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Our blogger Jen Hanley lives in the wilds of Florida with her taxidermist husband, Ryan. We asked them to send us some shots of their crazy house, and what emerged was a story of soul mates bonding over rock 'n' roll, a stolen purse, and dead animals.

1JEN: I spend most of my time in the dressing room that doubles as my office. I'm usually playing my favorite albums while working, writing, or collaging. The 1940s monkey fur coat Ryan got me hangs over my desk and is my pride and joy.

2J: These are our favorite knives in the kitchen, behind them sits the most amazing photograph of Erin Wasson with a bit of black metal makeup, a studded Bess jacket, chain suspenders and her tits out. Everyone always stares at this and asks who she is, but can you blame them?

3J: When I met Ryan seven years ago, he had this towel in his bathroom. He didn't really care that it was old YSL, but I coveted it.

4RYAN: My bedside table. The deer ears I mounted. With the antique gun and huge old straight razor, we're always ready for whatever happens!

5J: This is the desk of my antique dressing table. I love Tom Ford but my new favorite perfume is Beach by Bobbi Brown. I collect all kinds of things from Chanel. Portraits of us by our friend, photographer Cameron Smith are some of my favorites ever.

6J: This is just a handful of the vintage T-shirts in our collection. Most are motorcycle and band related that we've spent most of our lives collecting and wearing.

7R: An assortment of skulls and random pieces pulled from the animals I'm working on usually sits on top of my tool box.

8J: The sickest bags I've ever come across are these pointy horned metal antique pieces that I've found throughout the years. I was just gifted an identical necklace that is the best thing ever. Some of my favorite jewelry sits on the desk; I have a big thing for eagles and turquoise.

9J: One side of the living room that is covered in books—one of our favorite things to collect. The antique triangle-table and old bar globe were both incredible finds at just $25 a piece from a local op shop.

10R: Our hallway. It usually takes people about 15 minutes just to walk through here because there's a lot to see. My grandfather gave me that giant flag draped over the banister. We used to use it as a blanket before we lived here. There are all kinds of art on the walls from Jen and I, and friends like Othelo Gervacio and Dash Snow.

11J: No one ever notices the taxidermy shark hanging above them when they're hanging out in the living room. A new addition is the insane armadillo lamp that Ryan made. Everyone keeps asking him to sell them!

12J: My closet is mostly full of the Ksubi T-shirts and jeans I've collected over the years they are hands down the best and I can't get enough. I've had that Septic Death patch sewn onto every jacket I've worn for the last decade.

13R: One of the coolest pieces of vintage taxidermy we own is this deer jutting out from the wall, seen above with assorted flea market finds and a killer Epiphone Sheraton guitar Ryan got when he was 13.

14R: Out of all the guitars I own, this is still my most played after so long. It still has blood on it from when my band used to play out every week. The shop also doubles as my recording studio.

15R: This is a corner of my taxidermy studio. I am out here most days working on everything from huge turtles to everyone's favorite shooting squirrels, raccoons and opossums. Sometimes you'll hear The Cramps blasting from outside, or just me on my drumset.

16J: Even more of the hallway, and why guests barely through the door say that our house resembles a museum. We both have all these old bondage and studded belts and bracelets from growing up punks, and they now adorn most of the taxidermy throughout the house.

17R: We met after Jen got her purse stolen seven years ago and came to see my band play at the bar. Our first date was shooting TVs deep in the woods and we've been together ever since.

18K: I've always only had records as every punk band I listened to released them that way. We score tons of old rock 'n' roll albums, usually for a dollar or less, every week at all the flea markets. We're about to have a real problem with where we're going to store all the new ones we find, as you can tell.

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