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"Take your favorite pair of denim cut-offs that are in need of a makeover before summer officially hits. Flip your shorts over and prepare to seam rip the back pocket off. Put some muscle into it! Lay your pocket facedown on the backside of some leather skin and trace its outline with chalk. Place your leather pocket where the denim once was and sew it in place. Cute! You can do one or both pockets, and it's also always cute to swap out a couple of belt loops as well using your leftover leather scraps."



"This cardigan was a little too boxy and boyish for me so I added the frillier elements from the dress onto it. The collar was pinned then sewn on, and the shoulder pads were converted into elbow pads and then sewed on as well. For kicks, I wrote out 'this' on the left and 'that' on the right."


"I was really into the peplum shape of this dress so I didn't want to do too much to it. I had fun deconstructing the top part though. It's true of electronics and it's true of clothes too—there's much to be learned in taking things apart! I found these funny tulle epaulettes inside, and made some custom buttons that say 'this' and 'that' and sewed those onto the front."


"I trimmed the top and sleeves off, converting the sleeves into straps for this tank top. The bottom was cut flat in the back and into a u-shape in the front for a front-tie. It seemed like a nice way to make use of the excess material already on the shirt."


"I wanted to make this into something appropriate for summer so it got the crop-tank treatment. To take care of the supremely huge armpit holes, though, the sides had to be taken in, so I embellished those plackets with a different set of custom buttons."

"Start with a plain white tee, and lay your favorite tank top on top of it. Trace the armhole and draw a straight line down the side seam half an inch from the edge of the shirt. Cut the shirt out along the lines, as well as the neck band. Turn the shirt inside out and sew the front and back together. Lay some fringe on top of the bottom hem and sew it all the way around the bottom."


"This was really fun. I tried to make something I'd really want to wear and use, so I made textile necklaces. The materials were perfect for braiding—I took one dress and one shirt and made two necklaces, intertwining both. I added a touch of neon to take the country kitchen out."


"At first glance this Hawaiian print dress looked sort of frumpy and shapeless but then I noticed that it had some nice features that I could work with to turn it into something great. The skirt already had built in elastic so I carefully cut above the waist to separate the skirt. I realized that it was still a bit big so I pinched the excess elastic and folded it over, sewing a few stitches at the side to keep the new waist in place. For the collar, I simply cut it off the dress as neatly as possible."