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My So Called Bike: How Urban Outfitters Home-Office Employees Get Around

x KRISTIN WAGNER - Merchandise Planner My bike is from Bicycle Therapy and it's one month old! No crazy adventures yet, just started commuting to work and looking to add some accessories like a basket so I can do more errands. Yeah, boring.

x JERROLD ADLER - Photo Post-Processing My bike today is a Gunnar Roadie, which I've ridden to work because my Fuji Track has a flat and I'm lazy. This bike is too new for serious adventures, my Fuji has carried me through numerous odysseys. I remember one night that began at the Icebox Art Gallery. Four bars later, I had made a bunch of new friends and formed a bicycle gang called The Dolphins.

x ALEX WITJAS - Junior Designer My bike is from Urban! It was used for a catalog shoot and then was up for grabs. I think it's pretty new. Nice and sparkly. I think most of my friends would agree that me on a bike is in itself a crazy adventure. I use it pretty much to get anywhere I go to—I think I hardly walk anymore.

x EOIN GROSCH - Business Intelligence Analyst My Cignal Melbourne Express Tandem is from down under. I got it on Craigslist for $120! I did a six-month tour on it from Atlanta, Georgia to Bogota, Colombia. That's 4,000 miles, picking up passengers on the way. Now that I'm back stateside I'm picking up chicks on it 24-7.

x MATTHEW OWEN - Art Director I built up a bike for three years, and the moment it was finished I traded it in for this Mitsubishi Sport 500 frame, and started building this one up. I use it for smooth commuting to various places around the city.

x ANNE PETTINATI - Women's Stylist for Web Studio I use my bike as a means of transportation. What isn't exciting about riding your bike in Philly? The comments are hilarious, the freak show down Broad Street…one time I even got bulldozed over by this truck. Man, Philadelphians on their way to work are ruthless! It's also a great way to meet people and the quickest way to work.

x BOBBY WHIGHAM - Men's and Home Web Merchandiser I got my bike on a payment plan from a good friend. I've had more flat tires on the bike, but only had one accident when a driver tried to hit me on purpose. I'm really looking forward to upcoming night-time fall bike rides.

x PETER HANCHAK - Designer - Men's Accessories It's a Miele frame from Canada (not the Italian vacuum cleaner). I bought it and used it in high-school, so I've had it for close to 15 years. I ride it every day to work. It's my every-day ride and night-time ride as well. No car for me. I've done several 100 mile rides.

x KELLY WALKER - Director of Planning and Allocation I bought the bike last year primarily to commute once or twice a week from the Main Line. I opted for a mountain bike to handle the curbs and potholes of West Philly.

x DAN CARMONA - Men's Buying It's a Windsor Hour Track Frame. I've had it for five or six years, no crazy adventures. I got chased by a few dogs, but that's as exciting as it gets. I use it for commuting between work and home and for short rides.

x CHRISTIAN ORTEGA - Allocation Analyst Bike Name: Fresh—an all orange everything
From: Holland
Occupation: Striker for the Holland national soccer team
Used: To stick it to Septa and for cardio
Age: 3 years old—that equals 21 human years
Adventures: Takes me to Urban

x LAUREN F. MAHONEY - Director of Visual Merchandising This bike is a birthday present from my boyfriend and it's two months old. I mainly use my bike for leisurely rides around Queen Village, except for one stormy grocery trip for the 4th of July.

x COLIN LEAMAN - Catalog Men's Stylist/In-House Photographer My bike is a Bianchi 10-speed that I got off of Craigslist when my last bike was stolen. She's a beater, but reliable.

x CHRISTOPHER G. SMITH - Graphic Designer My bike is a 1976 Honda cb200t. I've had it for three years, it's all original except for the exhaust. It came to me from a garage in Asbury Park, NJ where it had been stored since the late '70s.

x JESSOP KOZINK - Corporate Display Artist My bike is from Philly and it's a year and three months old. It's been hit by 13 cars and I had someone break my jaw while holding it outside a club. I use it for everything.

x JULIA SADLER - Catalog Designer My Cramerotti is from a weird suburb of Vancouver called Pitt Meadows. I found it on Craigslist and when I arrived it was hanging on the wall with '70s nudie posters. Apparently it had only been used in one race in the early '80s and it was covered in a thick layer of dust. The old man's eyes were too far gone to see it had nice Italian parts. If you like old road bikes, watch A Sunday in Hell.

x ANNA APSE - Women's Trend Strategist I use my vintage bike to get to work. I have adventures on it every time I have to bike to North Philly!

x BRENDAN TIMMINS - Stylist This is my Philadelphia bike, which is my dad's old road bike. It's got two bottle holders and a tire pump attached, as well as a little pouch under the seat. My dad won many races on the bike. Just kidding. It was usually hooked up to a stationary bike stand until I took it over. I didn't want to take my other bike from New York, because I still use it there all the time.

x MONICA NELSON - Senior Catalog Designer I bought this bike in Williamsburg when I was in school at Pratt. It's four years old, and I use it to bike to work and all over Philly.

x JOEL EVEY - Art Director - Retail My bike is a Mercier Kilo TT. I've had it for two years. It's a tank, it's never let me down.

x TAI SPANGLER - Renewal Buyer My friend bought my bike off Craigslist and built it for me. Its age is a mystery, but I love it because it is the exact same color as my car and my favorite shade of blue. This summer I introduced her to the Ocean City!

x RUSSELL ODEN - Hair and Makeup Stylist for I drive to work everyday so my bike stays home, yet that doesn't stop be from riding here. Urban has these sweet cruisers that all employees can use during work. What better way to spend your lunch hour then pedaling around, exploring the Navy Yard?

x MELISSA WOODHEAD - Web Merchandiser I don't own this bike, but I wish I did. I borrowed this Urban-exclusive Pendleton bike for the shoot because mine was stolen back in L.A., where I used to live. As soon as this bike hits the Holiday catalog you better believe that I will be buying it. Now if only I could get my hands on a Pendleton helmet...head-to-toe Navajo is how I ride.

x BRIAN DEYONG - Display Director I bought this old guy from a friend in Chicago about eight years ago. It's a 1972 Peugeot PX10. Back then it was just a frame and some rusty parts. This s.o.b. has been through many manifestations as wrecks and broken parts have forced me to reinvent it. Currently it is my French gentleman's cruiser and it's riding and looking as good as ever. I love this bike and will probably ride it until I die.

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