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Employee of the Month:
Cara Worcester

Interview by Ally Mullen

Meet Cara, our in-house photographer, who's come a long way from hawking fake leather chaps.

Introduce yourself!

My name is Cara and I'm from Massachusetts. So that means the word “wicked” is interchangeable with the word “really,” I'm a fast walker, and I've been to Walden Pond—is this what online dating feels like?

Where did you go to school?

I went to Drexel, which is what brought me to Philly. I was a photo major with a minor in art history.

What do you do at UO?

I'm a photographer for web at URBN. On a typical day I'm shooting in the studio alongside our exceptionally talented hair and makeup artist, wardrobe stylists, and models to create the majority of the photographs you see on the website. There are so many products and a couple of active sets going on at once, so it's an organized chaos.

What do you love most about your job?

Other than the fact that I'm holding a camera every day, listening to music, dancing around with my socks on, and taking pictures for a living, I would have to say my co-workers. We work as a team on a daily basis so we're all close. We know each other's good and bad habits, weird quirks, music tastes, relationship statuses, allergies… We are always encouraging personal growth and a positive outlook.

What was your first job?

My first job was picking strawberries. My neighbor had a strawberry patch so my sister and I would go over there to work. I was in all of my glory just eating strawberries all day. Though, the funniest job I had was when I was in high school and worked at “We Got What's Hot.” It was kind of a Hot Topic rip-off that also sold biker gear like leather chaps and fake “DOT certified” stickers. I still talk to some of my friends from that job, and definitely still have some gear from there.

Who have been some of your favorite models that you've shot?

I really enjoy shooting Miles McMillan and Miles Garber. Also Soo Joo and Sarah McSweeney. They're all just really kindhearted and fucking hilarious human beings. They always have good energy, and can also stand to hear my questionable music choices from time to time.

What's the hardest part about working with models? Any diva stories?

Surprisingly, all of the diva stories are from shooting male models! That aside, a hard thing about working with talent is knowing they receive unconstructive criticism from the internet; the general public can be ruthless. The individuals we shoot are painters, filmmakers, personal chefs, musicians, photo assistants… They're humans—not just one simple photograph.

What do you do on your time off?

I'm always outside. It's enlightening, and it also gives me an excuse to take pictures. I've gotten into rock climbing over this past year, which has been really empowering. Now that the weather has changed there are more family dinners, first Fridays, indoor climbing sessions, bookstore and thrifting dates, local shows, craft nights, dive bars, and fire pits. Basically when I'm not working I'm being inspired by the awesome people I surround myself with, and hopefully I do the same for them.

Where is your go-to party spot in Philadelphia?

I've got a pretty good bar circuit in my hood, but the end of the night you can find me at the El Bar.

What's one song that gets you up and dancing?

I'll dance to pretty much anything, but my heart is in it when I'm dancing to some Motown. The Supremes, The Four Tops, Shangri-Las—they all kill me.

What's your ideal party outfit?

Anything short, probably black, and paired with tall socks or rugged boots.

What's your beauty routine like on a night before you go out?

It involves a LOT of dry shampoo, Jeff the Brotherhood, bronzer and some liquid liner.

What does your family do for the holidays?

I'll be doing some Friendsgivings this year, but I'll be home in December. That means home movies, wine, friends, and way too much food—we dedicate a day solely to baking.

Would you be on the naughty or nice list this year?

Nice! Though ask me again at the El Bar.


Digital or Film?

I shoot digital everyday, so film is really refreshing. It's also what made me fall in love with photography.

Shooting in the studio or shooting on location?

Location. I really love working with ambient light and different color temperatures.

All dressed up or jeans and a tee?

Blue jeans and a white tee

Club or House Party?

House party

Eggnog or Hot apple cider?

Red wine hot apple cider

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