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  • Watch the UO Exclusive video for Classixx's "All You're Waiting For," directed by Tim K and catch the band performing live at our AfterFest in Chicago on July 19!

    Interview by Ally Mullen

  • Hi guys! Can you give us a brief introduction of who you are?

    Tim: My name is Tim K. and I direct for a company called Gifted Youth, which is the commercial music video branch of Funny or Die. I live in Los Angeles but I’m from Texas originally and I have really long hair and a really long beard, which is really fun in the summer heat.

    Tyler: I’m Tyler from Classixx. Our band is from Los Angeles and we make music for a living.

    Can you tell us a little bit about the video for “All You’re Waiting For” and what it was inspired by?

    Tim: Yeah, the video for “All You’re Waiting For” with Nancy Whang is a portrait of a really wealthy, well-to-do woman that is hanging out on her yacht. We shot Nancy in a high-fashion setting with her hanging out with her staff, with her being the aloof, uber-wealthy woman who is singing the song. We kinda liked the play between this woman saying she’s all you’re waiting for while she’s wildly inaccessible. I’ve been friends with Classixx for a long time so when they started getting this album wrapped up, we realized that there was going to be a lot of traction around this track with Nancy Whang. We started getting some ideas together and figuring out how we were going to make it work. The idea was originally gonna take place in a mansion with a much larger scope, but to do it with the money we had and to make it work we kind of put all our resources into an epic yacht and Nancy’s wardrobe and the look of the thing. We really tried to put all our money in front of the camera. I think it’s rad.

  • Tyler, tell us about you and Michael’s cameo in the video. How many shots did it take for you guys to get it right?

    Tyler: We appear as engineers in the engine room of the yacht. We have a very strange and vague exchange with Nancy's character. It’s very brief. So much so that if you're not paying close attention you could pretty easily miss us.

    I saw your original plans for the video and you wanted to use deer and baby pigs. Did you end up using any animals at all?

    Tim: [Laughs.] We ended up getting four little pit bull puppies, so there is a little scene where Nancy has her puppies. They were the only animals we could get on the yacht and they just had to come on for a few minutes and then leave.

  • I was going to ask what was your favorite animal you used!

    Tim: [Laughs.] The only animal that we had, the pitbulls. Yeah, there was originally going to be a lot more animals, that was kind of a fun part of the idea, but with the restrictions of the yacht, we just did the pitbulls. But they were amazing, everyone on set instantly fell in love with them.

    Tyler: Yeah, we all fell in love with those little pit bull puppies. There is nothing in the world cuter than a pile of puppies. We each had our favorites. Mine was the white one with the spots on her eyes. I think her name was Rosarita. I'm really surprised no one ended up taking one home.

    So why did you decide to use Nancy in the video?

    Tim: Well, she did the guest vocals on the track, and then showed some interest in being in the video. Obviously for Classixx and I, we thought it’d be rad to have her there because she’s great and she has a great, chill vibe once she’s onscreen. Once we figured out that she was on board and saw the vision for what we were doing, we went ahead full steam and flew her out to L.A. for a few days. We kind of put the video all around her and embraced the fact that she wanted to be so involved in it. She is so rad, and was so down. We worked her so hard all day because we had to get a lot of footage out of an 8-10 hour day. But yeah, it was a blast. She’s super fun to work with and I think we were super lucky that she was down for the cause.

  • Were there any embarrassing or funny moments on set? Share a story with us!

    Tyler: Well, the first thing that comes to mind is that on the boat Tim was wearing short shorts that were way too short to contain him all day. I think everyone else was more embarrassed by this than him, though.

    What was the name of the boat?

    Tim: The name of the boat was Ariai. It was really weird. But the make of the boat was Johnson so it was an ‘87 foot Johnson. That was kind of the running crude joke of the day. The raddest thing was that at the end of the night we were loading out and we’d been listening to the song all day for the video, and at the end of the night we were at Newport Beach and this other yacht passed by while we were loading out and they were actually blaring the Classixx song. It’s kind of a rad thing for the crew and everyone to hear, to validate everything we’d been doing all day.

    *In addition to partnering with Urban Outfitters on the video for "All You're Waiting For", Classixx will be performing live alongside Chromatics and Optimo at Urban Outfitters AfterFest Presents Making Time in Chicago on Friday July 19. For more information checkout