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From Australia With Love: Somedays Lovin & Tallow

From Australia With Love:

From Australia With Love: Somedays Lovin & Tallow

Photography by Charlie Brophy
Stylist Jana Bartolo
Hair & Makeup Margo Regan

Australian labels Somedays Lovin and Tallow perfectly epitomize all that's cool about Australia. Inspired by the ocean and the warmth of the sun, Sydney-based Somedays Lovin combines surf vibes, beach babes, and a vintage sensibility, with just the right amount of free-spirited rebelliousness. The result is a collection that appeals to beach bums and rocker girls alike.

Tallow, Somedays Lovin's Neighbor to the north in Byron Bay and equally no stranger to Australian surf culture, is a line influenced by the grace and vitality of female surfing, aimed at bringing the surf community's message of freedom, individuality, and self-expression out of the water and into the world.
Both labels are headed up by the kind of open-minded creatives that effortlessly blend their fashion-forward eye with a laid-back attitude that allows the wearer to make it all her own. Working with and supporting local artists and bringing those happy, beach-inspired surf dreams to all corners of the world, Somedays Lovin and Tallow are two brands we can't get enough of.

We rounded up a few of Australia's freshest faces to spend a day out in the salty air Down Under, dressed in the two Aussie labels. The only requirements? Be true to yourself, don't be afraid to go against the grain, and always have fun.