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Interview by Ally Mullen

So where was the inspiration for the video pulled from?
Are you both into sci-fi?

Ricardo Rivera: I’m a huge sci-fi fan and when I was approached about this and was told it was for Frankie Rose, I listened to the song and it was spidery and dark and I liked it. I did a little research and found out that Frankie was into sci-fi too. The theme is just that with all of this technology, it’s cool and we’re all connected in different ways digitally, but emotionally everyone is disconnected because we’re so engaged in our devices, in our own little fabricated worlds, that we don’t see what’s in front of us. So the idea is to kind of build this world where everyone is in this augmented, closed off reality and our heroine Frankie comes in and just busts that down, glitches everything out, and forces people to look up.

What are some of your favorite sci-fi writers or characters?

RR: Well Philip K. Dick, William Gibson, Neal Stephenson. In fact there’s references in this video to Neal Stephenson in the scenes where she leaves everything and she’s out on these seedy alleyways and you’re going to see these people with these glasses on in their own worlds. I was calling them gargoyles, which is a term I ripped off from Neil Stevenson’s book Snow Crash, where these people are in their virtual and augmented reality world and they kind of just perch in urban places and stare off into nothing like statues.

How well do you think the video fits with the song?

Frankie Rose: Oh, I think it fits perfectly. I think it’s a really creative take on it. I never really had a vision for the song to begin with so it’s working.

Can you tell us what the song “Know Me” is about?

FR: There isn’t too much meaning behind it honestly. I wrote the lyrics in about ten minutes before Hurricane Irene was supposed to hit New York and we thought the studio was going to flood. The lyrics are the least thoughtful on my album to be honest. It was really nice to have someone like Ricardo swoop in and turn it into something real.

So with a song titled “Know Me,” what’s something a lot of people might not know about you?

FR: A whole lot! I’m actually a pretty private person. Umm, I played Orphan Annie about seven times; I was in a lot of musicals growing up.

RR: I’m a very open person. I’m a card-carrying member of the US Bowling Congress. I’m a bowler! I post about a 180 average.