• The Wrong Store

    The Wrong Store

    A store that's chock full of exquisite merchandise but you can't go in? That's because this store is actually a gallery and if you do buy something you have to buy the entire contents of the store. Can you say cha-ching?
  • imaBuff Monsterge

    Buff Monster

    Buff Monster is bringing his twisted brand of pink-hued fun to the Corey Helford Gallery for a solo show opening tomorrow nite. It's called "Happy Squirter" and you can interpret that however you'd like.
  • Detour

    Detour: Moleskine Notebook Experience

    What is it with the cult of Moleskine? Detour: The Moleskine City Notebook Experience is an exhibition of 70 notebooks created by architects, artists (that's James Jarvis' notebook pictured above), designers, illustrators and writers that opens tomorrow at The Art Directors Club. Take note!
  • Beams T

    Beams T

    Beams T's T-Shirt Factory book is like crack for all you t-shirt junkies. It was compiled by Beams T and features 300 of their best designs from over the past 5 years.
  • Crafty Wonderland

    Crafty Wonderland

    Click your heels a couple of times and hopefully you'll come to at Portland's own Crafty Wonderland, hosted monthly at the Doug Fir. With over 40+ independent artists peddling their crafty, handmade and one-of-a-kind wares, you might want to start saving up now.
  • Jeremy Dickinson

    Jeremy Dickinson

    It's been a colorful day for us and we've gotten a dose of inspirado from the paintings of Jeremy Dickinson.
  • Professor Murder

    Professor Murder

    Professor Murder are rocking our world seriously hard right now.
  • Mekanism

    Peter Zimmerman for Mekanism

    Mmmmmm.....psychedelic popsicle sticks.....Peter Zimmerman customized 50 of these beauties for Mekanism.
  • Kyo Hashimoto

    Kyo Hashimoto

    Not only does she make jewelry we want to float away on, but Kyo Hashimoto does a brilliant job of documenting her work via her blog as well.
  • Art Star

    Art Star Craft Bazaar

    Over 100 vendors - plus free stuff if you show up early! Held rain or shine over the first weekend of June at Philadelphia's Liberties Walk. More info here.
  • 200 Troubled Teenagers

    200 Troubled Teenagers

    Heavy metal kids from across the globe, captured on film by photographer Angela Boatwright. Check them out alongside Patrick O'Dell's snaps of skateboarders, both at the Standard Downtown starting May 31st. More info here.
  • PLAY Bird

    Comme des Garçons - PLAY Bird

    PLAY Bird: 3 exclusive t-shirts designed by Filip Pagowski for Comme des Garçons. (Only at DSM and CdG stores.)
  • Jess Hutchison

    Jess Hutchison

    California artist Jess Hutchison does amazing things with yarn, transforming rayon into robots and mohair into back into bunnies.
  • Carson Ellis

    Carson Ellis

    Seen a Decemberists album? Then you've probably seen the artwork of Carson Ellis. Go see more in the form of journal scans, scrapbook outtakes and unexpected sketches.
  • East Van Bike Polo

    Bike polo. No, seriously.
  • Man Man

    Man Man Boulder In-Store

    The FreeYrRadio series is hotter'n a 5 alarm fire. And speaking of blazing, Man Man did just that during their explosive set at our Boulder store. (Donate to KGNU here. More pix here.)
  • Corners of My Home

    Corners of My Home

    Go behind closed doors with Flickr's Corners of My Home pool. (Photo via Flickr.)
  • The Vader Project

    The Vader Project

    For the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars, 75 artists put their spin on the Dark Lord's iconic helmet. Catch Star Wars Celebration IV this weekend at the Los Angeles Convention Center. May the Force...and all that.
  • GoodShape


    We all need these brighten up your world type things. Thank you GoodShape.
  • Mister Rob Ryan

    Mister Rob Ryan

    Robert Ryan's intricate paper cuts are fragile, unique wonders. His prints are no less amazing (detail above).