refinery 29 has a wonderful interview with It-Girl Daisy Lowe and I have to say one of my favorite parts of her summer wardrobe is this amazing Solange Azagury-Partridge fringe ring!
  • Nerd Watch Museum

    Nerd Watch Museum

    This Nerd Watch Museum is deep. It's like take a 3 hour lunch deep. Don't say we didn't warn you.
  • Fridays Off The 405

    Fridays Off The 405

    FOUOB (Friend of the UO Blog) DJ King Shade just let us know that he'll be spinning 45s at The Getty's Summer weekly this Friday nite, June 27. Do yourself a favor and get there. If King Shade has his way you'll get schooled in the ways of 80s dancehall and new Sub Pop noise duo No Age are also bringing their noisy ruckus to the bill. The event is free and starts at 6pm. You can't miss.

    Sophie Albou of Rendez-Vous

    We're so happy to announce Rendez-Vous by Paul & Joe SISTER, our branded collaboration with Parisian designer Sophie Albou We spoke with Sophie about the line and what it means to be a modern mademoiselle.
  • !!! In-Store Performance

    !!! In-Store Performance

    There is no need, we repeat, no need to question whether Columbus, OH knows how to shake it's ass. When !!! hit the stage at our Columbus store, people got freakier than a P-Funk show. This is yet another reason why you need to get thee to one of the FreeYrRadio in stores this Summer. This event was hosted by the internet-only Ohio.fm, a small station of do-gooders who bring it to you raw and uncut from the Ohio State campus. (Donate to Ohio.fm.)
  • Lykke Li - Little Bit

    We just want to mention that our Director of Music Programming is in love with Lykke Li.
  • Spring & Clifton

    Spring & Clifton

    Pretty obsessed with Spring & Clifton right now. Their racerback with mesh bra is already a staple this summer for a few girls I know and it's obvious why. What's also cool is they keep a daily blog full of the things they find inspirational, check it out for sure.
  • Tokyolife


    Since we can't get there as often as we'd like (read: that means ever) we definitely take any Japanese art and design culture we can get, especially when it's wrapped up in a book like Tokyolife.
  • Felt Nerd Glasses

    Felt Nerd Glasses

    Ok, these felt nerd glasses are genius. Can't say that we've seen something this rad from the felting set ever. They're made by an English lass named Laura, who goes by Lupin and you can find more of her felty goodness (disguises, brooches, pins and suchlike) over on Etsy. (Via Craft:blog.)
  • UO's DIY Flickr Pool

    UO's DIY Flickr Pool

    If there's one thing we know, it's that our readers can get their craft on with the best of them. With that in mind we set up a new DIY Flickr Pool so we can see how you turn this into that. And as a bonus, we put together a nice little "How-To" that shows you 8 different ways to make tapestry magic. Download the PDF.