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Employee of the Month

Kimberly Bruckbauer

is the manager of fashion development at Space 15 Twenty, where she shops for vintage, styles shoots and daydreams about dressing like a little old grandma.

Give us the basics!

My name is Kimberly Bruckbauer, I live in Los Angeles and I am the manager of fashion development at Space 15 Twenty.

What is PUR Project Urban Renewal?

(PUR) Project Urban Renewal is a handpicked collection of vintage apparel and accessories all from different vendors on Etsy. Each garment is chosen for its unique style, quality and wearability. There are also two small shops within PUR, Kleur Nails and Bruja Botanica. Kleur does amazing hand painted nail designs and Bruja Botanica offers everything from tarot card readings to acupuncture depending on what day you stop by.

How did PUR get its start?

PUR takes the idea of an online market place and brings it to a retail space. All of the vintage clothing and accessories come from Etsy and are merchandised in the store by vendor. You are able to shop each seller's collection and unique style. I love it because it's like shopping a friend's closet.

Tell us a little about the PUR team!

I work with an amazing team of people at Space 15 Twenty! Everyone has a role with PUR. I'm lucky to be working with such a talented group of people. They are all why I enjoy going to work everyday. I cannot give enough praise.

How do you choose the pieces that go into PUR?

I choose the pieces that go into PUR based on current trends as well as what I like. The more unique and crazy, the better!

Describe a typical day of work with PUR.

I am not sure that there is a typical day at work—it's always changing. Mostly I work with the vintage clothing vendors and compile orders for new merchandise, work on styling shoots for the PUR blog posts, merchandise the store and help with the planning of events for PUR. My day is never the same and I love that. I could never be bored.

PUR features a picture of a cat on its banner, are you a cat fan?

PUR's logo is a little cat that I drew. His name is Biscuit. I don't have any real pets of my own, but I love all things fluffy and I have a collection of creepy animals all over my apartment.

Where are your favorite places to find vintage in L.A.?

Some of my favorite places for vintage in L.A. are Scout and all of the flea markets—you never know what treasures you may find!

What has been your favorite vintage find?

My latest vintage purchase was a puffy magenta skirt with black silk roses sewn onto it. It's definitely my favorite right now and I know I will keep it forever.

Who would you consider to be your style icons?

My style icons are little old ladies. I can't wait to be old! I'm so excited to dress fancy and wear little suits and heels every day. I love grandma style!

Describe what your personal style was like in high school.

Oh man. My personal style in high school was wind pants and Nike T-shirts and then evolved into wanting to wear Abercrombie everything. I also loved The Limited!

Who are your five favorite designers?

My five favorite fancy fashion designers right now are Céline, Robert Clergerie, Louis Vuitton (I love all of the little collars!), Acne and Miu Miu.

What are five trends you're into right now?

Five trends I really love right now are collars, monochrome dressing, suits, the color minty green and preppy boy dressing.

Can you give us five quick styling tips for the everyday girl?

  1. Wear blush. It's fun to puff on and it will make you happy!
  2. Wear heels or wedges. It will make you feel fancy in any outfit.
  3. Add a vintage piece to your outfit, you will stand out and no one else will have the same piece.
  4. Add a touch of fluff to your look, like fuzzy earmuffs or a Sherpa handbag.
  5. Most important: wear what makes you comfortable and who cares what anyone else thinks!