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Stone Cold Fox is an undeniably cool Los Angeles-based brand that mixes new style with just the right amount of vintage flare. Here, founders Cydney Morris and Dallas Wand tell us where they first met, who they'd dream of dressing, and where they want to take their brand next.

Interview by Maddie Sensible

Hi Stone Cold Fox! Introduce yourselves, ladies!

Cydney Morris: Hi, I'm Cydney Morris and I am the designer and part owner of Stone Cold Fox.
Dallas Wand: I'm Dallas Wand and I'm the other partner of Stone Cold Fox!

How did you two meet and decide you wanted to start a clothing company?

DW: We met when we were young, in Indian Princesses. It's like this father-daughter program, so we were like six years old when we first met and we've just been friends ever since. Then we both have always been in fashion of course. Like in high school we would always draw out our dream outfits, you know? We're very girly; we would put on photo shoots all the time. In college we both went to school for it, then Cyd did her senior collection from there. Then it was like, “Okay, let's do this.”

Between the silhouettes and beautiful fabrics, your designs are very vintage inspired. What do you love most about vintage clothing?

CM: I think we love them because they're so delicate; we have a whole room in our office of just vintage clothes, there's just something about them. Even the girls in the '60s were just so much cuter!
DW: They're timeless.
CM: They're so delicate and fragile and I think that's what our clothes come off as; there are silks and laces and they just feel really special, just like when you find a vintage piece. That's what Stone Cold Fox is: special.
DW: It has a lot of detail in it. Clothes now are just kind of plain and boring, and there's nothing really spectacular or special about them. When you find a vintage piece it's about the detail on it—everything with the buttons and the lace and all of that.
CM: It's still in style.

What are your favorite pieces from the Stone Cold Fox x UO Collection, or that you've designed for your main line?

CM: I love the one dress that we did with the lace at the elbow, and it flares out. It's kind of a take off one of our dresses called the Florence Dress that we did two years ago, and its really, really pretty. Very ethereal, and reminds me of an angel.
DW: It's like the epitome dress of Stone Cold Fox, and like the '60s and stuff too. It has that look and feel.
CM + DW: The scalloped shorts are really cute!
CM: The lace-strap cami top with the low back... I love that one; it's one of our favorites!

Who would you call your number one style icon?

CM + DW: We like Jane Birkin!
DW: Brigitte Bardot.
CM: Britt Ekland, Pattie Boyd.
CM + DW: Bianca Jagger!

All the main ladies, then! Speaking of style icons, who would you dream of dressing, in any time period?

DW: With someone that's still alive and still has an impact, and I know this is such a cliché answer, but if Kate Moss was wearing one of our pieces I would die.
CM: Yeah!
DW: There are other cool girls too that we would like, someone like Chloë Sevigny.

Since your brand has a true, laid back California feel, what is your favorite thing to do in this lovely state when you're not designing?

CM: We bike ride around Venice, drink tequila, we have friends over, throw dinner parties, go to the beach.
DW: We're really into like decorating, and throwing parties and stuff. The older we get we're getting more into home stuff, having friends over, and having dinner parties and hanging out in the backyard. We go to lots of flea markets.
CM: Concerts.
DW: Concerts, lots of picnic-y type stuff.

SCF also has other lines for home and bridal. Do you want to expand those lines in the future?

CM: Our bridal line for sure. We get a lot of bridal now, but we need to push that more. It's good because we make dresses that are not traditional, they're very Stone Cold Fox laid-back ones, and I think a lot of girls are eloping to the beach and they want that kind of thing now. I think the big princess-y style is out. And then our home stuff...We kind of put a hold on it this year, but we're probably going to bring it back.
DW: Yeah, we definitely want to bring the home back. I think that since we market ourselves as a lifestyle brand that it makes sense to have a Stone Cold Fox Home. If you can't get the clothing you can still have a special piece, like a beautiful throw with the lace. I think that the home stuff will be fun!

So now that Stone Cold Fox has these three lines, what do you want to do next with the brand?

CM: I think that when we get older we want to do a kids line.
DW: Yeah, I think the next one would be kids line. All of our friends now are having babies, and it's just like, we can make miniature Stone Cold Fox items. We're not in a showroom; we still do everything ourselves. And it would be cool to show at fashion week!
CM: I think we would do well with having a big party, and having the girls walking around kind of thing. We're not really a runway brand. I could see us throwing a rad party, like one of our dinner parties times 1,000. We would do something like that one day.
DW: Eventually too, down the line when we've made it, to have our own store. That would be a dream.

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