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Do you get a lot of fan mail from boys?
Ah, we get quite a bit, yes. Not in the physical form, I'd love to see some hand-written letters. It's all MySpace and emails.

From dudes, though?
Yeah, there are some charming men out there who write quite unimaginative offerings.

Like what?
Like, "You're so hot, you rule!" things like that. I don't rate that very highly. I think if people want to make any kind of impression they've got to go for like, poetry, you know? Interesting prose. Otherwise it gets overlooked.

Of course. Do you have male groupies?
No... actually, yeah, there is one guy who made me a Valentine's card last year...

He crops up from time to time in New York and the surrounding area. I don't know if you'd call that a groupie though.

I'd be more inclined to call that a stalker.
There are female groupies too, by the way. Both lesbian and non-lesbian.

Are you comfortable with being a sex symbol?

And don't say, "I don't think of myself that way" because you're a good-looking girl fronting a rock band, so... you totally are a sex symbol.
Well I don't feel like that right now... but I won't be so faux-modest to say that there aren't... you know, very, very occasional moments where you feel really strong and you feel your own sexual energy. But honest to god, it's not that often. Certainly not right now.

What's wrong with you right now?
You know how long we were on tour for.

Sat in a van for nearly 11 weeks, doing shows, drinking, then sitting in the van again...

How do you stay healthy in that environment?

I don't! That's the thing! You're saying things like 'sex symbol' and right now I'm looking down at my belly going, "Naaaaa, not at all."

But on stage you have the occasional moment where you feel like a sex symbol?
Yeah, and when I do I feel really proud, to be honest, because I used to be a little fat kid in school.

Really? You were fat?
Oh yeah, in fact if you're really lucky I might send you a picture one day. I had a boy's haircut as well.

What's it like being in a band full of boys? Do you ever wish there was another girl to hang out with?
Yeah. Like, the times when my friend Josie has come along on tour it's been uplifting, and I think it's only then that you notice how conversation changes and the pace at which you talk changes. You do sort of get in contact with an energy that you hadn't realized was missing. But there's nothing about the guys in the band that is macho or negative, I do miss a certain emotional detail that I think women with women will have, though.

Do you ever wish the band would go away and let your solo career flourish?
Ha ha! No, 'cause I can't fucking write songs... I can write an intro and that's about as far as I can get.

If you had to kill someone in the band who would it be, why, and how would you do it?
Oh god. Um... Well, I'll say Luke (guitar). Luke talks far too intensely at times, you know, like first thing in the morning when I've just come out of my hotel room. "We've got to do this! And we've got to do that!" it all comes streaming out full-blast at 8:30 in the morning. So I would probably have to kill him by putting the contents of his luggage into his mouth to keep him quiet.

So, your answer is: Luke by suffocation?
Yeah. But you know I'd never do that. I've probably pictured it from time to time.

Well, it's premeditated now.
Oh no, no.

Photo by: Steve Nice


Yeah, there are some charming men out there who write quite unimaginative offerings. Like, 'You're so hot, you rule!' Things like that. I don't rate that very highly.

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