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Closet Project: Rachel Ballinger

This is a vintage dress I got at Stella Dallas in the West Village. I wear a lot of dresses like this that I get tailored to be shorter. It's surprising how cute a vintage dress can become once you shorten it a couple of inches. I'll pair them with a cool heel or black boot to give the look a little more edge. I love Stella Dallas in NYC for vintage. But some of my best finds for vintage and thrifting have got to be outside of the city, like Austin or LA.

This is Petey in his own clothes.
He is my baby. He's a Yorkie.

I love sweaters. I like how cozy and warm they are, plus I just love how they look under a jean jacket or over a cute dress. That moose one is one of my favor-
ites. I got it at a vintage store in the East village.

My favorite shoes are:
My Opening Ceremony velvet tye-dye ones, just because they are so unique and different then any other kind of shoe.

My YSL black-patent flats, because they are classic, chic, and girly. So they add a bit of that to any outfit that doesn't include any of those things!

My black flat Prada boots. They are my go-to shoe that go with everything and are so comfortable. Broken in perfectly and they've been through a lot!

I love cute, pretty girly dresses, and old jeans and jean jackets from thrift stores. I think I own 15 pairs of jeans and about 4 different denim jackets. Love a denim jacket!

These jeans are from a thrift store in Austin and the polka dot shirt is Opening Ceremony. YSL flats. I like this outfit because it's comfortable and
very much me.

My two favorite lipsticks shades:
Love Morange and Pink Noveau, both by M.A.C.

My style changes a lot depending on my mood.
It's a cross between a lot of different things:
punky/preppy/girly/tomboy. I like to mix in different elements of styles into my look because I don't like being JUST one look. I usually tend to dress down but if the occasion occurs, I do love to dress up!