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How to Dress Well

Interview by Ally Mullen
Photos by Raphael Chatelain
How To Dress Well's Tom Krell discusses the new video for his song "& it was U" and its gorgeous golden Segway.

Hi Tom! Give us a brief description of what happens in the video for "& It Was You".

The video, to my mind, is about the insatiable need to believe. It captures a group of people in a very personal and very eccentric spiritual ritual, and showcases all the different ways these different people experience something magical.

What's the story behind the idea for the video?

The story is basically just that Luke [Gilford, the director] and I were very much on the same page from the start about how this whole thing was going to look and feel. We talked about Safe. We talked about the very special character of the human soul in its unassailable tendency towards magic and inspiration. We talked about love and the supernatural within the everyday or mundane. Magic and beauty can exist anywhere, at any time. Also, the whole vibe was inspired by Safe by Todd Haynes.

What was it like working with the director, Luke?

Luke is a really, really inspiring person. He is so generous with his heart and his mind; it was a total pleasure to work with him. And at the end of the day, this is his video, his art, and his beautiful vision.

How did you cast the lead and extras? What was it like working with them?

Everyone was cast through Craigslist and just from meeting people in the neighborhood where the video was shot. Everybody was so dialed in on the project. Everyone loves the song and loved Luke. The chemistry was awesome.

Where in the world did you get a gold plated Segway? Did you get to keep it?

We put that together. And no we didn't keep it.

Damn it! The lead character is also covered in gold. Would you say the lead character dresses well?

Well, that's not really the point, but he does look very captivating and magical!

Why the cape?

There's something both very grand and very basic or rudimentary about the boy, and the cape is just so elegant and flowing.

So going off your name, what is one thing you can wear that you will always look good in?

I always think I look dope in these sweats I got from Acne, but I also just look like a guy in sweatpants. Haha.

What's one thing to never wear?

Something that makes you feel unnatural or untrue. You know, you got to take care of yourself and follow your heart.