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About A Girl:

Cachee Livingston

Cachee Livingston, better known as DJ Kitty Cash, is fast becoming a boldface name in her native Brooklyn and beyond. We followed her from her apartment in Crown Heights, to the No. 8 club in Chelsea where we quizzed her on her make-up tips, after-dark essentials and her favorite holiday song. Of course it's by Mariah, who else?

Interview by Sarah Kim | Photos by Alexander Wagner

How did you get into DJing?

I started DJing when my best friend, the singer Kilo Kish, was looking for a DJ to tour with. She asked me to be her DJ and I said yes.

Do you spin vinyl?

I use turntables and vinyl with Serato.

Best DJ experience?

So many. This is hard. On our last tour in London we opened for SBTRKT and the energy was crazy, the venue was insane. It was under a bridge... or was it in a tunnel? Sooo much fun.

"On our last tour in London we opened for SBTRKT and the energy was crazy."

Worst DJ experience?

Not to be discussed [laughs].

What song do you always get asked to play?

Rihanna and Beyoncé.

Do you oblige or do you stand by a 'no requests' rule?

It really depends on my mood. I try to mix it in if I can.

Congrats on your Paper Mag Best DJ award! Were you surprised that you won? You were up against some very cool DJs.

I was super surprised. I saw the nominee email and I had to close my screen and re-open it [laughs]. It feels great and it meant a lot.

What are your party essentials?

A pair of high heels, my ALC bracelet, YSL lipstick, a signature scent and my girls of course!

What do you make sure you have before you walk out the door?

My rose quartz stone (chakra stone), iPhone, camo-embossed wallet, headphones, ID.

What makes a good party?

Good music, fun crowd, friends, drinks, dark lighting and a great location.

What do you want to hear when you're not DJing and you're out?

Drake, Aaliyah, Aluna George, Yeezy, A$AP Ferg and Rocky.

Where's your favorite venue to DJ?

Le Baron, Milk, and No. 8 is always fun.

And you're favorite spots to hang out when you're not?

A secret house party, Raven, Le Bain, Le Baron, No.8, Stardust Lounge.

Do you adjust what you're playing depending on the crowd?

Yeah. I feel like I always try and read the crowd's reaction of to the music that I play. But I also just play what I love and usually people like that too!

Any make-up tips or tricks?

Clear mascara saves me every night!

Your go-to lip color?

I usually have a red, a nude and a dark purple. It all depends on my mood.

What's your fail-safe way to change from day to night in a snap?

Definitely [add] a lip color, a fun pair of tights and a pair of heels.

Real talk: Where do you go to eat after the night is done?

Artichoke Pizza, The Bowery Diner or Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken.

"Clear mascara saves me every night!"

Do you have a go-to hangover cure?

Coconut water or Gatorade. Get those electrolytes buzzing.

What is your favorite touristy New York holiday attraction?

The tree at Rockefeller Center.

What's the best present you've received?


The best present you've given?

An iPod.

Favorite holiday album or song?

"All I Want for Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey.

What do you play after the holidays end? Is there any good transition music?

Classic funk.

How will you spend New Year's Eve?

I always toast the New Year with my family; I am the oldest of five. I'm not too sure if I will party...

What's the first song you'll play in 2014?

All songs off Love the Free.

>What song best sums-up what 2014 will look like for you?

"Who run the world? Girls!"

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