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SEAN TULLY Sean Tully is a surf-loving artist from Ventura, California, who splits his time between catching waves, shifts at the store, and substitute teaching.

Introduce yourself My name is Sean Tully and I am an avid dream chaser living in Ventura, California. I grew up around the Los Angeles area, splitting time between my mother's place in the valley and my father's spot on the beach. I enjoy California red wine, Jim Jarmusch films, and traveling alone. I also really like Golden Retrievers.

What do you do at Urban Outfitters? I'm currently a sales associate at store #132 in Ventura. I originally applied to UO with interest in a display artist position and am currently working towards those goals with intentions to transfer to Los Angeles this summer. I'm excited about getting more involved with UO.

What's your favorite part about working for Urban Outfitters? I really enjoy the youthful energy at UO; the creative vibe and aesthetic. Employees of UO are as talented, creative, and inspiring as any of the designers, artists, or musicians we associate with. It's a motivating environment to participate within. The discount is pretty rad too!

What's a typical day like? Probably go surfing in the morning while conditions are smooth. I'm a substitute teacher at the local high school during the day until around three. From there I got about an hour to hang or grab a bite before my shift at UO in the evening. After closing the store, I'll ride my bike home, cook some dinner and work in the studio for a bit. It's a good life.


What was your first job? My mom owns a pet shop so she had me working up front early on. I think she paid me $5 a day or something when I was young. Looking back it was pretty rad getting to hang and work with all the animals.

Where did you go to school? A spirited interest in the arts stemmed from a memorable trip to New York in 2004 and shortly after that I began taking my art practice more seriously. In 2008 I applied to California Institute of the Arts. I spent two years in art school getting my feelings bruised, experimenting with different mediums, and generally having the time of my life. In 2010 I graduated from with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art.

Tell us about your art. My focus lies in the exploration of emotionally charged painting, photography, object making, and writing. The work often reflects a range of shared aesthetic that embraces aspects of distortion, energy, and tapestry to convey feelings of human experience from a sincere viewpoint.

What have you been working on recently? My more recent artistic endeavors, drawing from both surf and art interests, involve the development of a large-scale installation and object-based exhibition that explores concepts of territorialism within surf culture and relates them to larger social conditions outside of surfing.

When did you start surfing? I had a fluorescent green and yellow Rusty shortboard when I was nine or 10 years old. I'd just get washed around in the shore break and didn't really know what the heck I was doing. My dad surfs and has always been into the '60s era of surfing. One day he put me onto his old school longboard and pushed me into a few good ones at the local beginner spot. I surfed that day and have been hooked ever since.

What is your favorite part about surf culture and why? The lifestyle. It affords me happiness and simplicity.

Who is the most important surfing legend of all time? Duke Kahanamoku, without question. All praise to the Duke.


What can we find you listening to at the beach? Messenger, Dirty Beaches, Modern Lovers, Allah-Las, Mattson 2, Tame Impala, The Standells, Marine Girls, Seth Pettersen & The Undertow, Ty Segall, Charlie Parker

Tell us about a memorable surf trip you've been on. I once camped out on a desolate beach deep down in Baja Mexico with some close friends of mine. We drove a grueling 23 hours down shitty roads and sandy beaches, far from civilization with hopes of scoring a rare sand point break. We surfed everyday for six days straight and never saw a single person outside our crew. Such a memorable trip.

What's one mistake that new surfers make? Not going out with someone who is willing to help them.

Write us a haiku about the ocean.Unstable oceans
Swells gathering momentum
Unloading ashore
Sean riding a surfboard through a tube wave Sean walking up the beach holding a surfboard Sean riding a surfboard, turning quickly on a wave Sean hanging ten off the fron of his board
a polaroid of a misty open field a polaroid of Sean working on his board in the shop a polaroid of a foggy beach morning