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The Outcast

Best Book You've Ever Read:
East of Eden by John Steinbeck
Hell's Angels by Hunter S. Thompson

What was the last time you punched someone?
I was working the door at Motor [City, in New York] which meant I checked IDs but also meant security if shit went down. Anyway, this fight broke out involving my bud Jeremy and these two kids. They both had dreads and they weren't black, so I already knew they were idiots. Anyway Jeremy was going to town on one of them and the other one came into sucker punch him from behind so I leaped forward and popped him. I was aiming for his temple but ended up more on the side of his head which meant his dreads. I got him good but my fist slid on his dread grease so I didn't lay him out as I had it all worked out in my mind, funny how that happens. He landed nothing—he only ended up pulling my hair (pussy) as we tangled in the middle of Ludlow St. But he did rip my leather jacket, which fucking still angers me every time I put it on. Which is every day.

Ok, so then what was the last time someone punched you?
The first time I sparred. I was green as hell at the gym and I step in to the ring with this kid, shorter than me but built like he just got out of prison. I was all fired up, anyway he beat the living shit fire out of me, the first blow I took hit me square in the nose. I had just started there and that single bomb fractured my nose and gave me a darting pain behind my eye for a good month.

Who was your last crush?
Shea Prueger, the model we cast in the Odyn Vovk show who ended up walking topless which was, oh Lord—amazing tits—electrifying to say the least. Anyway, we were sitting in a bar [when she was bartending]. She made me a cherry coke and I tipped her a dollar and there was no one there and I leaned over and kissed her. Total puppy dog style. How 1952 is that? Gave me the chills. Anyway she moved to London three days later.

That sucks. So who's your current crush?
No comment. Although, I will says she works at the UO headquarters and she's the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on.

So what's your most recent tattoo?
A crowned skull. I totally ripped it off from some douche I saw online. How do I justify such blatant thievery? Because fuck him, that's why. Dude was a loser. Shit looks way cooler on me anyway.

Then what's your next tattoo?
Not sure, but I gotta get something soon, it's been like two months and I feel like a junkie on the crack pipe at dawn. I owe Christ a tattoo at this point, so maybe some Vato style shit for JC.

What's your favorite TV show?
Sons of Anarchy. So addicted. All the boys are. I live for Tuesdays at 10. Peggy Bundy as the gang lord's old lady—absolutely brilliant.

What are you into in fashion right now?
Yes, but not much. I love The Outcast, I love THECAST, Old Soul (Brendan Donnelly), I love Odyn Vovk and I love Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons. Pretty much the best shit the world's ever seen. Derrick Cruz, pure genius. And of course, Wes Lang. I'm the luckiest man alive to call each one of those dudes my brother.

Tell us about what all has gone into making The Outcast?
The Outcast is everything you've read so far! The underdogs, the kids from the wrong side of the tracks, those who keep fighting the good fight, those who don't give up, the rough and tumble. The talented kids who can barely get bus boy jobs. A gentleman when needed and a monster when the times call for it. Free association: Not being a pussy, canned beer, smoking, sex in dive bar bathrooms, falling in love, working hard, tasting your own blood, speaking from the heart, walking and talking without fear, making art non-stop. Shooting guns, riding bikes, rescue dogs, leather and denim and hand me downs, getting dirty, building things instead of paying people to do it for you, telling stories, breaking bread, loving life, brotherhood. Or, you can tell me to get fucked and dress like Thom Browne for the rest of your life. Your call.

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