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About a Girl:

Claire Julien

Claire Julien may not be as wild as her Bling Ring character, but that doesn't mean she doesn't know how to have a good time.

Interview by Katie Gregory

How did you get involved with the script? Had you known about the real life Bling Ring beforehand?

I actually didn't know about it beforehand, which is strange since you think growing up in L.A., and it's such huge news, that I would have heard about it, but I really didn't. I learned about it going through the process of being cast, so that was cool. Sofia was still writing the script when I first auditioned so I didn't get to read it until months later when I got the part. So, I had general meetings and then I saw a few pages and then I had a meeting with Sofia.

I saw the movie a few weeks ago and thought your character was great. Did you draw any inspiration from the real life Bling Ring member that your character Chloe was based on, or did that character come naturally to you?

I watched several of the surveillance videos and I looked at a lot of pictures. The girl my character was based on wasn't very present in the media, so I didn't have a lot to base my character off of-I just went by what was written in the script. But Sofia and I worked a lot on improvisation and kept throwing ideas back and forth. It was fun to perform this crazy character.

So a lot of what you did ended up being improvisation?

A lot of the scenes with all of us was just improv. We had our written lines but then we'd improv a few speaking lines in between, or do something.

Yeah, the movie seemed like it was a lot of fun to film! What was one of your favorite parts of filming?

It was probably just the dynamic of all of the kids together. We just had such a great, young energy and we had a lot of fun. We were pulling funny pranks on set. Me and Taissa were playing soccer outside of Paris' house with the security guards for hours on end and that was fun. There was a lot of goofing around.

You're recently out of high school, right? Were you anything like your character when you were in high school?

I really hated high school! I didn't get along well with the kids I was going to school with, so I found some friends that were in grades that were above mine and I just connected better with older kids and kids from other schools. I had friends everywhere. So no, I wasn't doing any of the stuff that Chloe was doing. I'm not quite as ridiculous as her [laughs].

We're all into Pretty Wild here at the blog, so we need to ask everyone about it. Did you see that show at all prior to the filming, and if so, what'd you think about it?

Actually, yeah, going through the process of getting cast, Sofia told us all to watch Pretty Wild and I was like, "Oh my god, these girls are so ridiculous!" It's really entertaining to watch [laughs]. But yeah, I think I watched the whole season three times because it was just so funny.

What'd your parents think about your portrayal of this wild character?

They didn't have much to say about it. When my parents saw the movie my dad was like, "Oh, you were great, honey!" and my mom was like, "You really swore a lot!" That was like the only thing she could say [laughs].

Did you and the other actors hang out a lot when you weren't filming?

Yeah, I mean everyone's traveling around and all spread out, so we didn't get to spend as much time together as we wanted, but right before filming there were scheduled bonding times where we had to go to lunch and go shopping and hang out to try and bond and become friends. That was pretty forced [laughs], so it didn't work really until we did a mock break-in and Katie got this email saying, in character, "Rebecca, we're taking you on a mission. You have to go to this address and break into the house and find all these items." There was a list of all these designer things, like Hermès Birkin bags, Tory Burch shoes, Louboutins, like a whole bunch of things we had to find, so that was when we really broke out of our shells and became friends.

That's an awesome idea. You guys actually got to film at Paris Hilton's house, right? Is her house as awesome as it looks in the movie? What was it like getting to raid her closet?

It was really surreal; very, very different from anything I've ever experienced. It was almost fake. When you walk in there you're like, "Is this a real house? Does someone actually live here?!" It's a whole different world. It's Paris' world. It was so much fun seeing that and very interesting. It was fun to see all of her clothes and rifle through her closet.

Was she around when you guys were filming those scenes?

No, no, she was out of town. But she did know we were coming!