• Eat This

    Eat This

    He came, he saw, he ate. Author Ian Jackman traveled the US in search of the very best, from burgers to boxed cereal - then he wrote a book about it.
  • Amy Stevens Confections


    Local artist Amy Stevens bakes, decorates, stages and photographs incredible and (kind of) edible cakes for her "Confections" series and we totally LOVE the results! Amy's solo exhibition at the Center for Emerging Visual Artists runs from August 31st through September 20th, with a reception event on September 14th. Yum!
  • Oblique Strategies

    Oblique Strategies

    When all else fails, consult Brian Eno - his deck of suggestions (created with artist Peter Schmidt) has been inspiring decisions since 1975. Download the Dashboard Widget here.
  • Bumbershoot


    Weird name, awesome lineup. Seattle's music & arts melee runs from September 1st through the 3rd, complete with a host of headliners from Wu-Tang to The Shins.
  • NEL Pack of Dogs

    Pack of Dogs

    From Mexican art collective NEL comes this wild pack of dogs. Introduced at the 2007 Salone Satelite in Milan, these pieces are based roughly on the shape of a dog, in different sizes and positions. These characters, named after famous Mexican wrestlers (Dos caras Jr, Aguayo, Superastro, El Santo, Alushe and Mistico) follow you around your house or office, and may work as a side table, stool, bench, bookshelf, magazine rack, newspaper holder, bookends, etc. By the way each piece is used, and the objects that interact with it, a different story is told.
  • She Loves the Moon

    She Loves the Moon

    “She Loves the Moon” is a choose-your-own-adventure story being played out on the sidewalks of the Mission in San Francisco. 43 stencils trace a love story through the neighborhood. Pick a path (his or hers) and follow the arrows to see how it turns out.
  • Heartsrevolution

    Brought to you by the same people piloting the pink ice cream truck.
  • Citizen's Band

    The Citizen's Band

    Made up of decidedly un-everyday people, The Citizen's Band is a riddle wrapped in a well-dressed enigma.
  • Wallpaper* City Guides

    Wallpaper* City Guides

    Summertime is dwindling so you best get your act together and take a trip. We really wanted to write about the "A Hedonist's Guide to..." series of travel guides but we honestly couldn't find a decent enough picture for you. Running neck and neck in the nicely-designed and super informative department are the Wallpaper* City Guides. Where's the Philly guide (wink wink)?.
  • Plastiscines - NYC In-Store!

    Plastiscines - NYC In-Store!

    The rumor is true! To kick off our new collaboration with NYLON Magazine, the French Indie-rock hotties Plastiscines will be performing live in our New York City Store at the corner of Broadway and Houston Streets on September 6th! Mark your calendars and note that admittance to this event is e-invite only and capacity is limited. Download your e-invite here.
  • Bernard Thomas

    Bernard Thomas

    Wicked kaleidoscopic collage work by Bernard Thomas.
  • image

    Field Notes

    If you're anything like us, you geek out over pocket-sized notebooks. We're thinking that Field Notes might give our Moleskine's a run for their money.
  • Ryan Beck

    Ryan Beck

    We've been sucked in by the rainbow explosions and gauzy watercolors employed by local boy Ryan Beck.
  • Pages


    Pages may be the best online fashion magazine we've come across. You have to subscribe, but it's a totally painless process.
  • 3P-3 Studio

    3P-3 Studio

    We get loads of feedback and submissions via the blog (thank you all by the way) and we're constantly amazed at the level of talent out there. Giselle and Pablo from 3P-3 Studio got in touch recently...here's a few of their lovely hand prints.
  • Rosebud


    Sounds weird, seems awesome: Minted Rose balm, from the Rosebud Perfume Company. Because it can't be all Strawberry and all Rose, all the time...
  • Nylon X Urban Outfitters

    Nylon X Urban Outfitters Tees Tease

    We couldn't be more excited to let you know that we teamed up with NYLON on an in-house shop that's already set up at our SoHo location (628 Broadway), and will pop up in 100 stores nationwide in September! We already created limited-edition artist-designed T-shirts (artists include Jim the Illustrator, Lisa Grue, Maya Wild, Noah Butkus, and Rinzen). Hoodies, housewares, and jewelry are in the works. Get a move on...
  • Paine's Park Fundraiser

    Paine's Park Fundraiser

    Come one come all to The Khyber this Thursday nite for a fundraiser being held to raise money for the Paine's Park Project. They're the organization responsible for the building the oft talked about skatepark on the banks of the Schuykill (next to the Art Museum). It's a great cause for such a skateboarding city and will help keep the momentum behind the project. Bands (including McRad!) kick off at 9pm and it's a $10 donation at the door. See you there!
  • Struggle Inc. Vases

    Struggle Inc. Vases

    Here's something we didn't see coming. These vases get a sweet Struggle Inc. twist. (Via +KN.)
  • Rockwell Pillows

    Rockwell Pillows

    Cheeky pillows by Rockwell (Parra).