• Amanda Blank

    Spank 'n' Blank

    Spank Rock and Amanda Blank throw down for the SXSW crowd. (Via Drink Moloko.)
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    Purple pants and a big black bag. Not a worry in the world for this guy. Nice. (Via The Sartorialist.)
  • The Cool Kids

    The Fly Life

    Gold ropes, Cazals, and microphone correctness. Meet The Cool Kids.
  • RVNG

    Revenge Is Sweet

    RVNG throw wicked parties in Philly and NYC. They also release records. Check for their latest mix, from Justine D. Yeah, that's her.
  • Trans Am

    Hyperedited new vid for "Tesco v Sainsbury's", from Sex Change, Trans Am's latest release.
  • Mark Ronson

    Mark the Spark

    Speaking of Amy Winehouse, Mark Ronson produced half the tracks on her new CD. His new joint, "Version", drops April 16th.
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    We're digging these scrimshaw bangles from Jessica Cushman, carved from pre-ban, antique Mammoth ivory.
  • Weller and Wine

    The Modfather, Paul Weller, and Lady Winehouse simply kill this cover of Marvin Gaye's "Heard It Thru The Grapevine"
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    San Francisc-O

    Imagine you were playing Lite Brite but with Jell-O instead of pegs and you made San Francisco instead of a flower. That's what Liz Hickok did. (Via The Fecal.)
  • Punk Love

    Punk Love

    To say that Susie Horgan was in the right place at the right time is an understatement. Her photo book, Punk Love, details her involvement with -and documentation of- the birth of the DC punk and hardcore scene.
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    Butter and Fly

    From a pillow making hobby in Portland that spawned a storefront in SF (Hybrid-Home) and a new t-shirt range collaboration with Upper Playground, designer and homestuff purveyor Dora Drimalas isn't exactly resting.
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    Hula Maiden

    This talented lass is the opening act for Maiden NY, Gotham's best Maiden cover band. Via O'Dell.
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    Winter Music Conference Jump-Offs

    Two events that are pure fyah. Come thru.
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    Undressing Room

    Gretchen Ludwig photographs herself in retail dressing rooms. But this isn’t just exhibitionism. It's part of an ongoing art project she's doing about the American consumer. Yeah, that's the dressing room in our Broadway and 72nd street store. Glad we could help.
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    Desk Hunter

    First Face Hunter...now, uh, Desk Hunter?
  • Jasna Sokolovic

    Into the Fire

    We're giving these one of a kind ceramic tiles our "Made With Love" seal of approval. From the workshop of Jasna Sokolovic.
  • Body Movin' Body Body Movin'

    Soul Train who?
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    Caught In A Mosh

    We'll take the unity and energy of these Dan Witz paintings over the knuckleheads in a Warped Tour
    pit any day.
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    Arkitip x Colette

    For their 39th issue, Arkitip presents the best of Colette's 10 year anniversary exhibit, MY2007.
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    The Men of Menomena

    Imagine robots falling apart but, like, beautifully. That's the sound of Menomena.