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Zippora Seven

We love Zippora Seven and apparently so does everyone else:

About her

The New Zealand model has even inspired a Tumblr devoted solely to her. Here, Zippy shows us what she wears when she's not working.

Photo 1

Some of my jewelry I've collected traveling—the cube rings are handmade by an old New Zealand architect, and the dragon claw is from the markets in Japan.
A friend who is really into bikes made two of the bracelets from bike chains; the yellow one's my favorite. The chunky bracelet is made from old rings. I like it 'cause it looks like its come straight from a pirate's hoard.

Photo 2

My parents dressed me in Chinese jackets since I was a tiny kid, so I grew to love them and now have a massive collection. These are two of my favorites.

Photo 3

I love vintage denim jackets cause they're so hard wearing, and age heaps good, too.

Photo 5

My wardrobes are crammed full. Everything that won't fit gets sorted into bags, buckets, bins and piles.

Photo 6

My room is taken over by clothes.

Photo 7

My hat stand.

Photo 12

This jumpsuit is from what I reckon is one of the best shopping spots ever, on K Road in Auckland, where I grew up. I love it heaps.