• Renegade Handmade

    Renegade Handmade

    No longer just a craft fair, the Renegade girls have gone renegade, opening a storefront on Chicago's Division Street. Open every day from 11-7, it's almost as overwhelmingly awesome as the craft fair itself.
  • Pimp My Pump

    Pimp My Pump

    Lazy Oaf's ode to canvas kicks, the Pimp My Pump show stars 30 artists and their customized bobos.
  • Crafty Bastards

    Crafty Bastards

    Because it's never too early to start Christmas shopping. Check out the City Paper's annual Crafty Bastards event, complete with bands, workshops and of course - tons of vendors.
  • Helvetica The Movie

    Have your cake - then eat it, too.
  • Swerve Festival

    Swerve Festival

    Jonathan Wells (the founder of Resfest), unleashes Swerve Festival, a new annual event with a focus on West Coast creative culture and the art, film, and music communities. It runs Sept 28-30. Way too many scheduled events to list so definitely go here for more info.
  • Shortcomings


    "I'm so cute! I listen to indie rock! But... I'm sad. Can you relate?" Adrian Tomine at the Philadelphia Public Library. It's sort of like getting to see a real live bookworm in his natural habitat.
  • Stina Persson

    Stina Persson

    Wicked watercolor work by Stina Persson. (Via The Serif.)
  • Margie's Candies

    Margie's Candies

    Margie's Candies has been a Chicago institution since the early 20s, churning out milkshakes and sundaes into the wee small hours of the morning. Al Capone ate here, so did the Beatles after playing Comiskey Park. If a half-gallon clamshell of homemade ice cream is good enough for Ringo... (Image via Senor Codo.)
  • John Espinosa

    John Espinosa

    Light shooting out of a skull's eyes? Oh, you must be thinking of John Espinosa. (Via Who Killed Bambi?)
  • Darth Kaws

    Darth Kaws

    So we've mentioned Darth Vader and Kaws in earlier posts, and we're loath to repeat ourselves but...Darth Kaws?!?!
  • image

    Nylon X Urban Outfitters

    We told you about our collaboration with NYLON a few weeks back and we hinted at a range of artist-designed tees that would be coming down the pipe. Well, the time has come...get 'em here, or read more about the artists who designed the tees here.
  • image

    Harold Magazine

    Issue two of Harold Magazine is out. (Thanks B&B for the reminder.)
  • Rodan Vs Griffith

    Rodan Vs Griffith

    We're bummed we missed the Let's Go Sailing in-store at the Rodan Vs Griffith store last nite. Not only is it one of our fave left coast shops, but it's run by a former UO employee. Bonus!
  • Antoni & Alison

    Antoni & Alison

    Kind of stunned by these over the top silk scarf designs by Antoni & Alison. (Via RFC.)
  • Monica Canilao

    Monica Canilao

    Be warned: there is so much amazing stuff posted on Monica Canilao’s site you can totally lose an afternoon scrolling through her dreamlike autumn-y images.
  • Craft Inc.

    Craft Inc.

    Quit your job and go full-time with the glue gun, already - this book shows you how, from planning for "I quit!" to figuring out what's next.
  • Munchlers


    Designed by illustrator Stephen Savage, these lunchboxes make us wild about packing our own lunch.
  • Obsessive Consumption

    Obsessive Consumption

    Artist Kate Bingaman-Burt chronicles her everyday purchases through a series of almost-daily drawings. Check out some examples (and more neat stuff) here.
  • Rachel Zoe

    Rachel Zoe

    This weekend's NY Times Magazine featured a pretty hefty article about Rachel Zoe (far right); stylist to the stars, and a brand unto herself...no matter what her detractors might say.
  • NYC Fashion Week Trend Report

    NYC Fashion Week Trend Report

    Now that the smoke has cleared a little bit, Refinery 29 posts their solid recap of Spring/Summer '08 Fashion Week trends.