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Planning a summer adventure? We have the perfect books to inspire and the cameras to document. Here, photographer Jordan Sullivan (whose new book The Young Earth is available at Urban Outfitters) took our new self-snapping Autographer Camera for a spin, spending a Saturday in Los Angeles capturing a day in his life, from rooftop beers to the ballet.

"If I'm being honest, my normal day is usually not too eventful. I get up around 8AM, drink coffee, go running in the neighborhood, then sit in my studio editing pictures and writing. On a more eventful day I'll be on my patio shooting still lives or portraits. I treat art very much like a labor job, and like most jobs there are stretches of monotony, but I've come to find a lot of joy in routine, as I grow older. Still, by and large, I go long periods of time without leaving my house (which is where my studio is) and not interacting with anyone but my girlfriend.

I decided to spare you the day-to-day grind and take the Autographer Camera out on a Saturday where I actually decided to be social."

I live in Los Angeles in an area called Eagle Rock, and I started my day with my usual run through the neighborhood. This scene always reminds me of something from a John Steinbeck novel—all golden and lonesome and rich and full of life.

After my run I met up with my friend Aaron Stern, who was in town from NYC. Aaron is a great photographer and we've known each other for years.

After driving around L.A. with Aaron I headed downtown to meet my girlfriend Caterina, who is starting an elegant and poetic swimsuit line called ADRIFT. This is Caterina going over designs with her lovely seamstress Bonnie.

Caterina and I headed to Hollywood to a rooftop party. As usual it was a gorgeous day in L.A. There's nothing like the light in this city—the cloudless sky, endless blue. It's a light you can almost taste.

Aaron's beautiful girlfriend Kristina. She is a native of Los Angeles but now lives in NYC.

Earlier in the week I surprised Caterina with ballet tickets. Her and I are huge fans of dance, and I am actually about to start a photo project about dancers and rituals. After the roof party we headed to the Alex Theatre in Glendale to see a performance of Quartet.

One of my favorite shots—this is a detail of two ballet dancers morphing into a flame-like shape. Moments like this are what make me truly love photography.

This picture is another detail of ballet dancers. In another life I would love to be a dancer.

A friend of ours manages a sort of secret nameless bar here in L.A. so we all headed over there to finish our night. Here's a picture of Mattie and Ian hugging it out in the wee hours.

After the ballet we went back to Hollywood to meet up with some of my best buds. They all play in a band called The Mercy Beat, which is indescribably amazing.


Two babes - Caterina and Tasi. Right before this picture was taken we found out Tasi and Mattie had just got engaged!


(The End)

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