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UO at Home: Get Outside

On a sunny Saturday in California, we celebrated the warm weather and coming summer by spending the day outdoors, getting a little face time with Mother Nature herself.

At our Plant DIY Workshop held in the beautiful courtyard of our Malibu store, friends got down and dirty, planting succulents into kooky planters they painted, decorated, and hung with handmade plant hangers.

This Earth Day, get close with nature by getting outside and getting your hands dirty. Here are a few tips and tricks we picked up:

Research the type of plant you would like to pot, based on the amount of light and water it needs. We chose succulents, which require lots of light but little water.

Next, make sure you pick a pot that has drainage holes so that your plants don't get waterlogged. It should be slightly bigger than the plant you'll be putting into it, so there is some room to grow.

Decorate your planter before potting and make sure it's fully dry and ready for planting. Finally, you can plant with some potting soil that is suited for your chosen type of plant.